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Beijing Fengtai, Xi'an Hutong No. 37 water problem was solved, a three increase in the rain grate to solve the water problem

2018-08-14 11:28 beijing evening news TF010

A car, forklift, truck pull soil...... On the evening of June 26 9, vehicle uniform traveling to Fengtai District Feng Xi Lu Xi'an Hu Tong No. 37 in front of the gate, they will need to do is to increase the drainage in this section, to help solve the problem of water in front of Mr. troubled years, time is a whole night.

In contrast to the Xi'an Hutong before and after

In June 21st, this column reports the Fengtai street Xi'an Hutong No. 37 hospital door of rain water, Xi'an Hutong on the south side of the seven large tree Street location is more than 50 years living in the house of Mr. citizens, because the low-lying, easy to water after the rain, for many years the residents living here in the summer I waded across the river the embarrassment.

The very next day, deputy director of the Fengtai street in the punishment they rushed to the scene to explain why the water to the residents. Five days later, the streets of Fengtai with "whistle report" mechanism, coordination of District Management Committee and drainage group held a spot to determine the overall plan and construction, through the investigation several times heavy rain, nearly 40 days, the lot has withstood the test. "3 new drainage mouth diversion of rain, originally only a direction towards the West stream water, now through drainage in three directions north, southwest, Southeast of new mouth water, then the door also does not hold water. "Said mr..

The construction that night, Mr. almost sleepless night. "Neighborhood staff before construction to the home that construction will produce noise, we all understand, not to mention the construction side of the bus stop after working all night, all the efforts we see in the eyes in mind." Mr said, the construction lasted from 9 at night to second during the day at 8 o'clock in the morning, he opened the door several times to see the progress.

Increase a rain grate project is not small, the road north and south sides have dug construction. Here is the only Feng West Road, a main road, on both sides of the road is a residential area, in order to reduce the traffic congestion caused by construction workers, started in the flow of traffic is smaller at night, and can not be completely blocked the road, North South dry finish.

Ten hours after the project was finally completed, 8 in the morning, Mr open house and meet his new life is new and not wade the asphalt. The next two weeks, in the coordination of the streets of Fengtai, district management committee also carried out along the dressing of the pedestrian, dressing up to 150 meters in length.

Two months ago, more than once in the outside of the wall with brick, wood and stone, to prevent water splashing into their walls, and put a few potted flower, occupy the sidewalk, the implementation of the reform program, Mr. removed and cleared the wall debris in the street and neighborhood help, let the sidewalk show with new features. The management committee reduced pavement height, step into the ramp, and the replacement of the damaged brick, now in rainy days along the terrain to drain water, a few rain down, never appeared in the intrusion phenomenon."

How to After rain the sky looks blue. after Mr. outside to stroll around, see the drain with leaves and other debris, clean, he said is not easy to improve the drainage system, we rely on to take care of him, just do whatever things.



Source: Chen Shengyu song text and photo theodolite

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