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Malaysia's new prime minister to visit China before the tough stance to cancel the Chinese funded projects play what abacus?

2018-08-15 19:23 Beijing daily new media TF008

At the invitation of Premier Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir on 8 Feb 17 to 21 days of Chinese official visit.

Mahathir was sworn in as Prime Minister of the new government in Malaysia Xinhua data figure

Puzzling is that the visit to China soon, the new prime minister has said in an interview, he will cancel the former Chinese funded projects signed a total value of $22 billion. For this decision, the 93 year old Mahathir bluntly regret, he also laughed his age has been high, are not afraid of being accused of history: "when I'm dead, doesn't matter."

The new government took office three fire. Unexpectedly, the first fire Malaysia's new prime minister, was halted in Malaysia cooperation project.

As everyone knows, Malaysia is the first response China "The Belt and Road" initiative of the country, was halted in Chinese east rail plan is the longest overseas railway project, called Malaysia's largest in the history of economic and trade projects.

The line starting point for Northern Kuala Lumpur Gombak, end point for Kelantan's Waka Baruch, length 688 km, is Malaysia's former Prime Minister Naguib attaches great importance to the project. Last year the ceremony, Prime Minister Naguib said the hope of advancing the relatively backward east coast tri state economic development, and with the Kuantan deepwater terminal was built to enhance Malaysia's status in international trade.

In addition to long-term interests, the East Coast Railway construction projects will bring immediate benefits to the people of Malaysia. Project construction side China built said that the construction of the project will create 80 thousand jobs, but also can develop at least 3000 railway construction and operation personnel for Malaysia.

These tangible benefits, the new prime minister is blind?

While the other was stopped two energy pipeline project, a multi product petrochemical pipeline built along the west coast of the Malaysia Peninsula, the other is in the pan Sabah natural gas pipeline construction in the eastern state of Sabah. Malaysia is rich in oil and gas resources, but because of its pipeline network limited amount of land transport is very limited.

Based on this, Malaysia is in the China enterprise help to start building the pipeline. It will enhance the domestic exports of oil and gas resources, is very important, I really do not know the new Prime Minister of the "superfluous theory" comes from.

In my opinion, the real purpose of the new prime minister 2:

As a result, it promised voters, a former political heritage liquidation.

In fact, the HUAFA table tough talk, had a "criminal record" as early as in the Mahathir campaign: "Chinese people robbed local jobs", "Malaysia is not from Chinese earn any good investment". This time Mahathir was elected to halt Chinese projects, is to give voters an explanation.

More importantly, it is also the former political heritage liquidation, is to make the "zero tolerance of corruption" attitude on the declaration of voters. Recently, Malaysia's former Prime Minister Naguib was arrested, corruption is one of the "charges", the office to promote bilateral cooperation pipeline natural innocent lie gun".

Secondly, the balance of power game, took the opportunity to put pressure on the Chinese "".

Objectively speaking, in a small country between plates, are often used in game strategy, trying its best to gain. At this point, Malaysia is no exception. The new prime minister took office, he did not like the western media predicted and Chinese "hostility" also did not like them as fantasy side to us. Some analysts said the halt Chinese project, to some extent also on the former Prime Minister of foreign policy "fine-tuning", is a kind of dynamic balance.

After all, according to the former government and China construction contracts, the government seems to be very difficult to cancel the horse railway project. On the one hand, Malaysia is confronted with huge amounts of compensation for liquidated damages (about $5 billion 500 million), on the other hand, the project has already started nearly a year, the Malaysian government has paid part of the money according to schedule. Some analysts believe that the new prime minister is to visit China on the eve of the tough, I am afraid to put pressure on the Chinese side in the negotiations on the.

In short, the cooperation should be the mainstream of bilateral relations, the new prime minister's outrageous actions will reap what we might see.


Source: Beijing daily new media Changan observation

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