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A graduate of Hong Kong is married with a paranoid husband? Her youth is the era of the most elegant notes

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As the "beacon and gone home: the Wang Yunwu family oral history" the word Tao Ming: "Ms. Li Chunying's youth is the loss in wartime, the most elegant notes".

Author: yunconglong

In 1944 the Ministry of foreign affairs group to visit the UK delegation to London to visit the British Prime Minister Churchill. From the left, the first person is Wang Yunwu. He was the general manager of the Commercial Press, the politics of the star of tomorrow.

A few years ago, I wrote an article entitled "4928-1" articles, first published in the "Reading Library", and later as appendix income to my debut "Star" in the book and Su qin. In this article, I try to use the bridge reconstruction engineers Lujia folk archives (also known as Mai Di) in the 50-70 years of life experience. In the collation of the original file, I see a 1955 self check material, di Lujia gave a very interesting experience: in 1943-1948 years, he was the period of the Republic and the publication of Wang Yunwu's home have dealings, especially the younger generation Wang and several, such as Wang Yunwu Wang Xueyi's sixth son, Wang Xueyi cousin Xu Jixin, Xu Jifei, Xu Gesheng from very close, even had three sisters family teacher xu. In my opinion, this material is very special. For the "small people", Lujia, this is his youth a very important personal life history, the "big man" Wang Yunwu, this undoubtedly provides a good approach for our understanding of their daily life, family relationship. Based on these two points, I intend to further in the historical data, in-depth understanding of 1943-1948 years of Wang Yunwu's life in Chongqing.

However, I soon discovered that the little reliable historical materials. At that time can find relatively heavyweight reference is the Shanghai people's Publishing House "Xiu Lu eighty readme" (2007), and the Jiangxi Education Publishing House "Wang Yunwu anthology" (2011) volume sixth "readme" Xiu Lu eighty. These two books, although the names are the same, but the actual content of entry is very large, the latter than the former rich much more complete, only the thickness, the former is four times the latter. In a published "Wang Yunwu anthology" the teacher privately told me: "Mr. Wang readme, in twenty to baiwanyan, castration is not out of words." I realized that I must complete the writing proposition, just rely on these materials is not enough. Under removed, I was in a place to borrow friends Taiwan historian Wang Shounan compiled the "draft" chronicle of Mr. Wang Yunwu, quoted in the book information is very detailed, very helpful for my writing.

Soon, the "library 1303" published a few days later, I received a message, Xu Gesheng Xu Shisan was the sister descendants to write, she said: "you mentioned the Xu Gesheng is my mother". I was surprised and excited, surprised in the history and reality together, a personal history I turn out from the pile of the individual in the world is still alive today, is excited to continue this kind of writing I seem to be better, countless ordinary people experienced a cut and will not easily be grey heap of annihilation in history, the memory has been, but it temporarily went to sleep. And we need to do is to wake up.

This view can be placed in the wider historical writing to verify. In the "4928-1", I wrote, di Lu Jia in the Royal teaching scene, showing a picture of the era of "life for our family of intellectuals". This conclusion, at the time, but also quite smug. But now, very reluctantly. Only through communication, and Wang's children and di Lujia testify peripheral historical documents, can conclude that "life" is a large family of intellectuals in the era of the Republic of China? It is the so-called "life picture" specifically what is? If someone ask me the time, I think I will not answer. In recent years, I also pay much attention on Wang Yunwu's life story collection, hope as people often say: "from the more recent history of a little, a little more real". But received very little, I have seen the most, but is for Wang Yunwu to marry Xu's sisters "fiddle toss about this topic". I am very surprised, Mr. Wang Yunwu did great success in life, only these tidbits for this speech?

Half a month ago, I read a book for the "beacon - gone home: the Wang Yunwu family oral history" book, provide answers to a series of my doubts. This book teller called Flora (Chinese name Li Chunying), is Wang Yunwu's daughter-in-law, three son of King's wife Wang Xuezheng. In 1918, Flora was born in Hongkong, the mother may be a lowly "younger sister", the father is a successful businessman in the Li family in Shantou. Because Flora's mother is two, since she was born, they have been living in Hongkong. Most of the time, his father was removed in Bangkok - Shantou - Shanghai, only when he is in Hongkong, one family can have a brief reunion. In 1921, the father in a business after passed away, Flora's life and fate of this change. "The flames - gone home: the Wang Yunwu family oral history" tells the story, is from the beginning of the.

"The flames - gone home: the Wang Yunwu family oral history"

A, karma, an exile, went to Wang Yunwu's home

However, the story from the event, 1942 is the real life of watershed Flora. Previously, although lost his father, but in her mother's care, one family relatively stable living in Hongkong. In the Flora's memory, "then Hongkong is British but a sleeping base, only tens of thousands of people. We Chinese live near the sea level, the green eyed rulers live in the mountains". Though life is hard, but enough to support her as an early dream of Hongkong residents. In the 1921-1942 years of twenty-one years, the mother is one of the biggest Flora guardian, the tough and traditional women, children were brought up to be as good as they rise head and shoulders above others, father. The only daughter of Flora, her greatest hope is to marry into a wealthy family, must not be dirty your hands." Obviously, the mother originally did not intend to send Flora to go to school, but later, my mother knew such a simple truth: "the money will be spent, but no one can make you learn something away from you". Six years old this year, Flora began her study of the road, until around the age of eighteen successfully admitted to University of Hong Kong, who also did not think that she is a mother of four children in the reading. But when Flora ushered in the most important port of the third grade, she broke out in the latent tuberculosis virus in vivo. According to the provisions of the Hong Kong time, once the student was found to be suffering from tuberculosis, must be unconditional withdrawal. In addition, there is a large Hong Kong today looks very abnormal: other grade can fail the exam make-up, third fail the exam must be rebuilt. Based on these, Flora only one side secretly while coping with stressful academic treatment. Finally affected by the disease, she still fail the exam. If in peacetime, for Flora, but is mostly a year in Hong kong. But by the end of 1941, the Japanese invaders broke the silence of Hongkong, the Pacific War broke out. To complete their studies, Flora had only one choice: to travel north to the rear area.

Taken by 1953, Lee (author of mother Li Chunying Flora's family photo in Thai).

At the beginning of 1942, Flora embarked on a path of exile. China north and countless youth exiled students from the north to the south to the rear on the contrary, Flora through the Hongkong - Macao - Qujiang - Sihui - Liuzhou - Guilin - Guiyang - Chongqing - Chengdu such a route from the south to the north. After she finished school successfully, and got a job as Chinese air force as translation work, her direct supervisor was Chinese air force fifth road commander General Wang Shuming. But this work is not long. 1944 Flora, from Chengdu to Chongqing again. In the offer waiting for notification of the British intelligence agency in the Chongqing Office of the translator when she is going to visit a friend in Sichuan, the friends are not at home, just as she was about to leave when he met another girl who knew her chastity. At the time of the occupation for Zhen Chongqing is a middle school teacher, and another identity is Wang Yunwu's five son Wang Xuezhe's fiancee. The fate of Flora, on the way into the home of Wang Yunwu.

Wang Yunwu, in 1945 years. Flora first met Wang Yunwu, he is the general manager of the commercial press.

Two, in the eyes of an intruder "era of the Republic of China family life of intellectuals"

At this time, a large family of intellectuals in the era of the Republic of China life picture "truly appear in front of me. However, in the presentation of these before, we need to take a look at the first impression left by Wang Yunwu Flora: "he's not tall, but feel that he is very important. He was covered in chubby. Head like a melon, belly like a woman is pregnant for 6 months. Small eyes, eyes down, I can feel his sharp eyes on my body." When Flora to say she is a graduate of University of Hong Kong's identity, Wang Yunwu immediately said "good university"! At this time, Flora noted: "I said when his index finger does not stop writing in his lap. Then they explained to me, said that he had a habit of love to write with his fingers. His clever mind kept turning, never rest."

After the first time to have dinner with Wang Yunwu Flora, the courage to speak of a "non please": let Wang Yunwu write a letter of recommendation for her to the British Consulate, "under his heavy eyelids, I can see his eyes like suanpanzi kept moving, as if my heart is contemplating what. "We are so good?" He said, "you've got your signature and brought it to me."" Smart Flora immediately realized that this practice of Wang Yunwu has "two birds" effect: "first, he need not worry to say he didn't know a person well. Second, he can English my degree test." All this makes Flora a deep impression.

A deeper impression on the Wang Yunwu in Chongqing Wang Hill home: "the scenery here is perfect for me. Here is the original full of flower out of place. I see the rose a living encyclopedia, you can imagine all kinds and colors of the rose into the eye to do." After Flora in Zhen led slowly on the upstairs bedroom, here, the health condition is very good, but she is attracted to the bathroom, "to be a whole bathtub straight lying inside." In the evening, she experienced the first time to Wang "enjoy the most part" - bath. "When I the whole people a bit slowly into the bathtub when...... Happy and sad tears on my face." This is the first time a bath after Flora left Hongkong. Lying in the warm and fragrant bath, she could not help but think of this a few years in exile on the sufferings of thought have been out of touch with her three or four years of loved ones, "I can see them again? This war will end?" Flora felt that family and unable to contact and meet and made great loneliness, so she looks like a vase, "it is the same, but the inside is empty, if you knock the finger on the glass, will hear the sound of the empty." As she cried, as for the reason to cry, she thinks is "the hot bath let me remove the mask, but I could be a vase and filled up with water." Obviously, in the house of Wang Yunwu, she was returning home.

In addition to Wang Yunwu and Wang Shan is located in the mansion, Wang Yunwu's "two sisters" lady Xu Baolian (also known as net nursery) and Xu Baopan (aka Fu PU) also behoove into the Flora view. For the two female master Wang, she starts to call "Mom", "aunt". Mother caught the attention of Flora, is on the day of the lunch, "she was wearing a black dress, a very well-dressed lady, looks clean and comfortable, gray hair in a bun." For the aunt, she did not describe the dress, it will focus on the observation of the two ladies on the way: "at first glance, aunt and grandmother like twins. But a closer look, in addition to their similar size, hairstyle, clothes, in fact two looks very different. Although grandma looks very comfortable, but aunt will allow you to her a pair of big eyes, and her lips attracted toot up. Grandma is more beautiful in two people, but the aunt has a deep charm makes people want to see her eyes." As for their relationship, in the view of Flora, completely different from most foreign customers of the woman, "they two are very satisfied with each other's existence".

In the "Xiu Lu eighty readme", for his two wife, Wang Yunwu said: "the net garden knowledge, Fu Garden with a small, seems to be love, each one has his good points", but in Flora slowly familiar with all the internal relations of the family, she found the old man: "(Wang Yunwu Flora and Wang Xuezheng, without engagement had been said to call him" Uncle "- the author note) the two wife, and his aunt, is close to the sister. Every time she cooked what food, he always praise her. After dinner, two people will sit down and lower checkers. I have never seen him so easily and grandma have interaction, but Grandma didn't seem to mind." This discovery has also been verified in some things later in. In 1947, Wang Xuezheng has been married and has a daughter Flora from Hongkong back to Shanghai, here, Flora saw Xu's sisters in a room, but divided into two groups, each person's relatives, children, people with their support master, infighting, later, grandma because money without Wang Yunwu be wasteful. Finally the family financial deprivation of rights to turn to aunt. But the little aunt lived in Shanghai, most of the time, she lived in Nanjing with Wang Yunwu. These all prove that, in the heart of Wang Yunwu, love more than my aunt.

In addition, in the "Xiu Lu," 80 readme "chronicle of Mr. Wang Yunwu" and other works in the draft, will Wang Yunwu and Xu Bao pan (i.e. aunt) love lead character, "Mr. Wang Yunwu said in a draft" chronicle of Xu Bao "to take good care of Mr. Pan, said Mr. Fu Pu" friends "Ms." that sounds quite "daozhui" meaning, but the real situation? In this regard, Flora is extremely rare in the oral disclosure. 1947 years, living in Shanghai for a period of time, Flora couple moved to Nanjing, and Wang Yunwu living together. Here, the first time Flora from her husband know between father and aunt some extremely private memories: Dad too love his wife's sister, two people have feelings, that she was pregnant. He would take her to Hangzhou, where they and their illegitimate child (Wang Xuezheng - the author note) in a family group. A few years later, after it slowly calmed down, he brought her home, formally gave her a birthright." This is also why, as the eldest son of aunt Wang Xuezheng, did not know her real birthday, even his adult, is a named "Anu" solely responsible for the nurse.

Although in quite a long period of time, aunt and his son are not recognized in the Wang family, but when things finally settle after Wang Xuezheng became the biggest beneficiary. You know, Wang Yunwu in this big family, children often come from the patriarchal status "grace" and Wang Xuezheng is the lucky darling. This, even Flora is denied, she said, "most of the people think that old man's love Xuezheng, I think there is a truth in his, because the wife of his political science is the eldest son of love."

1 month 1946 years 7 days, Flora and Wang Yunwu's son Xuezheng married in Chongqing.

Third, Wang Yunwu, director of the Flora with his son's marriage

Wang Yunwu is on a pro eldest aunt. In the memory of Flora, Wang Xuezheng had at least 3 jobs are arranged for Wang Yunwu, and best reflects the love between father and son, is Wang Yunwu personally "director" of Flora and Wang Xuezheng's marriage. The above and Flora, and Wang Yunwu the first time she observed the other finger kept in his thigh office ", the real reason which is not a simple" habit ", but Wang Yunwu at a glance, the University of Hong Kong has refined and courteous education Flora, my heart has been in for the son of Wang Xuezheng marriage do careful planning. After the first meeting soon, Wang Yunwu suddenly asked for "Jane asked me to help him...... He went to England to play out the diary. He was with Chinese writing, the old man himself has been translated into English, because it seems foreign people interested in his diary." Diary is false, Wang Yunwu real purpose, one is to study the Flora knowledge and for the people, the two is to create "occasional" beauty Wang Xuezheng chance. Sure enough, when Flora started to accept this special job, Wang Xuezheng seize the opportune moment to appear. Since then, the two young people began to close contacts, more interesting is that in this period of time, royal, with two people from the hostess to relatives of Flora, "they smile, show the utmost solicitude, eyes, unintentional discourse middle joke, I appeared, everyone stopped don't make a sound. These are very clearly that they all help in the family." Obviously, these are for the arrangement of Wang Yunwu.

Many of the details show that, for Flora, Wang Yunwu should do careful and detailed investigation. Like Flora, it is because "when I came into their home life, the old man took me as a good method to let the two of them broke up. I got on the table the appearance of personality, gentle, not what the past ", two is because" I am a graduate of Hong Kong, such as the identity of the old man, a good university diploma is more important than what dowry. So he began to plan, help me a pen in my life script." In Flora's view, the latter is the most important factor.

Flora thinks that after Wang Yunwu's The case is entirely cleared. these "plan" at a glance, but some of what happened, but that her understanding of the "big man" is just a superficial knowledge. Flora thinks she can marry into the Royal cause the most important thing is that she is highly educated, that's not the case, Wang Yunwu really fancy Flora, most likely because of her gentle personality "". Which contains a secret -- the real Wang Xuezheng.

For her husband Wang Xuezheng, "from the first day after we got married, he made surprising thing to me one by one. Never stopped." It can be said that Flora and most of the frustrations of life, all are because of her husband. And love the gentle personality, humor, enthusiasm, get married soon, Li Chunying found her husband is a very vulnerable to sudden temper, casually swearing man ", most of the time, Wang Xuezheng had no interest in the outside world," he was the only one meaningful thing is to lock yourself around at home. Like a sentry sentry." When Shanghai comes, every day in addition to playing mahjong, and relatives chat joking aside, most of the things that Wang Xuezheng did was "sarcastic remarks of sb wantonly attack". Even more frightening is that this temperament, with older, more serious.

Wang Xuezheng these fantastic behavior, until his old age is a definite result: "father was diagnosed with depression, paranoia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In his heart and fight the devil eighty years after he finally surrendered, willing to accept the doctor's help." (author of "postscript") as the father of Wang Yunwu, he must be aware of these. Early in the 1947 years, Wang Yunwu said to Flora: "you don't know this my son...... And he didn't like what two barbarians." Later, he was on the Flora said: "if I didn't learn the government's support, he ruined himself." At first, Wang Yunwu was attracted to the Flora is to find a maximum tolerance, patience, he he take care of him, his son to support a woman. In fact, Wang Yunwu's choice is not wrong, the woman he saw, not only always accompany Wang Xuezheng had a long life, but also to the entire family to bear bitter hardships, raised five children taught, even in the most frustrated life the most helpless moment, Flora did not retreat. For these, Wang Yunwu was filled with gratitude, even some regret. Once, Wang Yunwu told Flora said: "I am very grateful to you and my son did not divorce. You are the only one in the world can live with him so long people. I know him, because I was his father." In 1978, Wang Yunwu on the ninety birthday, Flora family from the United States to fly back to Taiwan to visit relatives, old Wang Yunwu again apologized to Flora: "Flora, you are right. Take the kids to go to the United States, is the best you can do for them." Prior to this, Wang Yunwu did not agree with the Flora family went to the United states. In his eyes, Flora moved from Hongkong to Taiwan, is a "patriotic" behavior, since they can be a real Chinese ", and left Taiwan, is the" country ", the family and his own betrayal.

1947 vine Valley and grandpa in Nanjing. Wang Yunwu was the executive vice president of the national government.

Four, times mirror not only Wang Yunwu, Li Chunying also have such elegant women

Although from all aspects of the family, personal ideas, stereotypes and other differences, but for Wang Yunwu Flora, from the first day knew his time has been admired and respected, in this book, many details of Wang Yunwu's life is very detailed records of Flora, from one side reflects the publishing house in her father-in-law heart.

In the eyes of Flora, Wang Yunwu is a very unusual person. Wang walked into the dozens of years, Flora not only carefully noticed Wang Yunwu when talking with others finger on the thigh habit, also noted that in every family reunion, he is "dinner focus, as long as he spoke, everyone stopped to listen to him." She knew that father is "heavyweight in the national assembly, he no party is a person dare say. He never ignore any party. His stubborn and always reluctant to join the KMT is famous." In Shanghai, Wang Yunwu's study to her left a deep impression: "the study of the room and Wang Hill almost, simple furnishings in the hidden wealth of wisdom. His books are filled with the whole piece of the wall. Here is what kind of book are from modern books, hardcover books to vintage hand sewn, and ancient scrolls. My eyes stopped on a set of "Encyclopedia Britannica". The books on the shelf waiwaixiexie against each other, like a wounded soldier like. The cover of the book has been broken, the spine has been full of wrinkles, but these old scars not only reduced their value, but more show the brilliant history. I heard my father not only studied a total of 18 copies of the "Encyclopedia Britannica", but also remember all the content. See this book, you can see these legends, said not bad." And when Wang Yunwu resigned from the national government minister of economic news, the first Flora was "very shocked", then immediately supported her husband's decision: Wang Yunwu and his family from Guangzhou to Hongkong, let them stay in their own just rented soon at happy valley near the apartment. Since then, here has become the king of the family fled to Shanghai after the "sanctuary". Political frustrated Wang Yunwu also temporarily break in Flora, "Mr. Jiang's brother and funded several" under the care, and established the "China Press", once again start publishing. This time, the two parties are trying to fight for Wang Yunwu, but Wang wanted to stay away from politics, didn't make a statement. Until one day, Hongkong apartment balcony window by a bullet hit a small hole very clean". "Obviously, this is not to kill him. Just a warning, remind dad don't fence, if he does not join any side, they will easily beat him down from the wall." Affected by this, Wang Yunwu finally decided to fly to Taiwan, re entered the political arena.

Flora of father-in-law situation sympathy, she said: "this is like a gang, your hand once dirty, how do not wash clean". In 1963, Flora once again see after more than ten years of Wang Yunwu, she affectionately wrote: "he was already 75 years old, but his spirit and I met for the first time when not what difference. He is still the "vice president of Executive Yuan", when leisure is still writing teaching; his voice was like before laugh is full of gas, such as artillery, all could be heard in the street. He said he didn't drop a tooth, I absolutely believe him, because if it is false, not so yellow. He also said that he had never seen any doctor, I don't doubt. Because he is very conceited, he said that was cowardly, he will never again before anyone admit." Although Flora has said: "my father is a megalomaniac, kowtowing to him who they are not wrong; those who disagreed with him, all right, but this did not hinder her admiration for Wang Yunwu. She said: "although he has his faults, I still very much respect for my father," he is like the sun, and we are those planets around beside him."

These are we more deeply understand Wang Yunwu -- the outstanding publisher provides a very precious perspective. In addition, there are also some other important topics, such as the early Hongkong society, Ma Taihua District, Hong Kong moved inside and the war, modern women's self awakening and so on, also has great historical value.

Compared to Wang Yunwu, Flora is common but all of her numerous living beings, their own experiences, are very independent and certain views. As for Hongkong, when she saw the "leftists urged the UK government to give Hongkong back to Chinese. The bomb exploded in a public place, protesters attacking and killing police "Freight hook, she insisted:" this colony is a rental place, as long as the landlord to take her back to her, as long as a month's notice to tenants". Here, she could not get most of their lives are hard to find a sense of security "". Finally, she decided to take one family across the ocean. Today those who choose her, still shines with the radiance of humanity.

Finally I would like to emphasize that this book is not a boring book, a book on the contrary, be sleepy straws, from A to Z, exudes a sense of humor, optimistic, cheerful, smooth literary temperament, for his tortuous and bumpy life, Flora never think it is suffering, is more like a treasure. When she put the reader into the chaos of the bustling era, we will often be infected by her optimism, will not be out of her humorous narrative amused laugh, feel that only in movies, she is actually a real life experience. From this point of view, this book is not only the oral history of the superior, also has a very thought-provoking literary charm, is for those lost years, produce unlimited. As the cover of the book the word Tao Ming: "Ms. Li Chunying's youth is the loss in wartime, the most elegant notes".


(original title: grace notes from a memoir of Wang Yunwu)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0382

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