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Beijing Zhouzhuang Garden District walls 2 years residents in the steamer water wall fan

2018-08-09 12:16 beijing evening news TF011

Beijing evening news in a heavy rain yesterday to live in Zhouzhuang Jiayuan C District No. 1 building 24 layer Chen anxious. Although he is not the top, but the rain is along the walls of the house into the second bedroom, a large wall by the rain soaked in a complete mess, some Qiangpi already completely off the exposed wall.

Mr. Chen said that the wall leaking of the water for two years, although had patched up, but the problem has not been solved.

Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the home of Mr. Chen, the rain just stop, he is busy cleaning the bedroom. At this time, Mr. Chen's second bedroom wall wet half, even the ground is wet. In order to reduce the effect of leaking water seepage, the Chen family of guy even children took turns: stainless steel steamer water put on the windowsill, towel and mop in turn placed in the floor beside the baseboard to absorb water, even usually used for blowing cooling fan is not idle, facing the wall angrily air dry.

"Now that the tide was unable to house, you see, the wall piece into the drum package, is to let the rain bubble up." Mr. Chen along the direction, the reporter saw the wall of the drum kit has been connected, the window below the putty and lime has been completely off, exposing the inside walls, surrounding a touch will fall off a piece of paint. Mr. Chen said, began to leak second bedroom walls two years ago, has now completed two times. "The first person to hit the window glue, second is to brush the outer walls of some paint, but two patches are of no avail, the leakage or leakage!" Mr. Chen very reluctantly said, the rain this summer, wall seepage SEEPAGE badlier, Ciwo tide was unable to live. He hopes he can help maintenance personnel to identify the cause of the wall leaking, completely repaired.

Subsequently, the reporter went to residential property office. The staff said, there is leaking repair records Chen home, property developers have contacted home repair maintenance personnel. Why is this again to determine the leaks, but also maintenance personnel after checking etc.. As of now, the maintenance staff has made contact with Mr. Chen, recently appointed home inspection and maintenance. "I hope this time can be completely repaired, don't repeat."



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF011

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