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Wang Zhongmin: Liang Qichao helped write the "dictionary" book of founding Peking University library science department

2018-08-28 13:47 beijing evening news TF0328

Some time ago, I had the honor to meet a 90 year old university intellectuals. Chat with him, to understand China's famous catalog version scientist, philologist, scholar, Dunhuang library scientist Mr. Wang Zhongmin's experience, but also learned that Mr. Wang Zhongmin founded the library of Peking University Department of history experience.

Author: Huang Yongshun

Chongmin Wang

Listen to more than the simple description of some experience and to collect some information, for Mr. Wang Zhongmin's experience and his course of founding Peking University library to support. In this process, I also learned that Mr. Wang Zhongmin made a significant contribution in the field of education China library science.

Wang Zhongmin (1903 1975) Hebei Gaoyang, word 3, Lujiang, cold. Born in the family farm, because the ranking third in the home, so the word has 3. His father is a village in the village, the study of Chinese medicine, doctor Wang Zhongmin, is to get enlightenment from the father of literacy. 1921 study in Baoding Zhili sixth middle school. 1922 years in Baoding for progress is wanted, he returned to Beijing, since the name of the.

1924, Wang Zhongmin was admitted to the Beijing higher normal school in the Chinese department. During the study, compiled "Lao Tzu test", the Lao Tzu works of nearly five hundred kinds of record. Because he was living conditions difficult, he often to write articles for magazines, meager royalties and part-time income to maintain the school editor. Poor but he studies hard, got Peking library curator Mr. Yuan Tongli's sympathy, he introduced his spare time to go to the library work.

In school, work at the same time, Wang Zhongmin has a strong interest in the bibliography, and in work to Chen Yuan, Fu Zengxiang and Yang Shu Da, a rich collection of collectors the chance to ask, his spirit and open-minded attitude are masters of appreciation. Thus embarked on the road of bibliography.

In 1927 Wang Zhongmin began to organize Yang Shoujing view. It will also note Kaido, "Zhi" in Japanese ancient books uncollected Book inscriptions, into a series of "Japan visit book" supplement ", a collection of textual notes.". He is in addition to the normal learning, writing papers, and helped Liang Qichao to write "the book dictionary". After graduating in 1928, he was director of the Baoding Department of Chinese Hebei University lecturer and Beijing Catholic University, the main work is in the library of Beihai (now Beijing Library) and presided over the preparation of large-scale collation of ancient books bibliography and index.

1930 years, because of the cataloging work of Peking library well, and often published works in the bibliography "Beiping Library Journal", was appointed as a member and index Compilation Committee of Peking library leader group. 1934 was sent abroad, China precious literature he has collected in the famous library law, Britain, Germany, Italy, the United States and other countries of the large diaspora from abroad, and to organize, collect, introduce and study.

In Paris, Mr. Wang Zhongmin was interested in the Dunhuang manuscripts, so was sent to Paris for collecting Percy and stolen Dunhuang manuscripts catalogue. Then compile the "robbery by Percy and recorded" income "Dunhuang manuscripts catalogue index". He also selected some valuable papers taken into microfilm. During this period he spent a year, a series of about four book data in Dunhuang manuscripts published in 1936, a collection of. At the same time, he also intends to edit "Dunhuang school" and "school books" supplement to the two draft. But because of the outbreak of World War II, this work was shelved. In 1939, the director of the Far East Library of Congress in Washington's invitation to Washington Library of Congress collection of rare books and identification of China, write more than 1600 feeds, named "American Library of Congress rare book record". Incorporated into the "abstract" Chinese rare books.

In 1941, Beijing south to Shanghai library rare books are threatened by the war, Yuan Tongli, Ambassador Hu Shi for help, the American Book store. Wang Zhongmin has risked his life to rescue the three hundred Shanghai rare book box, box select 2720 kinds of loaded into one hundred boxes. After the deal with director Yuan Tongli, secretly transported to the United States, temporarily hidden in the Far East of the Library of Congress.

The works of Wang Zhongmin

In February 1947, Wang Zhongmin returned home from Washington, served as the reference group director of Peking library. The same year he went to when he was the president of Peking University (in the United States without any) Hu Shi letters suggestions: Peking University Library Science College, mainly for university student Chinese department and the Department of history. Hu Shi agreed to reply Peking University to create the library science, but consider to prepare proposals, delayed a year. Wang Zhongmin replied: "agree with the" book "is not a line, postponed a year. Wang Zhongmin and Hu Shi discuss the founder of the library science, then consider the domestic library science education, in order to avoid duplication and lack of domestic high level library science professionals, the library science orientation "to creating advanced talents for the purpose. Yuan Tongli was curator of Beiping library have put forward their views: "open recruitment, recruit graduate or Undergraduate Liberal Arts University, graduated from Beijing University students will not refuse the door."

Peking University founded the "library science department", school system for two years, Wang Zhongmin was appointed director of the Department of. Due to recruit students from the Department of library school graduates. According to the "2013 fourth issue" State Library (total eighty-eighth), library history research program Guijia article: Mr. Zhou in the first Department of Peking University Library has 8 students, second graduate students 14 people, only Huang Houpei, Wan Xifen and other 6 people also appear in the entrance and graduation list the rest have changed.

The establishment of Peking University library science department, Wang Zhongmin's long time teaching, long time still working in Peking library, and adjunct professor Chinese Department of Peking University, presided over the Department of library science teaching group. He teaches the "ordinary", "China bibliography", "Chinese bibliography history", "China catalog version" courses such as classical bibliography. In July 1949, North China Council for higher education instruction, set up in the library of Peking University, and 2 years of schooling. In 1951, Wang Zhongmin proposed to the Department of College of Beijing University Library, 1951 renamed the Department of college library, 4 years of schooling. In 1952 the Department of adjustment, change of Library Science in science, 3 years of schooling. In 1956, People's Republic of China approved by the Ministry of education, Peking University library, 4 years of schooling. Wang Zhongmin has become one of the pioneers of University Library Chinese education.


(original title: pioneer Wang Zhongmin Library Science Education)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0328

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