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Beijing Cheng Fu Road Heqing Road intersection West Road to solve these four measures to support the sidewalks unobstructed

2018-08-27 14:19 beijing evening news TF2018

The newspaper on August 21st to "stop" lane when Hugh ", reported the Qing Cheng Fu Road and Lotus Road intersection West on both sides of the sidewalk is a non motor vehicle lane. After the report was published, the joint law enforcement team for the first time on the sidewalk Dongsheng Town, parked bicycles centralized cleanup and unified storage, dispatched more than 40 to clean up the bike 70 car sharing, car cleaning social vehicles 110. The day before the reporters come here again, see the original two or three rows of parked vehicle smooth sidewalk now.

Non motor vehicles accounted for data figure sidewalk photo: Jing Yiming Chen Shengyu

The reporter understands, in order to regulate the parking of vehicles, to ensure road traffic, Dongsheng Town, mainly take measures to rectify the order of the street in Wudaokou area. One is in the Wudaokou subway station exit A on the north side of the subway bridge and road building on the north side of Dongyuan with designated parking area for parking of non motor vehicles more than 700 vehicles. The two is to arrange XieGuanYuan 24 hours a day to maintain order, timely put parking of non motor vehicles. Three is a regular tag for a long time, parked vehicles, more than two weeks of unattended vehicles will be timely. Four is the weekly sharing bicycle operating unit meetings, timely removal, street order specification.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Yi

Editor: TF2018

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