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Study on missile technology also wrote historical novels Ling Li take you away by boat

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In our daily life, we have no more overlooked than consciously happy.

Author: Yuan Min

Have Lili

Ling Li: the name was Lili, Han nationality, born in 1942 in Yanan, Jiangxi Province, in 1965 graduated from the Xi'an Military College of telecommunication engineering. Fellow title. Engaged in the work of missile engineering twelve years later, in 1978 transferred to Renmin University of China Institute of history of Qing Dynasty, historical research and literature creation since the beginning.

The main works: historical novel "young emperor" won the third Mao Dun prize for literature; "young Kangxi" - daily call to religious life won the 1995 National Book Award, the city of Beijing to celebrate the 45th Anniversary essay prizes; "west side off River" won the second Beijing literature and Art Award; the first prize and Yao Xueyin's history of Lao She novel award. Other works of "star grass", "as", "north wind", there are about 3000000 words "Ling Li anthology". In July 18, 2018, died of illness in Beijing, at the age of 76.

The young emperor stereo cover

Ling Li anthology.

In our daily life, we have no more overlooked than consciously happy.

In July 18, 2017, when I was in the WeChat circle of friends at the news of the tragic death of Ling Li, uncomfortable for a long time, suddenly jumped out of this sentence, and linger for a long time, lingering.

I believe that this sentence is gone before the wind Ling Li asked me.

Yiyewumian. On 80s of the past century, like the tide scenes coming.


Acquaintance and Ling Li, another female writer Han Aili from Beijing, it is an old Peking University Graduate precieuses, I read her novels "Oblivion" and "Pastoral Symphony" in the harvest magazine, then remember the name, she is also my arrival in Beijing, the first to make friends in the huge the capital of the.

It was 1982, the first time I went to Beijing, to Chinese Writers Literature Institute (now Lu Xun College) school. When I was in the "harvest" magazine published his first novella "sky cloud floated", did not think that autumn is the story I read, suddenly received the harvest magazine and Sichuan people's publishing house jointly attended the invitation, they organized the Emei Mountain pen.

Several participants then commissioned the pen "literary newspaper" commented director Wu Taichang in Beijing to set ticket. There were no identity cards, Wu Taichang opened the proof from the newspaper, Feng Jicai, Han Aili and I booked a ticket. Flight time is half past six in the morning, but the confused Mr. Wu Taichang notice we are most probably it did not actually happen at half past six. I was writing a novel life reflects the ballet "white swan", is the Central Ballet experience of life, because I notice the ticket time is second days at half past six in the evening, so I was determined to stay the night in the Central Ballet troupe. When traveling Mr. Han Aili Zhou Xiaobang to check the tickets, the departure time is found in the early morning of the second day, the time is at nine o'clock.

I just know later, suddenly in advance ticket time, let everyone very nervous. That night, the news from Tianjin rushed to the Feng and Han Aili are concentrated in the house of Wu Taichang, because his home is near the airport. They can not contact me, had to call a face to say this to me. The school said that Yuan Min did not return to school at night. Han Aili said, this girl enough wild, crazy night out not to go back to school, it looks like a play of the main.

Then how to sign the ticket or re booking, and how to fly to Chengdu and then rushed to the Emei Mountain, the details I do not remember, just remember, to the mountains, a comb a little Hanging noodles head, a woman wearing a red corduroy shirt zipper water came up to me when the chest punch, said Goodfellas! I think this is my pen seat, did not expect to a bottom than me, a little girl, the whole movement is quite large, made us all over the world to find you, you neck.

I had a little pull came into the literary world, in so many big writers gathered in the pen, and to the very late in disorderly fashion, fear, "by Han Aili, the last one is the last", but the heart relax. I would love on the older many of my elder sister, half a month to pen down, stay together morning and night become no words, we talk about a good friend. I know at the beginning of Beijing school, no friends, especially a southern girl, not accustomed to eating in the school of military bun and maize paste, he said, after every weekend to come to my house for dinner, let my family to help you do Xiao Babao sweet and sour fillet of pork and duck. I also give you a couple of friends, are cooking master to do the dishes, I let you flow the saliva.

A cooking master Han Aili introduced the first big, was really frightened me. Who lived in Puhuangyu gourmet Mr. Wang Zengqi, the other is a recently published research history of the Qing Dynasty historical novel "star grass" Ling force. Two are my favourite authors, Wang Lao would not have said, his novel and elegant prose, I love to the bones; and Ling Li's "star grass" before I read soon, grand and magnificent generous tragic, I thought it was a male writer. When Han Aili told me that Ling Li is a woman, I immediately worship was not, and could not wait to want to know Ling Li, see the heroine face.

Back from Emei Mountain, Han Aili took me to the house of Mr. Wang Zengqi. Han Aili is a familiar old Wang head, like in a neighborhood called uncle. I first walked into the room, quite politely called "old father Wang", so he repeated humorous ridicule talk down, I will forget the present is the famous Mr. Wang Zengqi, the nerve completely relaxed, soon would have followed Han Aili a "Lao Wang head" called open. Later I admire, not old Wang head cook is superb, but he can miaoshouhuichun, turn bad into good. Remember that Han Aili accompany me to visit Wang Laoshi, time nearly noon, Wang an old. I think there is no advance to say hello, I haven't been ready, right. Han Aili and Lao Wang head apparently casually, don't hesitate to ask the old man shouted, there is no innovative dishes? The old lady's head Wang Shi sister temperament like orchid, others are very homely, see I am a new head of house, is too cautious, he smiled and comforted me, out of the way home, what is what to eat, Xiao Han on our home Dayaji is not one of the two back to back, we like a family. Sample.

Innovative dishes old Wang head that is quite distinctive, up to now will breath. A breakfast dish is left Deep-Fried Dough Sticks produced: Deep-Fried Dough Sticks will cut into inch sections, minced meat, dried small shrimps, put a lot of sesame stuffing, stir until sticky, then add chopped letinous edodes, water chestnuts, onion, slightly stirring, and then into the Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, two with egg, with hot frying oil. Lao Wang said the head of this dish is "Deep-Fried Dough Sticks skillet, crisp and tender, chewing a mouth, crisp; sip a smooth, filling juice overflowing, water chestnut crisp, letinous edodes noodle, delicious exception. Another dish is drawn from the breakfast leftovers, petals flow butter Gaoyou Salted Duck Egg, a small black melon. Lao Wang will head Salted Duck Egg and jianggua duosui, took out a piece of tofu from the refrigerator, cut into Ding, and then from the pan fry tofu, fried water dry, with a spatula and then crushed tofu, stir fry for a while, then add chopped Salted Duck Egg and jianggua, black, white, yellow color is the old Wang head good to hear or see, then add a handful of green onion, sprinkle broken jade jade plate astigmatism. This dish is the color, smell and taste, how a "good" word.

From the old boss Wang, the tongue also finish, I can't wait to Han Aili about when to go home to visit Ling Li, Han Aili mankoudaying.

Since then I have nothing, eagerly waiting for the meeting and Ling li.

Unexpectedly, the autumn and the winter, until the second year spring, and Ling Li's date is always off time. I think, maybe people are busy with the new creation, perhaps she did not want to see a stranger. No matter what the reason, the time is long, I also want to see the light Ling Li, the taste of her cooking mind.


In the cool autumn season, the fall of Beijing.

That day, I and workshops by the students wondering where to go on Sunday, Han Aili suddenly received a phone call, said Sunday to take me to a place, told me the best to wear a pair of walking shoes, not feet.

I asked Han Aili where to go, she did not answer, but mysteriously said to You'll see..

Remember that time is to go by train, is that the old green train, the seat is a wood. The train speed is very slow, the wheel a bang bang sound. The train for nearly two hours, in a place called the "fifty-five km" station stop.

Under the train, surrounded by mountains, are at the foot of the rocks.

I asked insurprise Han Aili, what is this place?

Han Aili said, you are not to see Ling Li? Ling Li's home in front of the mountains.

I was more surprised, and asked: you said that her home in 81 film studio inside it, how it went to the mountains?

Han Aili told me that Mr. Ling force is a fishing fan, every weekend, they will be in Beijing around two couples around, children will encounter picturesque scenery to walk the road, I would stay for one or two days, enough to return to Beijing. For a long time, Ling Li always feel with the guerrilla like, don't want to go to a place, also everywhere find place, annoying, wondering can buy a small farm house in the country, from Beijing city noisy noisy, create a quiet home.

Located in the northeast of Mentougou Zhaitang town mountain district of Beijing city in the Xiangyang Village, is Ling Li and her husband found in the fishing. Xiangyang is an ancient village, natural history of the Ming Dynasty, Han Cai, composed of two families, the name of the industrial port, and later because of the village with the wind, times of apricot, Apricot Leaves Montreal, called Apricot Leaf mouth. After 1949, it was renamed xiangyang.

Ling Lihua more than 10000 dollars, bought a small farm house in the village of farmers abandoned, surface water, small mountain view, let the love Ling Li, is a small courtyard around the hillsides with chestnut tree. Spring, the chestnut tree flowering season, a piece of white all over the mountains and plains in the air, floating light chestnut flowers; in autumn, the chestnut tree will bear the green bristle ball, you can look at a tree full of hair ball a little yellow, then slowly turn dark brown, then you can take a long bamboo pole and knock the chestnut tree, the bristle ball roll over, you just wait inside stripping golden chestnut eat!

Han Aili told me that for a long time, Ling Li and her husband has been in Xiangyang village renovation decoration of the new home, so has been not contact, then contact, because the person is not in Beijing, Ling Li said, the new home decoration is good, take you to Xiangyang!

I see! I am very excited, feel like going into a the Peach Garden like.

We walked a gravel road, is a river stopped. Is there a boat on the river, the villagers in the passenger ship, the price is very cheap, you can spend 20 Fen to go by ship to Xiangyang village.

Han Aili and I sat on the boat, the boat slowly open to the village green.

This river is a branch of Pearl Lake, Pearl Lake is formed earlier built Zhuwo reservoir lakes, may feel "Pearl nest" the name did not sound right, and perhaps have a large number of year after year, Lake mussels, and each one is hiding in the clam pearls, then people will take "Pearl River Reservoir" called "Pearl Lake Reservoir", this piece is called "Pearl Lake lake".

To Xiangyang this Pearl Lake extending out of the river, the water clear, we sit in the boat, even can see the fish on the back of the pattern in the water. On both sides of the river steep mountains, ridges and peaks on both sides with long cliff green moss, cliff crevices emerge one or two flower not by name, but the fresh flowers. The head of the blue sky, white clouds, on both sides of the mountains, trees, reflected in the clear water, like a natural landscape murals.

Ling Lizhen will pick a place, this is beautiful! The air is good, hiding here certainly inspired writing! I'm not a great feeling.

Han Aili said that she and Mr. Zhou Xiaobang also love here, Ling Li has given them also phase a farmhouse, although the house is very dilapidated, but the reel right and left, a hundred meters of the yard is his special love. She has little help and view a few times, 12000 1629, than when Ling Li has bought up a bit, but still in the range that they can afford, so they have paid half the other half after 1629, 1629 paid estimates for various decoration and living supplies, have spend a couple of thousand.

Han Aili and I said, the ship has arrived at the entrance to the village. Mr. Ling and her force waiting at the entrance to the village we saw, a ship approaching, desperately waving to us.

No two Ling Li and I thought the North woman, warm and hearty, a meeting like old acquaintances, without the slightest sense of strangeness.

Ling Li farmhouse has been refurbished, although just a simple thing, but two rooms, spacious and bright, especially like the Northeast farmers a shop kang, Kang small Kang table stood on the thick flower bowl of jujube, chestnuts, boiled beans, with a mountain of breath, all I love the.

What to eat lunch that day, I most have forgotten, only a plate of leek chili mussel in my mind. Because of a large end up enough to eat, Ling Li added a dish of fried. Pearl Lake, mussel, and fleshy; leek is Ling Li for their own small courtyard, fresh green, cut off with the night before the dew, and thinly sliced red peppers, red yellow and green dazzling a disc, I ate gobble down.

Han Aili soon paid half of the remaining 1629, and her husband together with amazing speed will be a new decoration courtyard. Ling Li and Han Aili two small courtyard is located in the hillside, but separated by a dozen meters, you can see my curl smoke, I could hear you call the magpie.

They are in their own yard in a Chinese toon tree, leek, onion, some still feel unsatisfied, and common in the small courtyard behind the mountain ridge cultivate a small plot, various kinds of vegetables, cucumber, eggplant, beans and tomatoes. They seem to be more resistant to chicken duck, probably because women love to clean, and duck droppings and dirty shit, not in a good clean up? However, they often buy native egg and wild duck's egg to farmers from the village, every time I go to play, they will use the yard now pick toon scrambled egg with leek, to entertain my wild duck's egg vermicelli with stuffing box.

Remember the last half of the study in the workshop, I yearn for the weekend is to sit on the train to Mentougou, fifty-five kilometers of Xiangyang, where the idyllic life simple and beautiful, full of sunshine; Ling Li and Han Aili farmhouse, warm, happy, very beautiful.

Later, Ling Li he bought a tin boat, the boat she painted blue, filled with youthful atmosphere. A boat can sit four or five people, we often travel by ship, the ship's small bamboo basket we have dug earthworm in advance, it is fishing bait; there are three or four meters long with shrimp cage nylon weave, used to stick in the shrimp shrimp, we will put the cage Steamed Rice group and meat bones, then in the depths of the river under the shrimp cage, we often in the night under the shrimp cage, the morning of the second day to catch shrimp alive and kicking in the morning twilight, transparent.

A net cage shrimp caught more than five or six pounds of shrimp, at least two or three pounds. Ling Li will command we will separate the size of a bowl of shrimp, she will do brine shrimp, shrimp; small dried shrimp shrimp, she will do the tomato soup. Sweet shrimp, fresh shrimp soup, Ling Li do these are easily. I realized that, said Han Aili Ling Li cooking skill, absolutely not blow.

Now in retrospect, I and Ling Li, Han Aili two female writers in Mentougou Xiangyang Village of HappyTime, huangruogeshi. I often feel unbelievable, Ling Li and Han Aili is a female writer full of wit, but they do not seem to make writing too seriously, they love life to his work.

And I love simply like the old Wang head of water, I also love their work, more love their people, and they together, each other seems to never talk about creation, they never said their own works, the memory of the topic, all is the life of the fuel oil and salt, live small household affairs. And they together, relaxed and happy, not anxious and uneasy, open heart, brain no burden, just feel good quiet time.

Unfortunately, it avoid excellence, the early years of Han Aili in a hurry to go, now, Ling Li suddenly Frence leave. These years, my work has mobilized, always on the move, busy, tired. Although the heart often miss Xiangyang days, always feel that life seems to have been out of reach. After Han Aili left, also think back to Beijing to see Ling Li, but the final total for the same reasons there is no practice, knowing that The coming days would be long.

Yet when he saw the news of the death of Ling Li, from the Internet to realize overcome by feeling of sorrow and contrition: what things are not! Lost, everything is too late! Even a few nights, dreamed of Xiangyang, dream of the Blue Pearl Lake boat, Ling Li dreamed of sitting in the bow and said to me: girl, don't ignore the consciousness of happiness!

I woke up and thought: that a boat could take me away, but I do not know what the ship was lost when.

I want to find the boat, take me away!


(original title: the ship take me away)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0328

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