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Beijing Fengtai west of Majiabao residents in the area to raise goose noise smell let the neighbors miserable

2018-08-29 12:18 beijing evening news TF0328

Written by Tao Yuanming in the "Peach Blossom Spring", "Qianmo traffic, with" land of idyllic beauty like scene really exciting. However, when such a scene appears in skyscrapers, densely populated city residential area, and it would be far better.

Recently, who lives in Fengtai District, west of Majiabao residents reflect that some small household poultry behavior has lasted nearly a year, the noise and the odor produced by let him miserable.

"The area of the environment and people's lives are closely related, this situation is not to consider the feelings of others?" Resident Ms. Wang said, the district has some households in poultry and poultry feces in these areas become the days and months multiplying, mosquitoes fuse. Let Ms. Wang and other residents unbearable is, day or night, came downstairs poultry cry. "Although this sound like car urgent a moment like harsh, but if in the evening has been called a stop is also affecting the rest."

Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Wang took reporters to the district to walk. Reporters saw a lot of the front of the building is a public green place, have been ring up. Some people put up a fence, there are people simply put up a small house. In an enclosed space, some residents grow vegetables, some to deposit, and lifts up "culture".

The reporter saw in the District No. 23 in front of the building, and two big white residents are circled in a small courtyard stroll, and occasionally go to the side of the pile of leaves while peck two, looks very comfortable. "This situation now has at least a year ago, but also to reflect the relevant departments, but have no effect." One resident said that such behavior not only affects the environment, but also easily lead to lead to neighborhood conflicts. After all, here is the city, not the countryside, whether the public space or residents own courtyard should be used in accordance with regulations."

Residents told reporters, according to "environmental health regulations" city of Beijing City, forbidden and raise chickens, geese, rabbit, sheep, etc. * poultry and livestock in urban areas, but the area of poultry but has not been able to completely solve the problem. Reporters on the residents to provide a mobile phone in the screenshot to see, in June last year, there are people to reflect the "Beijing Fengtai" official micro-blog the problem. At that time, the relevant departments reply people said, "street law enforcement officers arrived at the scene found that there is indeed a check, poultry, and the relevant responsible person issued a notice of the conversation." However, a year later, still in the area where the goose, the face of this situation, the residents feel helpless. They said, I hope the relevant departments to think of a way, after all, was awakened at midnight. The total is not a thing.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu text and photo

Editor: TF0328

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