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Beijing Fengtai new homes courtyard garbage cleared the residents can finally open the window ventilation

2018-08-22 10:30 beijing evening news TF012

Garbage, smell filled the air, this scene had previously appeared in Fengtai District's new home. Summer, but can not open the window ventilation, so just before the building courtyard piled debris and save the waste of high-altitude parabolic. This section of this report, Fengtai street urban management unit, urban management department, community office and other relevant departments came to the scene, a deep understanding of the courtyard of garbage piled up matters.

Clean up before the courtyard of the garbage piles

After the scene verification, law enforcement officers found 1 new homes, building 2 tower structure, build a central courtyard, the property department store cleaning tools and other items here, while residents of high-altitude scattered confetti and other debris, will indeed have an impact on the residential environment and the lives of the residents.

In this regard, the streets have made the corresponding solutions. On the one hand, the Housing Authority property division and urban management unit of emerging company property home issued a rectification notice, and ordered to immediately carry out a comprehensive reform; on the other hand, new homes and community workers to assist property cleaning staff, residents reflect on the problems of rectification, the current residential 1, 2, 3 building courtyard exposed garbage disposed of all. At the same time, supervise the property to carry out a comprehensive street building and hospital environmental clean-up, exposed garbage in hospital rest was also cleared overnight.

In the District, the reporter saw the accumulation of garbage has been cleared after lower household environment is improved a lot. After the windows have been opened to residents in succession, ventilation. Building tenants told reporters, "now the corridor windows can be opened, and the formation of bright layout, stay at home in summer also feel more comfortable, hope the building clean environment can continue."

For the new homes exposed the problem, the next street will be from 3 aspects, to solve environmental problems: one is from the community level, the community to further strengthen the requirements of grid chip package personnel responsibility, strengthen the inspection found problems, timely coordinate the strength, poor coordination and reporting; further strengthen community the propaganda, improve the quality of residents, stop building high-altitude parabolic and other bad behavior; the second is from the street level, to carry out clean-up and remediation actions within the scope of the whole area, a comprehensive investigation does not stay dead; and the third is to strengthen the District Housing Authority and other departments of communication, linked up and down, to strengthen the supervision and do not perform their duties on property the punishment.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu: text and photo

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