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"Persimmon persimmon red" movie "red" written in the "anus", who else has made such a mistake?

2018-08-24 09:20 beijing evening news TF0328

Perhaps, CHO Cho Chuan, drunken Linglong, and step by step horror movies will catch up with people every night. But as you love calligraphy, how many movies and TV plays about calligraphy have you seen? Recently, the hot "persimmon persimmon red", the theme red, actor red, the name is also red, careless, will "red" wrong writing "anal". It looks funny, but it's very sad. Where is the wrong word "fruit" and "cause"? "Cause" is a step backward in cultural accomplishment, and we need to reflect on it. "Ink margin" weekly continues to pay attention to various types of wrongly written characters. From this week, two pages will be set up, together with readers to ponder and learn from the mistakes in the film and TV drama.

Author: Zhi Zhi

Calligraphy and film and television, in which calligraphy and film are contradictory. Calligraphy emphasizes the entry into the ancient world, the better the better. The film emphasizes innovation, and fully relies on the latest technology. Speaking of essence, calligraphy is the product of manual work, and film is the result of technological synthesis. But the two are not contradictory. Through film and television technology, many old Calligrapher's stories are recorded, and time is kept, so that people can remember their voice and smile. Film and television requires calligraphy elements, which are large enough for scene layout, so that they can not be avoided from titles, subtitles and poster designs. Until the 90s of last century, many films and TV dramas were subtitled by artists. As time goes on, nowadays subtitles are all computer characters. Think about it, it is a helpless, boring, monotonous and terrible thing. This is in itself opposed to the new requirements of film and television. But in any case, the poster design and film title creation always need calligraphy elements. This has also witnessed the vigorous vitality of calligraphy from a very small angle. Calligraphy has immense inclusiveness, not only the name and poster design of movie and TV play, but also the design of all advertisements. Ask yourself whether you have noticed the gold content of art while pursuing novelty. It is unavoidable that there is too little. But it must be said that no obvious injury to calligraphy is the minimum requirement. Now it is hard to guarantee that carelessness will lead to mistakes.

Speaking of this question, the mood will become very heavy. Let's start with some special calligraphy films with positive energy. We should pay high tribute to the film directors and actors. To be practical, the calligraphic style of calligraphy is very cordial, and it belongs to the "cool door" and "partial door" in the movie genre for more social public. Because of the "vicious ratings", almost all of us do not hesitate to plan some interesting topics to get the shock effect, regardless of whether they will destroy three views. "Box office" is the absolute principle.

In the tide of blind pursuit of interests, there are still some goals that are not box offices. Filmmakers who aim to promote Chinese calligraphy and even Chinese culture have produced a wonderful film about calligraphy, which is worth praises. Nowadays calligraphy has become one of the most important props in film and television drama. The shop signs, official plaque, gate couplets, slogans and indoor backgrounds all involve the use of calligraphy. To tell you the truth, thanks to the film and TV play, the calligraphy props are frequently shown, helping the calligraphy objectively and returning the calligraphy to the social life and the public view. First of all, it can bring art to the public, because there are so few media and materials that can bring artistic inspiration nowadays. Secondly, a wide selection of calligraphers, calligraphy masters from ancient times and contemporary times, and calligraphers living under the general calligraphy enthusiasts, all of them are presented with both refined and popular tastes. Once again, it can play a role of correcting and exemplary in the plot of the calligraphy elements. In particular, the earliest one in the pen, the latest Qigong, has lasted for more than thirty years in the two movies. This shows that the exploration of calligraphy has never been interrupted and commendable. It has also inspired more people to pay attention to the brush and pick up the brush to write calligraphy. It is not for fame and gain, but for culture and self-cultivation.

Calligraphy is integrated into the blood of the Chinese people and is everywhere in life. The more inclined to classical subjects, the more calligraphy related elements, the higher the demand for calligraphy. Let's talk about the most popular curettage opera. There are many familiar folk songs such as harmony, Ji Yun (Xiao Lan) and Liu Yong (Luo Guo). No matter the difference between their film and television images and the real history, but one thing is true. They all write well written brushes. This has certain requirements for the actor's cultural accomplishment. Although it is not always true, it must be "ready to play." Among the three people, he and Ji Yun are all "Pavilion style". They have no position in calligraphy history, but they are not very influential. But Liu Yong is very different. Reputation is the most famous "four masters". When it comes to calligraphy, you can't be careless. In a sense, film and television are responsible for the artistic dissemination of the national image. If carelessly careless, it will damage the image of calligraphy as a traditional Chinese culture. We must check the titles of the titles and subtitles, so as not to seriously mislead the public's appreciation of the beauty.

Nowadays, many historical films and dramas are not only "forgery", but also clothes, shoes and hats. To speak a little, this is a kind of "go around". To the greater extent, this is a witness without a trace. In the fortieth return of the original works of the outlaws of the marsh, it was first mentioned in Wu Yong's tone that Cai Jing's calligraphy was known and respected by the world at that time. Wu Xuejiu said, "Wu has ponder his mind. Nowadays, there are four popular fonts in the world: Su Dongpo, Huang Lu Zhi, Mi Yuanzhang and Cai Tai Shi four. Su, Huang, MI, Cai, Song Dynasty four. Wu Yongzhi he (Xiao Rang) got Cai Jing's handwriting... " Wu uses the plan to forge Cai Jing's letters, because his carelessness has been stamped with the seal of Hanlin Cai Jing, because the letters are generally not stamped. The original is recorded in this way: "Huang Wen Ping said:" Xiang Gong, no wonder that the little student is more than words, this book has been deceived by the relative. Now the world is popular with Su, Huang, MI and Cai's typefaces. This book is made out of the great master of the Imperial Academy. Now, how can you make the Hanlin book out? It is also the father who sends books to his son. He must not use the word book. These are the details. For example, if we take a film about the unification of the six countries by Qin Shihuang, if there are signs, banner and emblem written in Lishu and running script, it is obviously inappropriate. At that time, six countries had different languages. The official script appeared only in the Han Dynasty. These are common sense! To reappear the truth of history, we must pay attention to the real history everywhere.

The movie Qigong was produced in 2015. The movie tells about the legendary life of Qi Gong, a great master of contemporary art.

The movie "love in the pen" was produced in 1982. The film tells about the love between Zhao Xuzhi, the ancient Chinese calligrapher and the daughter of Qi Tai Wei, and with her encouragement, three trips to learn calligraphy, to guard against arrogance and impetuosity, and to realize the true meaning of calligraphy. The essence is to make up the story of Zhang Xu, a calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty.

The movie "pass" was produced in 2004. The film tells the story of three people exploring the treasure in the the Imperial Palace, such as Jing, Dong Heng, and the island. The heroine wants to find Su Dongpo's "cold food" and unravel the mystery of Grandpa's memory.

The movie "soul of painting" was produced in 1994. This film is mainly about a story about a prostitute in the south of the Yangtze River, who was reborn with the help of her husband's customs governor, pan Zanhua, and became a famous painter.

The movie "Mo Xiang angel" was produced in 2012. The main storyline comes from the real experience of Wuhai calligrapher. By describing the vivid story of ordinary miners who change their lives and change their fate by practicing calligraphy.

The TV series "Su Dongpo" was produced in 2008. This is mainly about Su Dongpo's experience after he was dismissed from office until he wrote the Chibi Fu.

The TV series "a hundred years ago" was produced in 2008. This drama tells about the development of the brand of Rong Bao Zhai. After several generations of painstaking efforts, it finally erected a golden sign of cultural integrity in the minds of contemporary intellectuals.

The TV series "Datang Book Soul Yan Zhen Qing" was produced in 2008. This is the first large-scale TV series in China to reproduce the brilliant deeds of Yan Zhenqing, a famous statesman, strategist, writer and calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty.

The movie "a bright moon" was produced in 2005. The film tells the story of the legendary life of a modern Chinese cultural and art pioneer and a great master monk Hongyi.

The TV series "the eight wonder of Yangzhou" was produced in 1998. It mainly tells the story of a painting artist from Yangzhou, such as a painter Zheng Banqiao, who went to Beijing to sell paintings, and he complained with Jin Minzhi, a royal painter of the Imperial Palace, and the Yangzhou Painting School of Qianlong day's rise, and the story of Yangzhou walking south.

The drama "Zhong Fu" was produced in 2011. Mainly narrated in the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo led the troops into the palace to seize the government. Under the panic, Zhong Fu rescued the Han Emperor, and the Han Emperor presented the story of Zhong Mao's maidservant. Zhong Ji's calligraphy attainments are respected by later generations and respected as "the founder of regular script".

The TV drama "girl on the road: our garden of Jia Zi" was produced in 2010. According to the adaptation of the TV program broadcast in Japan, the film tells the story of the youth of the book road performance, which is aimed at the high school students in the high school book Road Department and the Japanese high school students who love book road.


Original title: how far is calligraphy from film and television?

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0328

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