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Taiwan lost the "allies" to the United States Cai Yingwen personally helped stabilize the situation?

2018-08-25 08:23 Beijing daily new media TF008

The establishment of diplomatic relations between Salvatore and China, the number of Taiwan "allies" down to 17. Even Japan, governor Cai is very depressed, the United States is also very worried about this, "allies" less and less, after their own "Taiwan card" is how to play? Cai Yingwen took 2 years off 5 "allies", according to this speed, not cleared is not far away?

See the situation is wrong, the United States decided to support Taiwan, resorted to a combination of boxing:

The first one: public opinion offensive

The United States ambassador to Salvatore the first time issued a document called the SA Taiwan "off" "will undoubtedly affect the United States and the Salvatore administration's relationship".

The American Institute in Taiwan Taipei office director Li Yingjie will be targeting the Chinese, said the recent diplomatic moves, "is to change the status quo, will hurt the region" decades of peace, stability and development of architecture, is put forward, "Salvatore said. The interference in internal affairs".

The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee held hearings on the nomination of ambassador people, Senator said the United States has a lot of chips can be put to good use, should be able to prevent further action of the China "".

Second trick: take revenge

Salvatore face indirect United States, the United States decided to take revenge on the one hand, to vent their dissatisfaction, on the one hand, the remaining diplomatic allies Taiwan deterrent".

The US State Department said, was disappointed in Salvatore on the "off" is examining the relationship with Salvatore.

Senator has proposed an amendment to the "2019 National Defense Authorization Act", required to limit U.S. assistance to Salvatore. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman of the Asia Pacific Group Gardner said, "the United States must use a variety of tools, Chinese against bullying in Taiwan".

The third measure: to put pressure on

Honduras and Nicaragua are countries having diplomatic ties with Taiwan, especially in Honduras is generally considered to be a "defection" country. The United States on the ambassadors nomination request, hope two people came to the two after the government revealed that their relationship with Taiwan's relations with the United States for their own future and important.

The two ambassadors nominated people watch faithful, especially the nominee for ambassador to Honduras said that if appointed by Congress will agree, as a matter of priority, there will immediately confirm and report to the Committee as soon as possible.

See, the United States is really anxious, the world's leading powers manners do not, in addition to swearing is a threat, just like a rogue. The problem is that these moves can work?

The United States may have confidence. Because in Taiwan There remained but a single one.'s "allies" in South American countries accounted for the bulk. The United States has always been to South America as the backyard, fantasy by virtue of its strong influence, these small countries dare not rash was doomed". But do not know the United States is not forget the example of Panama.

The the Panama Canal coast material dispatch the United States to obtain a cheap and reliable water route. Because of this relationship, Panama's history and the United States is deeply intertwined with the United States, a strong desire to control.

In 2016, as Taiwan's "allies" in Panama after Cai Yingwen took office, the first time invited her to visit. During the visit, joy Cai Yingwen wrote: witness the centennial, to create prosperity. The signature is "President of TAIWAN (ROC)".

But Cai Yingwen did not leave Panama, accompanied by the DPP legislators Xu Zhijie, President of Panama face book "a small place seems strange, because he mentioned" Taiwan Pakistan "inherent" diplomatic relations ", write" Panama and China (Taiwan) have a relationship of historic partnership." [Note: Panama and China (Taiwan) is a historic partnership]. 1 years later, Panama and Chinese officially established diplomatic relations. Panama's president Barrera also admitted later to participate in the activities, he would like to China diplomatic relations as early as 10 years ago.

Therefore, in the United States and Taiwan backyard how warm and how, in the end still could not withstand the trend.

An indisputable fact is that the influence in Latin America greatly weakened. In the past the United States in these countries, lip service, now Trump is lying to say. For example, at the beginning of this year, he was disgusted Salvatore's victims, next year before it all back, and called Sarwar is "national pit". Effect of wall plans with Trump, in the Latin American region completely as unwelcome.

In contrast, Chinese, welcomed the development of a fast and sincere attitude obvious to people. More importantly, Chinese, means a lot of opportunities, and open cooperation is expected to stabilize, which is obviously more than that of American aid awesome. Plainly, today China didn't really need much effort to pry Taiwan's "allies", by virtue of economic opportunities and attract enough.

The threat looked scary, but fail to beat the trend. Taiwan "allies" zero is just a matter of time, even if the United States resorted to the "carrot and stick" is also in vain.


Source: Beijing daily new media Changan observation

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