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"I'llbeyoursthroughalltheyears persimmon red" tablet's "red" as "anus", who made this mistake?

2018-08-24 09:20 beijing evening news TF0328

Perhaps, "Chu Joe biography", "drunk" exquisite "," fashionable TV drama startling step by step, every night after the people, as you love calligraphy, calligraphy of movie and TV drama, you've seen a few? The recent hit "year" persimmon persimmon red, red, red theme actor, is also the title of red, one not careful, will be "red" written in the wrong anus". The seemingly amusing, but very sad. Spelling is the "fruit", "because" where? "Because" culture is regressive, need of reflection. "Fate" continue to pay attention to all kinds of ink weekly spelling problems from this week will create two pages, is spelling out the problem of film and television drama, together with the reader to think and learn a lesson:

Author: Shu Zhi

Calligraphy and calligraphy and movie film, which is the "contradiction". Calligraphy emphasizes in the ancient times, the older the better, the film emphasizes innovation, to make full use of the latest technology. When it comes to the essence of calligraphy is the product manual, the film is the result of synthesis technology. But the two are not contradictory, through the film and television technology, recorded a lot of old book story, keep time, let the world remember their voice and expression. The film needs to calligraphy, scene layout, small title, subtitle and poster design, can not avoid. Until the nineties of last century, a lot of TV drama subtitles are written by artists writing, many excellent works. With the passage of time, now is the word subtitle uniform computer world. Think carefully, this is a matter of how helpless, boring, monotonous and terrible things. The film itself and the different requirements of the new requirements is opposite. But in any case, the movie poster design and calligraphy elements always need creative titles. This is from a very small angle to witness the vitality of calligraphy. Calligraphy has great inclusiveness, name and poster design not only television drama, all advertising design needs. Ask yourself, in the pursuit of novelty and have noted that the gold content of art? Flaw in the plan can hardly be avoided. But can not say that no obvious calligraphy mishap is the minimum requirement. Now it is difficult to ensure that no one will be careless.

When it comes to this issue, the mood will become very heavy. May wish to talk about with "positive energy" special calligraphy film. The film directors and actors and other creative staff to pay tribute. Realistically speaking, about calligraphy calligraphy style, looks very warm, for more social general public, which belongs to the genre of the film in the "popular" and "loopholes". Because the "sin ratings", almost everyone at their planning can attract people eyeball theme, regardless of whether the obtained shocking effect, destroyed three concept. "The box" is a hard truth.

In the blind pursuit of the interests of the tide, there are still some goal is not at the box office, aimed at promote China China calligraphy and even culture film, make a wonderful movie about calligraphy, worthy of praise. Now calligraphy has become one of the important items of television drama. The shop signs, official boards, couplets, door signs, indoor background, are related to the use of calligraphy. To tell the truth, I really have to thank the film and television drama, let calligraphy props frequently photographed, objectively help make calligraphy calligraphy busy, return to social life and public view. First of all, to the masses to art, because the most valuable and can bring art inspired by media and material is too small. Secondly, material widely, from ancient and contemporary masters of calligraphy, calligraphy calligraphy lovers from the general life, are presented one by one, it tastes, entertaining. Again, to those in the plot for the wrong person, calligraphy etc. to study hard pull correction and exemplary role. Especially the first "the pen", a recent "Qi Gong", the two film the time span of thirty years, shows the movie exploring about calligraphy has not been interrupted, valuable, but also inspire more people to pay attention to the writing brush, picked up the brush to write calligraphy. Not for fame or fortune, only to promote the culture, self-cultivation.

Calligraphy into Chinese blood, in the life everywhere in TV drama is no exception. More inclined to classical themes, calligraphy elements related to the more, for the higher requirements of calligraphy. He said the most popular play of palace of Qing Dynasty, the folk of Ji Yun and Shen, for having heard it many times (Xiao Lan) and Liu Yong (Luo Guo). Regardless of their image of film and history have much real difference, but one thing is they are as sure as a gun, write good calligraphy. The actor's culture has certain requirements. Although not necessarily well, but must "get shot". Among the three, and Shen and Ji Yun are "Guangeti", there is no place in the history of calligraphy, not what effect, but Liu Yong is not the same, but long statue of reputation, the most famous calligraphy "four", unique style, unique. Related to the calligraphy scene, not easy. In a sense, the film bears the art of national image communication, if easily, will damage the image of China calligraphy as a traditional culture, must give titles and subtitles in good relations, so as not to seriously mislead the public aesthetic.

Nowadays a lot of historical TV drama, calligraphy scene not only suspected of "forgery", is the clothing, shoes and hats are all fabricated, so God play everywhere. Said a little, this is a kind of "film", on the other hand, this is the witness of the unlearned. "The Water Margin" in the original fortieth times, once the tone of Wu Yong to Cai Jing at the time of first mentioned calligraphy is well known and respected. Wu Xuejiu said: "Wu have thought of heart. Now the world popular four font, Su Dongpo, Mi Yuanzhang, Huang He, Taishi Cai four font. Su, Huang, m, Cai, four of the song dynasty...... Wu Yongzhi he (Xiao Rang) to Cai Beijing handwriting......". Wu plans forged the letters of Cai Jing, because of his carelessness, be found stamped "stamp academician Cai Jing", because the home is generally not. This is the original record: "Huang Wen Ping said:" darling, don't blame small say, this letter is from you. Now the world popular Jiangsu, yellow rice, Cai Sijia font, who do not learn. This condition and books, is to make out to do well in the imperial house phase, Fateh words, have seen. Up to now the prime minister to give Taishi, Hanlin books to come out? And is also the father to send the book to be taboo words, improper use of books. "" These are the details. For example, if a film about the Qin Shi Huang film, if appear everywhere script and running script written tablets, flags, emblems, obviously wrong. Then six different words. The style is only appeared in Han dynasty. These are the basic knowledge! To reproduce the true history, must do pays attention to the real history.

The movie "2015" produced in Qi Gong. The film tells the story of Contemporary Art Master Mr. Qi Gong legendary life.

The movie "the pen", 1982 years. The film tells the story of the female China ancient calligrapher Zhao Xuzhi and Qi Wei Juan of love, in her encouragement, three trip to learn calligraphy, to realize the true meaning of calligraphy from the story. The essence of the Tang Dynasty calligrapher Zhang Xu is a fictional story.

The movie "after", 2004. The film tells the story of static, horizontal, three people in the eastern island of the Imperial Palace treasure hunt adventure story, the actress wanted to find Su Dongpo "Grandpa" cold food observance, to recall the answer.

The movie "soul", 1994. The film tells the story of a prostitute in the South husband customs under the help of governor pan Zanhua reborn, become a famous painter of the story.

The movie "ink angel", 2012. The main plot of all sources of real experience in Wuhai City calligraphers, through the description of ordinary miners because a vivid story of practicing calligraphy and change life, change the fate of.

The TV series "Su Dongpo", 2008. Tells the story of Su Dongpo was dismissed from office after his creation of the "Ode of Chibi" before this experience.

The TV series "one hundred years of history", 2008. The play tells the development of rongbaozhai brand, after several generations of painstaking efforts, and finally in the contemporary literati intellectuals erected a cultural integrity of a gilded signboard.

The TV series "Tang Yan" Shuhun, produced in 2008. This is the first China true representation of China's Tang Dynasty famous statesman, military strategist and writer, calligrapher Yan Zhenqing's glorious deeds of large-scale TV series.

The movie "the moon", 2005. The film tells the story of China modern culture art pioneer, a monk master Hong Yi legend life story.

The TV series "Yangzhou baguai", produced in 1998. Describes the Yangzhou artist Zheng Banqiao and the friends of painting Beijing selling paintings, and the royal court painter Jin Minzhi grudges, on the rise of the Yangzhou school for the south of Yangzhou, to the story.

TV drama "Zhongyao", 2011. Mainly tells the story of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo goes out into the temple Yuduo Zheng, panic bell you saved hanxiandi injured hanxiandi reward Zhongyou his story. Zhongyou calligraphy attainments for posterity admiration, respect for the "ancestor of the script".

TV drama "Shudao girl: our Koshien", 2010. Based on the Japanese morning file broadcast television adaptation, tells the story of the minister and the Japanese national high school calligraphy calligraphy hobby female high school students, "calligraphy competition Koshien" as the goal of calligraphy show youth story.


(original title: how far is it from the calligraphy film)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0328

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