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Beijing Henan road walking Avenue "walk"? Lane also is not an ordinary bike sharing

2018-08-10 10:37 beijing evening news TF011

Beijing Evening News: "if a car stalls Jeeves, there must be one tube, repair is a shared bicycle is OK, this is what reason?" Some people reflect yesterday, Xiba Henan road walking road, heap a lot of bike sharing, which is a large part of the damage, with the operator of maintenance personnel accounted for a walking road car, now also the chaos, I hope the relevant departments to strengthen supervision.

Henan Xiba Road on the west side of the sidewalk, draw a single yellow walkway, looks like covered with a yellow blanket, it has also written a walking distance, this is the road of walking. In the area is not only the public good place for their fitness and leisure, is a beautiful scenery line. There are people who go on video in the vigorous road yesterday, with micro-blog, video display, walking road, filled with yellow bike sharing, a tricycle for the way, there are maintenance personnel will be sharing a car bike to move down, three of the public to reflect, walking the road side sharing the bicycle is piled messy, "car", maintenance personnel often road repair, affect the normal use of walking the road.

According to the video site on yesterday afternoon the reporter found the video shoot, the southwest is located in the west of Henan road and North Street intersection angle of Liu fang. From the south, the sidewalk lined with bike sharing, these vehicles are like Domino, together, leaning on the pits, no deformation, wheel seat, off the chain, can be described as "disabled full camp". Yesterday afternoon and no maintenance personnel at the scene, but also see a large seat removed and not carried away on the roadside reporters.

In the evening, the darkening sky, people walking on the road in a fitness, looking at the roadside scattered shared live zashe bicycle. A public walk, a reel, foot kicked the metal, looked intently, walking on the road still remained a lot of bicycle spokes. These cars in walking road, there are a few iron tip curved upward, do not look, is really not easy to find. The summer after dinner out for a walk, wearing slippers, sandals, it is who's feet!"

Nearby residents Mr. Liu told reporters, in front of the chaos, the time has been more than a month, I hope the relevant departments to strengthen supervision, after all, this road is all fitness promenade, instead of sharing the bicycle operation station.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Ming text and photo

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