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Taiwan high school history textbook again big face, so as to pro Japan gradually independence in the next generation of brainwashing

2018-08-18 11:53 beijing evening news TF000

This week, the Taiwan education department through the new high school history class. On the basis of the teaching outline, the history of Taiwan and Taiwan speak only of course in senior high school history, East Asian history, world history, Taiwan high school has been set up since 1945 after the surrender of Japan Chinese history disappeared, Chinese history and the history of Japan and South Korea tied to the history of East Asian history. This means that if you accept this kind of education, the children of Taiwan and Taiwan is only history of their history, and China history is "East Asian History", is the history of the neighboring countries, has nothing to do with. The historical setting of history teaching will, the DPP authorities "to" step to China another step, they should start from the campus education completely brainwashed Taiwan next generation, let them recognize "Chinese" as "foreign".

The implementation of the "go Chinese history gradually"

After Jiang Jingguo's death, Li Denghui ruled Taiwan, began on the campus of a course on the history of hands and feet, first in the junior high school to join the "Taiwan" textbooks, this book has become "the starting point to Chinese history, the history of Taiwan is divided into" prehistoric era "," international competition period "," Zheng Taiwan period "," Qing Dynasty era "," the Japanese colonial period and the KMT retreated to Taiwan. This historical division, Portugal, Spain, will Zheng Chenggong, Qing Dynasty, Japan, Chiang Kai Shek and his son classified as the same properties, are "foreign power", "Taiwan is a misleading impression Chinese aggression".

But during the period of Li Denghui "China" consciousness is still the mainstream of Taiwan, he can only carry contraband, laissez faire scholars advocating "Taiwan independence" of historical materialism, which is Du Zhengsheng's theory of "concentric circles", this theory regards Taiwan as an isolated point of contact, and no change, advocating Chinese perspective, from Taiwan starting from the inside, from near and far to understand the history, understand the world. On the basis of this theory, the campus education began to pull away Chinese content, taking Taiwan local content for political correctness. Du Zhengsheng himself once said: "in reality, we can do to reduce some Chinese ingredients, add some ingredients in Taiwan," Taiwan "is the understanding of curriculum specific show, subject to Taiwan Chinese further turn body, there is a great distance."

After Li Denghui matting, after Chen Shuibian took office in 2000 to accelerate the teaching of history "to China" pace, 2003 "the new high school history curriculum compendium draft" will be in mid Ming Dynasty the Chinese history into world history in 2006, separated from Chinese in the history of the history of Taiwan, a high school student in Taiwan for the first time with the history of Taiwan "Taiwan high school history textbook, from the formation of the history of Taiwan, Chinese history and world history pattern has not changed.

Taiwan history textbook "to" Pro Japan

Taiwan history textbook continued Li Denghui's "Taiwan" understanding of the historical division, divided into "early Taiwan", "Qing long reign", "Japanese rule", "contemporary Taiwan and the world" four part "to" Pro Japanese tone, in the blood and culture that Taiwan and South Island (South Pacific Island) origin; Zheng Chenggong recovered Taiwan called "win in Taiwan", this period of history known as the "Dutch, West and the Zheng regime", Zheng Chenggong will have an ulterior motive and colonists in parallel; the development of Taiwan will be under the Qing Dynasty called "Han culture to the Taiwan transplant", emphasize "revolt" and at the time of the Han and Aboriginal conflicts, ignoring the development achievements at that time.

For the Japanese colonial rule for 50 years with 1/4 of the length of intensive landscaping, this text introduction this chapter: on Taiwanese, Taiwanese Japanese colonial rule for fifty years, in various social, political, economic or cultural level, access to an unprecedented new experience, that is "the experience of modernization"...... When the people of Taiwan began to experience a modern civilization "space" at the same time, the society of people is also increased. Because of the modernization of successively and the degree is different, the people of Taiwan and their cousin China gradually, whether living habits or behavior patterns, there are differences in the cognition of modern culture...... No mention of Japanese atrocities in Taiwan, plundering and discrimination of atrocities, ignoring the Taiwan people against the Japanese colonial history.

In addition to the textbook "face", Chen Shuibian's education department also issued a "word check" textbook, the "Regulations on the China geographical, historical Dynasty, specific person to fill the", such as "Shanxi province" to "Shanxi province" Chinese, "the Warring States era" to "spring and autumn China time", "the great poet Li Bai" to "China the great poet Li Bai"; "provisions in China" was renamed "Chinese"; shall use the "ancient" and "ancestors", "ancient", the ancient and the alleged Chinese; rules can not use "Chinese painting", "classical poetry" in reference "China unique painting, drama and poetry"; and even disable "at all times and in all countries".

This sort of Wenziyu like "check", make the textbook become Taiwan's "Taiwan independence" materials, make Taiwan children "do not know Han, regardless of wei".

Forcing the next generation about the fictional Taiwan

Taiwan history textbook a face, also a way to be condemned and criticized. When Li Denghui introduced the "Taiwan", Taiwan's famous poet Paiwanese Mona can say: "Taiwan must know the real Taiwan, not forcing the next generation about the fictional Taiwan". At that time, the Taiwan scholar Wang Xiaobo, Wang Zhongfu refuted "sentence understanding of Taiwan", and published the "Taiwan textbook reference". Taiwan writer Chen Yingzhen pointed out: "the mainstream political ideology intervention a lot of ethnic separatist propaganda and new colonial view, the history textbooks full of deception and error", he denounced the textbook of "Taiwan cultural pluralism" and "Ming Zheng barony theory" and "active Japanese colonial theory" is a fallacy.

By the time of Chen Shuibian, the syllabus revision every time with fierce criticism and protest. 2003 years of history class the history of Taiwan split from Chinese history, by the historical scholars and then the "Legislative Yuan" Hong Xiuzhu, Li Qinghua and Li Qingan a slap in the face, Class Committee convener Zhang Yuan unbearable pressure to resign.

In 2006, the history of Taiwan's class separately while introduction of the history of Taiwan scholar Lu Yaodong published a letter criticizing his disciples, in history teaching outline revised Zhou Liangkai, Huang Qingyuan, Lu Tung wrote in the letter: you follow sb's wishes, will cut rouchangcunduan history behind closed doors, and then together to explain the New World Declaration of history has been formed, this is not some sloppy? So, more than half a year before the high school history curriculum at the beginning of the problem, I think this is a farce......

"The Chinese dignified and imposing" was the mainstream

"When we are broadcasting aircraft flying over the Yangtze River, my tears streaming down, this is my dad has always been there in my primary school textbooks, I sing the songs in the Yangtze River, I thought I would never see this." This is a Taiwan friend told him in 1990 to the mainland for the first time when the feeling at the time that Taiwan friends to inflame, later understanding of the campus education during the rule of the father and son Jiang Jieshi of Taiwan, who was born in Taiwan to understand the friend's feelings from the heart of the Yangtze river.

Now some of Taiwan rural campus still retains this slogan: "when alive poured a good student and a proud Chinese people" , this slogan was engraved in Taiwan each school campus, and students in the job. As the mainland students known as "Study hard, every day", "be a dignified and imposing the Chinese" is the Taiwan child most familiar words. Kominka education in Taiwan has been implemented for 50 years, at the time of the Kuomintang authorities to fully implement the Chinese culture to offset the impact of Japanese colonial education, 1948 Taiwan high school history class teaching goal is clear: the Chinese nation within the clan origin, mixed and mutual influence of interdependence; understand China's ancient political, economic, social and cultural changes, with particular emphasis on the history of modern social life to stimulate the spirit of love, responsibility of the nation and the country love everbright...... The growth in history education under this Taiwanese, even if do not agree, the political system, but his identity is Chinese, love of Chinese culture, "China" is the "natural Chinese".

Perhaps because of this, the "Taiwan independence" as the history education such as enemies, in the past 30 years, constantly altered history textbooks, shaping the "China intention" is "Taiwan", "China" is a "foreign" identity. But Taiwan has the sensible person, recently on the "East Asian History" criticism, some scholars pointed out: "to Chinese history" the results would not be expected to "Taiwan independence", because of Taiwan's young people will realize that rely on "to the culture and history of Chinese", they will lose their cultural heritage. Lost competitiveness in the future.


Source: Beijing evening news Taiwan correspondent sparklets

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