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Beijing botanical garden flowers of chrysanthemum flower into the ornamental period of millions of competing open

2018-08-16 14:03 beijing evening news TF011

Beijing evening news Beijing Botanical Garden Science Museum on the west side of the cosmos sulphureus has now entered the viewing period, 7000 square meters of exhibition area ten thousand flowers in full bloom, will be here with an ocean of flowers.

According to reports, Kikuko Akie is an annual herb chrysanthemum flowers, flower color from light yellow to dark yellow and orange. With flowers on, although there is no rose, tulip flowers of chrysanthemum like that of mouthwatering, but passionate, amiable and easy of approach reveal a kind of unique, wild beauty. People walk through flowers, as if into the path of the mountain, into the embrace of nature. In addition, in addition to bring people sensory and psychological pleasure, but also improve the soil environment in flowers of chrysanthemum exhibit great application potential research has indicated that: the cosmos sulphureus is a cadmium enrichment plant, and the repairing ability, can effectively repair the cadmium contaminated soil.

Unlike previous years, this year the Beijing botanical garden planting dwarf varieties are flowers of chrysanthemum, the average height of the waist to adults only. This height, not only to avoid the rain caused by lodging conditions, also more convenient for visitors to take photographs.

See the chrysanthemum flowers viewing area, many tourists also feel very familiar, here is not the spring full of tulips? It is reported that this area belongs to the Beijing botanical garden flower display area, in order to improve the utilization rate of exhibition, different varieties of flowers in Beijing botanical garden in spring, summer and autumn respectively in this area show.

Compared with spring flowering plant species, less in summer. In order to enable people to enjoy more flowers in the summer, the Beijing botanical garden in recent years to strengthen the construction of the park and plant configuration, the viewing area of Hibiscus, crape myrtle, Hosta, summer flowering plants of Victoria amazonica are established. This year 4 month is in magnolia garden and Wisteria garden scenic spots such as newly planted a number of rich colors, beautiful flower lilies were more than 60 basin, at a time when the viewing period.

In addition, the beauty of flowers accompanied at the same time, the Beijing botanical garden also will be held in the near future the butterfly observation, observation of insect rich science activities, with people's perception of life, from the point of view of the love of nature, to celebrate the summer. Beijing botanical garden public micro channel number, you can always see the latest registration information to participate in activities.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zuo Yingwen figure

Editor: TF011

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