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Mathematical elements, also teamed up with Supreme, the artist is cool!

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Escher in modern art can be unparalleled for a time, one after another in the accident, he created some predecessors not involving ideas create habitat. Many scientists and mathematicians were inspired by his printmaking achievements, even produced a named "Escher" (Escherian) of the school.

Author: Wu Xingwen


A unique, modern Escher

BBC Broadcasting British Corporation art editor Will Campoz (Will Gompertz) recently read the "how this works so expensive? Understand modern art design, you need to know "(What are You Looking at? 150 Years of Modern Art of in the Blink of an Eye) a book, like into Impressionist painters meet cafe, or a banquet hosted by Picasso and other scenes, and some occasional dialogue details from the author's imagination, of modern art (roughly from 1860s to 1970s) and Contemporary Art (generally regarded as alive the artist works). The author believes that this year many production art indeed, but many -- eventually cannot afford the test of the times, but also, some little-known works will one day shine.

If this point of view, Escher (M. C. Escher, 1898-1972 years) who prints at the end of twentieth Century, the beginning of this century, and Krim and Schiller's paintings, is used in the stationery advanced; part of the combination of geometric graphic works of science and art, was printed graphic chart, for a collage painting or polyhedron. Once he was a popular version of the painter, I have put up posters he works through a friend gave her mother taught in the Department of mathematics, also love it. Escher in modern art can be unparalleled for a time, one after another in the accident, he created some predecessors not involving ideas create habitat. Many scientists and mathematicians were inspired by his printmaking achievements, even produced a named "Escher" (Escherian) of the school.

But never Escher if there is, I'm afraid their students only learn some techniques and woodcut lithograph. He inadvertently spread their ideas, because that for his continuous exploration will be an interference. His purpose is through his works, imagine the world convey. Although there is no "Escher school" (Escher School), but also has many art lovers to be inspired by his work, they all over the world. There is no doubt that this is because the creation of Escher shone a light on the spirit, his influence has gone beyond a frame or a set of prints.

He studied architecture, which not only enriched his knowledge of physics and mathematics, especially the geometric principle, but also establish his strict description skills. Although he works of science and technology factors, the mysterious and abstruse philosophical thoughts, that he is a modern artist, but he and most modernist artists, in his fantasy and philosophy are reflected through the exquisite realistic skills. This makes his art to contain profound popular character, not like some abstract expressionism that makes ordinary audience feel confused and apprehensive.

Two, try a variety of Printmaking Techniques

In June 17, 1898, Escher was born in Holland at rewa (Leeuwarder). Middle school in Arnhem, and in the F. W. van der Hagen under the guidance of the first class prints. Hagen teaches his rubber prints skills, help him to the development of printmaking. From 1919 to 1922, he in the school of architecture and decoration design Haren (Haarlem School for Architecture and Decorative Art) school, following Jesulu De, Mei (S. Jessurun de Mesquita as treasurer) Professor learning production skills of printmaking. As Professor Mei treasurer of strong personality, the day after the development of Escher Print Artist, has a great influence.

During this period of Escher review said: "in that period, board MEKI prints (woodcut, refers to the circle in the side striped wood chisel (Side-grained) - is usually pear engraved on the map). For artists, than it is now more popular, in addition to my teacher I inherited the loving side lines of wood, another reason for me to him for a long time still grateful, he taught me how to use this material."

He began to learn relatively easy to start the rubber version, until 1919 only in target board. But in 1916 he was met in 1913 at the school friend Kester (Bastiaan Kist group), the design of his life's first bookplate, with red and black and white Ma offset printing, 10.3 multiplied by 12.3 cm. Sit on the coffin skeleton. This Xierbuxue, like death tribute works to his classmates, two of them visible deep friendship. The next one family moved to Escher, Beck Auster (Oosterbeeck) of the villa of Luo Shande (Villa Rosande). Here the "seven oriented" in the living room, he became friends with a fixed meeting place, in addition to design a pelican for his bookplate, green hemp offset printing, 10.6 multiplied by 7.1 cm. For his friend thienen (Heleen van Thienen) design another: a pelican of exlibris.

In 1916 as a friend of his life's first design kaisite bookplate

1919 is the Escher into the army of life, not up to standard achievement test in the same year he wrote to a friend (Roosje Ingen Housz) al haouz said in a letter: "with economic consideration, I have to choose some small pieces of wood to make some form of woodcut bookplate." Thirty "Rose" with their total, in fact he is through these small pieces of wood, try a variety of themes of woodcut. So the determination of enthusiasm, Escher in a weekly (De Hlfstad) to accept the visit, proudly pointed out that this series of works in the Artibus Sacrum Society annual exhibition. But the real rose, in March of that year for Al haouz designed into a bookplate frame, plate mesh woodblock prints, 5.2 multiplied by 3.3 cm.

1919 al haouz bookplate design

1922 Escher moved to Italy, after two years in Rome, he said: "in Italy the first seven years, I only use this material. The wood is very suitable for large size grain side head, ring than the expensive wood (end-grained) with many. In my teenage years, a large number of carved rosewood wood cut, not less than three feet long, two feet wide area." Until 1929, the first time making lithograph; then in 1931, the first attempt to do wood engraving. He was in Rome for twelve years, a lot of times of travel, went to Abu, Maffei, Lu Arias o, Sicily and Calabria coast.

The Renaissance in Florence, pagan Greek left shade Empire, Rome is still reflected in the afterglow of the Adriatic, southern Italy and Rome dialect, a variety of customs, taste and tradition, not only its "historic" outstanding characteristics, but also its "local" more attractive, make the region "Customs", a permanent, Sui generis. Due to different cultural blend together once, art is a kind of instrument of change (means), from one form to another, creating the late Escher prints creation, surreal look unmatched in modernism.

Three, looking for a visual form

He left Italy in 1935, a two-year stay in Switzerland, and stay in Brussels for five years. In Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, he constantly self construction, but he also found the local land scenery and buildings, not better than him in southern Italy have seen like that P, so he refused to do the scene around the picture directly or realistic style. The main reason is to leave Italy, especially since 1938, is focused on draw personal thoughts, and finally settled in Holland in 1941 Barnes, until his death in March 27, 1972. Since his printmaking process can be divided into two distinct stages.

From 1922 to 1935, the various characteristics with print materials to explore the Escher, also gradually understand that every material has its limitations. Compare with him in 1938 after the creation of the specific thinking of engraving works, can be seen between the two almost have the differences far apart from each other. The former is he from a stack of sketch, because it suits him at the time of certain skills and general interest replication techniques, the print is not much difference; he is out of his skill, select a best expression that accounts for the strange ideas in his mind full.

The change, after a phase of Escher readme: "this process by looking for a visual form, to clearly express my personal thought as the beginning. Usually, I would find out, take a very long time. However, in the mind of original image, with the visual image is different, no matter how much effort, may not always lingered in the actual -- in fact, the fundamental "invisible" -- the image, very complete or perfect capture. After a long series of attempts, finally when I'm stuck -- I was finally able to my sweet dream, with still lacking, but detailed brushwork depict down. After painting, entered the second stage, that is to let the picture plate press. At this time, only the hands work, my spirit can relax and rest."

In 1937 years, the first half of Escher's works or with the scenery as the main orientation, influence of half a year after the start is significantly influenced by interest in mathematics. No matter from the performance of the theme or content, have greatly expanded the general image can carry a possible direction in the plane, printmaking, Escher into such as mirror, regular, spiral, mathematical elements, and construction and animal theme etc.. In terms of content in the early version of the picture, AI Xue Seoul will be divided into nine categories: its graphic rules segmentation, infinite space, three-dimensional ring and spiral, reflection, reversal, polyhedron, relativity, plane and space conflict, impossible buildings.

Four, together with the Supreme joint

Escher doesn't like isolation, but to spread his art prints, to allow more people to share the excitement and surprise when he wrote. For this reason, he never had limited editions of works. Once someone needs, he will deliver his lithograph printing; or personally hand extension of some new woodcut, printed copy. If the demand is numerous, need to use ordinary commercial printing production, he license. But after his death, the family will set up a management committee, leading to his works even a bookplate to hundreds of dollars. In February 9, 1980 Sotheby's in New York, an auction held for W. F. Veldhuysen of the Escher print work may, in which a new year card 106th and a bookplate in plate mesh woodcut, works in 1954, 7.2 multiplied by 5.8 cm; the price to $five hundred.

In May 5, 2017, the world famous brand Supreme street, and work together to create a joint management committee Escher series, the official release. The surreal Escher modernism combined with unique, perfect street art, including "second", a Moebius Strip - "relativity" and "three ball" - the first such pieces of classic masterpieces, with illustrations of the present in baseball windbreaker, shirts, hoodies, T-Shirts, shorts and a single cap goods on the ultra strong sense of reality, forming a huge visual impact. Over the years Supreme on the site are overcrowded, this time is no exception, and in the first time after starting to wear on the body. Usually in the streets of London stall, all of which are familiar to the tide brnas Walsh with the combination of Supreme, Nike Air More Uptempo black collocation, together with the masses in the field High.

Supreme in the autumn of 1994, was born in the United States of New York Manhattan, founded by James Jebbia. The meaning of Supreme is the highest, the supreme, is quite outstanding, matching and Escher surrealism art style. Supreme is the first combination of skateboarding, Hip-hop culture, and skateboard based American street clothing brand. Then, the influence of Supreme gradually pushes outward and by the British fashion organization GIMME5 into london. In Japan, the trend of human was the godfather of Teng Yuan Hao holding and successfully enter the Japanese market in Asia, since Supreme became impatient. As the tide household brand. From Nike, The North outdoor Face, Ralph Lauren, LV to the fashion brand, as well as the famous director David Lynch are cooperating with the Supreme. Robbie Williams in the name of the brand, to do a song.

The following three pieces of Escher's works, his own view of how to say:

"Moebius Strip - second"

"Second": Moebius Strip - plate mesh woodcut, made of three pieces of wood, completed in 1963, 45 multiplied by 20 cm. A no end of the annular belt, there are usually two different layers: a surface layer inner surface, a layer of outside. But in the cord, but there are nine ants, one by one, not only in the front crawl, also on the back crawl. Therefore, the ribbon is in fact only one surface.


"Relativity": lithograph, 1953 years, 28 times 29 cm. In this picture it, there are three different gravity plane, vertical line each other. The three plane cut at right angles, intersect with each other, and above all people live.

Let the world live different, walk, sit or stand on the same floor, is impossible, because they view for horizontal or vertical surface is not the same. However, we can share the same stairs. The above picture on the stairs, 2 people go in the same direction, side by side walk, but one downstairs, another is upstairs. There is absolutely no contact between them, because they live in a different world, so don't know each other's existence.

"Three - first"

"Three": the first ball - wood wood engraving, 1945, 28 multiplied by 17 cm. In the picture above, as far as possible to show a sense of space sphere. But in fact, it is not a ball, but a ball on a piece of paper on the projection, it can be cut into a disk. In the middle of the picture, is a painting like a paper disc in the round, but it was broken in two, one is vertical, the other one is horizontal, and the ball was parked half on the level. Below, there is another disk, but this time it did not fold in the distance method, it is like a round table surface.

Five, surreal bookplate

Escher in the self compiled "Escher illusion art" in the book, will be classified as "eight," a relative work, a commentary: "as long as we will top the camera lens inside one building or below, you can see that building draftsmen to express all straight lines, really just a very simple way to do it -- a perspective projection method and several parallel lines on it....... At the same time. Sometimes it...... on a horizontal surface, and zenith nadir." The "63. Another world - No. second "works," relativity "in Figure six is the earliest conception. The picture through a cube of the building, from the five openings on the wall, you can see the three point to show different landscape. This work was completed in 1947, wood wood engraving, made of three pieces of wood, 31.5 multiplied by 26 cm.

"Another world" - No. second

But Escher in 1946 6 years, began in the application of Exlibris creation. This is a collection of votes, wood wood engraving, 8 multiplied by 6 cm. Description from the window to the sea level. There is an open book and a vase on the windowsill, extending out on the windowsill of churches and houses, and more distant sea level together. Disappeared in the sea islands and ships, is presented in the open page, quite surreal flavor. Like the Belgian painter Margaret, often to the field and frame the landscape mixed together, make it difficult to distinguish what is true of the township, or window scenery.

In June 1946 the level of bookplate vanishing point

In Magritte's works, paintings of the unity is achieved mainly by the easel painting, while Escher will make the window surface and the structure of the street line, to achieve this unity. For first, any logic, any contact with reality are accidental; and to Escher, is to deliberately pursue. The Surrealists created some elusive puzzles; these puzzles will inevitably also left the audience wondering. On Escher, the most important thing is not the puzzle itself. He wants us to appreciate the mystery, but also hope that we can enjoy puzzle.

1946 Holland book club Escher design, used as a greeting card.

I have to pay several thousand yuan, bought a Escher in November 1946, in Hague for the first time, consciously put the zenith, made a small woodcut works for the Holland bookplate club, not only can be used as a greeting card, but also a fine bookplate, wood wood engraving, 11.8 multiplied by 10.1 cm. This picture shows a man is climbing out of a deep wells, delivered from oppression. The following engraved the words "we will come out", alluding to the two world war situation riddled with a thousand wounds. I love the most is a month, 3 2008 will be on sale, good shot away. Although there is still a little distressed, is also a kind of share!


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