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90 team shooting "Grandpa wait" trill clean tricks grandfather playing it

2018-08-27 14:45 beijing evening news TF0328

You will be interested in the park morning uncle, aunt pick vegetables in the market? In addition to the pension industry practitioners, there are few people will pay attention to the elderly. In the Internet, a "grandfather" short video production team has focused on this group of uncle aunt body. They make short videos are the main characters of the elderly, has attracted a lot of "90" or even "95" eyes.

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In the full of "little brother", "little sister" vibrato on the platform, "Grandpa wait" won the 4 million 70 thousand fans, 52 million 400 thousand times of praise.

"Flower grandpa" stunning debut

In the park, some old man is wearing a vest pants of the morning, look no special. Suddenly shot a turn, the music sounded, the uncle changed in Western dress and leather shoes suddenly became a full gas field, "metrosexual man". This "drag" video, so many young audience was terrified: Grandpa handsome!

Third is morning exercises in the park uncle put on a suit, has become a "handsome uncle"

Through this video, "Grandpa." gradually familiar to people. Netizens soon discovered, "Grandpa." all the short video of the protagonist is old. In the field of short video most popular, "Grandpa wait" is definitely a "clean".

The name "Grandpa", the protagonist is old, but the production team is a group of 90". Born in 1993 Zhang Juntao is a director of new media company "onion video", radio host school he had the intention is to do a talk show. The new program in deciding exactly what to do when the grandmother died, so he changed his ideas.

"My mobile phone even Grandma's photo are not." He realized that the degree of aging of society has been relatively high, but in the field of new media, but little attention has been paid to the elderly population.

Then, a new idea was born. Zhang Juntao and company communication, decided to do a elderly street visit program. New programs focus in the elderly, in order to provide a sound platform for the Internet in the elderly, the elderly and young people to enhance the communication distance closer to the feelings of the two generations. "Our audience is mainly young people, we hope that the young people after seeing the show can understand their elders, to bring their own thoughts."

In August last year, officially launched "Grandpa.". In the program, Zhang Juntao also has a role, often to their elders life "two baby".

"Grandpa" Li Rongzhang (left) and the "two children" Zhang Juntao

"Grandparents" quickly became popular

Because of its "unique", this file withsenilefactitious flagship short video after the launch, soon became popular on the internet.

Last year, the Qixi Festival, "Grandpa wait" to interview a few of the old man tell their love story, the people's daily and other media V forwarding, became the first explosion of column group.

At the beginning of this year, the column group invited a grandma to go to Internet cafes to play the most popular "chicken" game, the video game player of the game attracted a lot of attention, the whole network play amounted to tens of millions of times. "The old man in the game and other game player gossip, but also to be introduced, particularly interesting."

As mentioned in the "drag" video, column group also made version of "grandma paragraph". In the video, three farms aunt put down the beans, put on a beautiful fashion, suddenly let a person do not recognize. This video also have been the point of praise, some netizens even commented that the three's performance is not lost to more than 20 year old young girl.

Through these short videos, many users have a new cognition of the elderly population. They found that the elderly is actually very interesting, in marriage, work and problems of young people, older people often have very profound insights. Zhang Juntao said, their video is often with a cut, to move end, "there is a sense of comparison network". For example, the betrothal gifts is too high, "marriage", "DINK" and other social phenomena, although these are young people encounter problems, but older people also have their own views, and many of them are very reasonable. Pass out these ideas through the program, not only interesting, and can give people inspiration.

They also had a period of "life show swap", let an old man and a young man in a day, the roles were reversed and aroused thinking of netizens. For example, the old man got up early in the morning, they let the young people early; young people love to eat some takeout, they participated in the recording of old order. A takeaway forty dollars, the old man was very distressed, but young people have become accustomed to. "We have shown these differences through a third perspective, has touched many users."

"Generational friends" have something to say

In "Grandpa wait", all of the elderly are photographed in the park to find the column group. Because the main filming in Chengdu, Zhang Juntao traveled to the park in Chengdu, and summed up a rule: the source of the park's grandparents education level is high, out of the ordinary conversation, acceptance of new things are very high; the people's Park grandparents activities are relatively rich, Shenxianshu Park grandparents love dance.

"As people's Park, where the elderly we basically have taken over again. We can reach a degree now, is to see an old man, you probably know he did a show, all said what."

71 year old Li Rongzhang is one of the "old grandpa wait" appearance rate high. At the end of last year, after their introduction, the old man became a permanent actor. In the program, his identity is "baby" Grandpa, is an enlightened wisdom, rich life of the elderly. Refer to the content of the program, the old man is very modest: "I'm not professional, not necessarily to speak, we can hope for some help." Li Rongzhang, on behalf of the most willing to the appearance of the old man.

Li Rongzhang said, now young people and their generation in the world outlook, outlook on consumption is very different. Although their grandchildren are very small, but he is hoping to offer some advice to young people living and working in the area, transfer some "from" feeling. "I am willing to do a" generational friend with this group of young people. "."

In the program, Li Rongzhang to three to four times a week to participate in the shooting, he has a their own view: "Grandpa bubble tea", for young people to speak some truth. The old man is relatively low-key, most of the time, friends came over to ask, he said a few words. When it comes to this group of "90" and his cooperation, he always worries about their health. "These young people are very hard, very hard, although the pressure, but the meal to eat on time, on time to drink water."

The old man said, you are never too old to learn, this program can let him know very well the young people today.

Of course, not all of the people are willing to face the camera. "Grandpa wait" has produced a period by the old man refused to "collection", many people see a camera, "then for various reasons, people can not help laughing. The trill, which refused to collection also received 3 million points repeatedly praise.

"I hope more understanding of their society"

During the filming, Zhang Juntao and his buddy for the elderly groups also have more understanding. "We thought the elderly are more old-fashioned, behind the times, but the more exposure was found, they are very generous, but also full of curiosity for new things."

In the program, young people dyed her hair "grandma grey" of old people often wear "holes" puzzled. Let them feel more novelty is that young people now go out without money, who even cash one hundred yuan did not dare to go out. The street saw a bicycle, took out a mobile phone to sweep you can ride away. The mobile phone is really a good stuff!" Some old people sigh.

But there are also people put forward protest on mobile phone". Some people complain that their grandchildren holding mobile phone all day: "and who are not pro, with mobile phone pro!"

With this sound more and more, Zhang Juntao is also aware of the Internet environment, now actually for the elderly is not friendly. "Although we took the elderly, but the elderly are rarely able to see our show, young people are watching." He said, "Grandpa wait" are mainly published in trill, but old people seldom have this APP in mobile phone.

Zhang Juntao decided to do something for the elderly. He hoped that through their video, arouse the attention of young people for the elderly population. In the episode, "Grandpa." interviewed some buy health care products as the elderly, results in the interview, some people say he wept. Because of the health care products sales staff claim, far more than the children of the elderly. They also found that many older people hope to live a wonderful life free, not willing to spend time with the children.

"Grandpa wait" was a period of "what time do you feel old" program. An old man said he was heard to call him "Uncle", realized that he is old. "While my body was an old man, but my heart is still young!"

The same problem, Zhang Juntao used to ask young people. Many young people like about though, referred to their parents, then he cried.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Qipeng respondents for map

Editor: TF0328

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