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Beijing Xicheng ande fly line charging riverside district fire hazards, the residents hope to solve tremble with fear

2018-08-14 10:53 beijing evening news TF010

Recently, a series of electric scooters in just eighteen seconds of the video suddenly caught fire smoke, aroused many people attention to side of the fire hazard.

Yesterday, the city received 12345 non emergency service center Andrew Xicheng District riverside district residents to reflect, there are small fly line charging, looking across the top of a bare wire, a lot of people tremble with fear, they hope the relevant departments to coordinate, to help the district to exclude these security risks.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Xicheng District andelu Riverside District, the district parking shed parked a lot of electric bicycle charging.

Reporters noted that there is no power shed, which is used to charge the electric bicycle wires from residential buildings, there are a few simple shed above the chaxianban electric wires were hanging in the air, three wire around two around the shed, pulled into a tens of meters long arc, connecting shed and residential buildings.

Not far from the shed is a residential building 21, a strip along the residents of the home stretch out, has been extended to the building entrance. Reporters saw some line and strip between the black tie tape, for obvious mosaic trace. Even when not in use the patchboard has not been back home residents, only in a plastic bag after casually hanging in the box on the. "Don't tube is shed or shed, rely on this socket to charge, is the most feared." A trash out of the residents reluctantly shook his head, he said Beijing this time the rain did not stop, the residents of hot and humid environment could not help but worry about such charges will not cause danger to the safety of everyone.

Reporters learned that in June this year, occurred by the electric vehicle charging fire fly line distance less than 300 meters in the Riverside District No. 23 Andrew building, at the time of the fire along the residential building external insulation layer quickly went to the six layer. According to residents recall, fly line charging phenomenon in the incident after a period of time in the area significantly reduced. But as time goes on, some map residents and pull the thread to the downstairs, let the other residents in the community can not help but worry about.

In the area of a circle, the reporter found that residents worried. Between the shed with floor, generally only three or four meters in width, shed once the fire, as the only escape the unit door will be blocked, if the wind fire spreading to residential buildings, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. In addition, the gas pipeline is added after the residents of the building, wall between the one or two layers along the laying position, so once the floor door or electric vehicle shed fly line charging fire, is likely to bring disaster to the pipeline causing greater danger.

In this regard, the district residents hope the relevant departments to increase the management of such risks, after all, so in practice although temporarily to facilitate their own, but for all of the security hidden danger.

In addition, according to the Beijing fire fire case released only in from July 13th to 17th, just 5 days in Beijing city has six electric fire, which charge a car fire accounted for two. In this column also remind the electric car owners, do not covet a moment of convenience, hidden danger to the safety of themselves and others.



Source: Beijing evening news Chen Shengyu Jingwei text and photo

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