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Beijing Fang Jia Yuan Hu Tong and Fuwai Street Building 7 patchboard open flying line charging problem

2018-08-16 12:02 beijing evening news TF012

"This week we listen to" sustained attention day and night in the column fly line charging problem, many non emergency city services call center telephone 12345 people to worry about, summer is hot and humid, fly line charging short-circuit hidden leakage, very large. In an interview with reporters found that these problems more prominent in the old district.

Fang Jia Yuan Hu Tong 8 downstairs flying line charging of electric vehicles

Location: 1 Fang Jia Yuan Hu Tong

The rainy day is still open on patchboard

Dongcheng District Fang Jia Yuan Hu Tong Building 6 and building 8, two floor overlooking is L connected together, reporters on the scene, really a lot of fly line charging case. 4 units of the side of the door, out of a long thread. The two fly line thrown out from the household window, is the electric vehicle power supply directly to the downstairs. The other two thick lines thrown out, is two strip, in the absence of any security situation, open chaxianban placed at random, this is most worried about the surrounding residents. The weather is still hot flashes, rain moisture not completely cleared, air conditioning water upstairs is not regularly exposed spotting, wire, strip, feels is wet, even a bit sticky.

Resident Mr. Wang said, the old buildings in the fly line charging problems for a long time, street management has never been interrupted, the building will also posted a lot of publicity, to tell you the risk of improper charging of electric vehicles, but the fly line charging problem is still very difficult to eradicate. In this season, moisture so heavy, chaxianban imagine charging plug into such a wet, in case of short-circuit and leakage problems, too dangerous. "Sometimes a sudden rain, thrown out of the line are not to go back, after charging, with a cloth to wipe with, in case of electric shock, more dangerous!"

The reporters found that Fang Jia Yuan Hu Tong surrounding similar old residential buildings are more common fly line charging condition. In the bamboo pole alley No. 8, fly line charging condition also has several, one family thrown out from the window of the thread inserted into the downstairs of the green belt, do not look carefully to find. The line pulled out of the wet plants, the rubber head almost all wet.

Location: 2 Fuchengmen

4 electric cars share a patchboard

Fuchengmen building 7

Home Zhang Fucheng street outside the 7 floor of the four story building has found that a household will a chaxianban directly down to the downstairs, there are 4 electric cars in the charging every night.

Mr. Zhang said, every day he came home last month at night, can see the 4 electric car charging in the downstairs, a charge that night. Wait until the second day morning, Mr. Zhang went out to look, only 4 buildings from the outside of the window down a patchboard. Mr. Zhang saw this scene shocked, "4 electric cars are in charge here too dangerous, can not say together if this charge, a car with the electric car, along with the rest of the affirmation." No. 7 live mostly elderly, Mr. Zhang worried that if the accident, old people must not escape.

Yesterday, the reporters came to the Fuchengmen building 7, I saw a third row chaxianban hang down from the fourth floor, with a plastic bag, the socket is open. After the visit, reporters learned that the owners of the four floor is not here to live, the house has been rented out.

Nearby residents said, every night, electric cars here in charge, but also different from the common small electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging volume here are relatively large, but also share a patchboard. We have reported the case to the community committees, although the situation had improved, but recently looked up trend.

Reporters noted that the strip is the top of the air conditioner outdoor unit two households, down from the air conditioning water here will directly fall on the strip, increasing the risk of short circuit, which is also a safety hazard.

From the Fuchengmen No. 7 Road, building No. 11 on the west side of a tricycle courier is charging, and the strip is stretched out a layer of households in the window. Reporters noted that a layer of extended chaxianban just on the flower beds outside the building. In addition the reporters found that the building on the west side there are still a lot of wires from upstairs down to the downstairs on the ground, some even close to the water head. In the 23 building on the north side of Fuwai South barracks, a strip from the three layer directly down to the electric car parked downstairs charging......


So to solve the fly line charging

The old district, fly line charging is an old problem. There is no elevator with narrow corridor, heavy vehicles not only in the downstairs upstairs, charging. However, such as wet environment and exposed to the weather let this "move", a bit more security risks.

During the interview, residents told reporters that the neighborhood discouraged fly line charging residents, but no. Indeed, the phenomenon is not to stare with human. It should do more publicity, strengthen supervision, signed by residents of the Convention, monitoring evidence, see fly line charging fines. Such efforts will be greater, the effect is better. Zhangqunchen


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jing Yiming Zhang Qunchen text and photo

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