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No. 35 Institute of environmental remediation Beijing Wang home after returning to clean and quiet buildings set long Dean introduction property

2018-08-23 12:52 beijing evening news TF2018

The king of Dongcheng District, home to 35 homes, located near the East Second Ring Road, along with the prosperity of the business around the courtyard, increasing population, open the wall hole, illegally built and other problems began to appear, the courtyard is messy. In close cooperation with Dongcheng District urban, Dongzhimen street, Beijiexiaoxiang upgrade through environmental remediation, now King homes 35 hospital not only return to calm, a lot of new bright spot is close to public opinion.

The past 35, Sidaluanjian everywhere

Wang home 35 yuan, covers an area of 8000 square meters, had from 1954. The old residents say they small when the yard around the courtyard is very desolate, a gate, in several rows of large tile roofed house, the road is spacious courtyard. The last century at the end of 80s, the yard built residential buildings, pre hospital gates do not see.

Mixed in the business district in the courtyard, densely populated, the problem has cropped up, open hole wall street house, hospital Sidaluanjian, air line, originally spacious courtyard has become a maze of narrow dirt road, the only one meter wide, heavy rains in the water.

In close cooperation with the Dongcheng District City, the streets of Dongzhimen, starting from 2016, 35, Wang homes began governance. 15 Street chaos remediation, the house gradually restored. In addition to home Mopai, urban, street recording problem under every family, to help residents solve.

After the Spring Festival in 2017, illegal in the hospital to start work, total removal of illegal construction of more than 5000 square meters, remediation unlicensed 13, cleaning up the group to rent 19, renovation of underground space 36.

Now 35, spacious and clean

Reporters yesterday to Wang home hospital No. 35, the entire courtyard looks like a garden, green space and spacious old trail, scattered the rows of houses. Each row of tiles in front of the house, the most eye-catching is a stone arch arch covered the moon, plants. The door is chatting of old people said: "this courtyard has been restored and when we almost."

Wang home hospital No. 35 illegal work completed, how to enhance every detail of residents participation. A row or two row in a building now known, every one has a long, the whole yard and dean. Now the yard is introduced into the streets of Dongzhimen property, property grid management. In front of the gate of the property, security personnel is on duty, for college students to inquire more faces. Security personnel told reporters, as the yard safety, environmental health, we should pay attention to, and now the property is also constantly recruiting new security, "we are on duty until 6 in the afternoon, the future will be 24 hours on duty."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: King Yiming

Editor: TF2018

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