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Beijing Haidian Huaqingjiayuan sidewalk on the north side parking for road one in three people how to go?

2018-08-21 14:00 beijing evening news TF2018

In Haidian District on both sides of the sidewalk and lotus Fu Lu Qing Road intersection to the west, every night can always see at least a row more than two or three columns of non motor vehicles. Sometimes, there will be a lot of car into a non motor vehicle lane. Since the intersection near the suburban railway station in Wudaokou, and there are more hotels and office buildings near the large flow of people, often crowded sidewalks, pedestrians to walk the non motorized road.

Time: August 17, 2018 20

Location: No. 2 North Haidian District Huaqingjiayuan

In the 2 building on the north side of Huaqingjiayuan is into southwest intersection RD and lotus road corner, two rows of white railings are separate sidewalks, non motorized vehicles and motor vehicles, non motorized vehicles are about one meter wide, about two meters wide sidewalks. When reporters came here, in the white railings on both sides of segregated pedestrian and non motorized vehicles stopped sharing the bicycle, a bicycle and electric vehicle. The car on the sidewalk are placed horizontally, and out of order, accounting for about 1/3 of the width of the road. The time when the evening peak has been the most congested road, but still a lot to pedestrians, walk by twos and threes in the occupied the sidewalk is crowded. Some pedestrians worry just came to the non motorized vehicles on the side of the lead, non motorized vehicles mixed. In the northwest corner of the intersection, the sidewalk bike sharing put two rows, at first glance, it saw the car, no way.

"We all know that here in Wudaokou a large flow of people, especially in the morning and evening peak. But the old so occupied sidewalks, non motorized road is not good, people have to cut car walking, more blocked does not say, but also easy to be hit by a car." A passing man said, the northwest corner of the intersection from time to time to see someone in the code there car, "is like someone to help maintain order, but on both sides of the road traffic environment is still not very good, hope to have more improvement."

Comment: electric bicycle, bicycle parked roadside, sharing has been a problem, especially in high traffic areas, the relevant departments should adjust measures to local conditions, combined with the actual situation of territoriality, make more rational and effective coping.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Yi

Editor: TF2018

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