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Beijing Lian Po courtyard No. 10 hospital waste treatment: special materials used in sealed air wells window

2018-08-23 12:53 beijing evening news TF2018

From the beginning of this month, the citizens to focus on non emergency service center 12345 to reflect the courtyard of the garbage problem to solve, we find the root cause in the "day and night" listening section through on-site visits, and the streets, property, explore the solution. As of now, the district columns are trying to through a variety of measures.

Data figure patio garbage photo: King Chen Shengyu Yiming

8 month 1 days, this column reported Haidian District Lian Po Hospital No. 10 building 12 households in 102 by Mr. Wu and his family courtyard community neighborhood committee and garbage, the sea real estate management department Henderson Hui think six programs are difficult to implement. After the report, attention by the relevant departments, committees and property from door layer again posted a notice from high-altitude parabolic, and after investigation of ten days, in coordination, to properly solve the problem of garbage yard.

The problem will be improved by the fourth sets of programs mentioned in the report, coming toward households windows and patio death budget of about 880 thousand yuan. But the difficulty lies in this scheme are faced with money and who is out, sealed windows will be opened and other practical problems, now smoothly done or easily solved the problem.

"Not with ordinary cement and sealed, but the use of high-grade" Emery "materials, both ventilation and work, can throw cigarette butts, are thrown out of walnut." The person in charge of the No. 10 hospital community residents committee of Haidian District YANGFANGDIAN Street Wu Jia Cun Lu told reporters, after investigation of ten days, the property sector to determine the basic scheme, measure the size, first solve the No. 2 Room 3, closed a total of 48 households, 4 per household. A total of 192. Through the door, half of the owners agree that the minority is coordinating for different reasons. After calculation, the project budget of around 110 million, the property has been to the sea real investment group management limited liability company declared by the higher coordination property unit.

It is understood that the construction time is expected a month later, will effectively solve the problem of garbage and high-altitude parabolic patio, the project is on the procedures, but the committees responsible person are still worried. "At home in a few households on the project of doubt, worry about their original infrastructure will be destroyed, in this regard, the property sector also said that the construction will be carried out after the restoration of the original facilities. But the window closure and could not be enforced to get residents permission during the construction of households appear back, may increase the variables. At the same time, the official said, once the project completed and still found the upper parabolic, not willing to accept the reconstruction of homes will face even compensation responsibility.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qu Jingwei

Editor: TF2018

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