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Beijing Daxing Yunlong home fitness equipment "sick posts in British West Park District Children's slide kept hidden

2018-08-28 11:58 beijing evening news TF008

Through the hot summer, the temperature is very suitable for people at the moment and outdoor exercise. The next morning, after dinner, within the District, in the park, people get more exercise. These outdoor fitness facilities, both walking apparatus, rowing machine, single parallel bars and other fitness equipment, including the children love the slides and other entertainment facilities. People have found that many local fitness equipment have suffered different degrees of aging and damage, the need for timely maintenance.

In the British Garden District damaged children's slide will be updated

The broken slide will be updated

"These facilities used about half a year is coming apart, too unsafe." Recently, Tian people to reflect 12345, the park area of Xicheng District's fitness area, there are many specially for children entertainment facilities, the equipment and facilities currently have different degrees of wear, I hope the relevant departments timely replacement.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the British Park District to see, these children's entertainment facilities varied conditions, some seem to just set soon, some look is in a sense. The surface of the paint several entertainment facilities similar to the Trojan shedding serious, beneath the spring is rusty. Along the trail to the small square in the tens of meters away, a pretty damaged plastic slide piled up in front of a greenhouse. Near the staff confirmed that the slide was removed two or three days ago from the square, "is too bad, it is not safe for children to play."

The reporter contacted Mr. Tian, he said, the children's slide area where is installed about half a year ago. The use of less than half a year, it has been quite serious damage. The slide arm "Zhang mouth", some of the bonding part also appeared loose situation. This situation lasted for a couple of months, he worried that children will be dangerous, so hurry to reflect 12345. "The feedback is coming, the slide is two or three days before the demolition, should be replaced." In addition Mr. Tian also mentioned that there is a lamp on the small square fitness, but the light is shone on the pavement, the fitness area is still relatively light dark, hope I can help improve the community.

Then the reporter from Xinjiekou Street office learned that the district has stopped using memory in children's entertainment facilities security risks. The street is currently and the manufacturer, customized new facilities, after the process is finished, these facilities will update soon. In addition to children's entertainment facilities, the streets also pay attention to other fitness equipment within the District, in conjunction with the inspection, also found some equipment need repair and replacement. "The new equipment and the original appearance may not exactly the same, but the function and fitness effect is fully guaranteed."

The fitness equipment is still sick posts

Live in Daxing District Yunlong home residents to 12345 calls, reflect some fitness equipment in their own district recently appeared different degree of aging and damage. The aging of fitness equipment to allow residents to use inconvenience, and damage to the equipment is buried a security risk.

Fitness Yun Long home district damage

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in Yunlong homes, located in the residential fitness equipment square there are different degrees of loss, skew, paint damage etc.. This should be convenient for exercise equipment that happens, let the residents to use somewhat not easily. A moving residents also complained: "the walking instrument, on the arm of the paint all off, a hand is a hand rust taste, it is also a" squeak "noise, are loose."

In addition to aging equipment, fitness equipment also appeared the damage situation. The reporter saw on the square of another walking instrument has been rusting, one pedal has only a Niblick take wings to itself, bare. Is for children to play, jump rope, play slide area in this frame walking instrument aside, some children occasionally came to the damage and aging equipment, people looked somewhat worried.

A similar situation in Fengtai District and the East in comprehensive fitness Plaza also exists, the residents call 12345, hope square within the equipment can be maintained and promoted.

The reporter found in the East and came here, fitness equipment does appear "quegaboshaotui" situation. For example, back massager, massage waist for roller has only one disappear without a trace, the empty seat. Twist on the side is also covered with rust on the turntable from time to time grated, it's quite laborious. In addition, some equipment on the handle of leather is gone.

However, in the Plaza fitness equipment is still in "sick". But because of aging, equipment damage, Fitness Zone in the desolate, occasionally someone came here before exercise, with a leg is to do warm-up activities.

Residential fitness equipment need to be upgraded

The reporter noted that this year, people frequently concern residential fitness equipment damage. According to statistics, from August 8th this year, the "National Fitness Day" to August 20th, citizens to focus on non emergency service center 12345 to reflect the issues related to call 126. Analysis of the industry, reflecting public fitness equipment damaged, rust is more serious, do not rule out the related extreme weather this summer. But after all, still in many parts of the fitness equipment service life is long. Reporters found that in many places signs of fitness equipment, all written specifications and service life. Most of the fitness equipment life for 8 years, but the production date is written is not detailed, by 20 and the back two spaces, can determine the production date is 2000. Through the four inquiry, residents said that these devices may have been "extended".

Residents to remind, compared with gym equipment, outdoor fitness equipment every day, the wind and rain, and the improper use, aging, wear will be more serious. From this perspective, the use of outdoor fitness equipment to exercise, equipment in good condition becomes more important.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Yiming Chen Shengyu text and photo

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