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Sun Yang will play the games of 4 personal project Fu Yuanhui will participate in the two backstroke

2018-08-10 14:07 beijing evening news TF010

China swimming team at the Jakarta Asian Games report yesterday exposure, Captain Sun Yang confirmed to participate in 4 personal projects, respectively is 200 meters freestyle, 400 meter freestyle, 800 meter freestyle and 1500 freestyle. Not sure whether to participate in the relay race.

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The National Swimming Championships and the National Games, Sun Yang is across the 100 meter freestyle and 1500 meters freestyle, the freestyle round almost all individual, the Asian Games, he gave up and 100 meter freestyle, but 800 meters freestyle and 1500 meters freestyle on his fitness is also a severe test. When the Asian Games in Inchon, Sun Yang and Ning Zetao Bryant, Chinese team in the men's 4 x 100 m freestyle relay team won the gold medal in the reversal of japan. This Jakarta, Ning Zetao absent, Sun Yang is also the need to see his face and the overall situation of China swimming team.

As China captain, also Chinese Asian Games delegation champion, Sun Yang is one of the most popular candidate flag in the opening ceremony China delegation. But considering the close race, the opening ceremony and the first game were too close, he is likely to give up this honor.

The other application, man, Xu Jiayu will participate in the 50 m 100 m 200 m 3 backstroke competition; Wang Shun will participate in 200 meters, 400 meters a medley for the project; 50 meters freestyle by Yu Hexin, Zhao Xianjian played; 100 meters freestyle by Yu Hexin, Hou Yu Jie played. In addition, one of the breaststroke is aspect Li Zhuhao butterfly, Pui and Tan Haiyang leap. The woman, Li Bingjie will play 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters and 1500 meters freestyle 4; Fu Yuanhui will participate in the 50 meters and 100 meters backstroke two; Liu Xiang will participate in the 50 meter freestyle and 50 meter backstroke two projects. 19 year old girl in Beijing this year Championship gold silver copper 2 1 1 in Jingyao with 100 meters and 200 meters breaststroke qualification.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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