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The lift and the Beijing Olympic Games was the capital airport, the design team from the UK have something to say

2018-08-09 09:45 beijing evening news TF2018

Recall that scene for the 2008 Olympic Games Design Capital Airport, see their own masterpiece team after ten years, the British Forster and partner of architectural design firm "members of the irrepressible joy and pride in the heart:" think with their own design services for the 2008 Olympic Games will feel very excited. For this year commissioned from the Far East, is indeed a beautiful work done."

Beijing Capital International Airport terminal 3 source: Xinhua News Agency

Do not remember how many times out of the capital airport, is always in a hurry, even forget her and the 2008 Beijing Olympics with students. Until the end of July this year, with the British "Forster and partner of architectural design firm" members of flight landing, I put the Capital International Airport and the Olympic Games docking. And they are a first-class international airport - 29 Olympic Games World gateway to Beijing designers. This trip, they will work with the Tsinghua University Art Museum jointly organized the "sustainable shared future" exhibition. When the Hong Kong airport from their own design, designers use their own masterpiece to the Beijing Olympic Games successfully held 10th anniversary.

The Olympic bid to create "the people of the Imperial Palace"

Go back in time to November 11, 2003, the British "times" reported for the first time, the famous architectural firm Foster + Partners (Forster and partner of architectural design firm) due to the design of large-scale, innovative design competition in the 2008 Olympic Games, talent shows itself in the project of Beijing Capital International Airport, won the bidding of the project design.

Prior to this, the firm has long enjoyed a good reputation in the architectural design sector, Swiss Reinsurance Company, London Stansted Airport, London headquarters, New York Hearst Building headquarters, British Museum atrium are out of their hands. But the design of municipal engineering project, Chinese, or for the first time. As the twenty-ninth Olympic Games in 2008 the world entered the portal of Beijing, which is not only at the technical level, in the passenger experience, operational efficiency and sustainability are the world's largest and most advanced airport building.

"Overlooking the Capital International Airport, a large part of it is the leading transportation center, is welcoming the Dragon limbs, the middle part is the body, several roads leading to the airport, and the high-speed road is long......" In my opinion, Beijing Capital International Airport terminal 3 is a city and a symbol of culture, the air powered roof terminal has towering dragon like shape, as if the sky wings express passion and poetry, but also arouse China traditional color and symbol. So how to make such a large airport with dynamic?" It is said that one day, when the firm founder Norman Foster visited a project when the wind tunnel experiment was inspired to see several kinetic curves of air door propaganda window, heart, after carefully picked up the pencil, draw two elegant and sporty curve, design out, let all the judges themselves, the acclaimed new Beijing International Airport roof is golden yellow, supported by the red column around the huge, and this bold color collocation is reminiscent of the the Imperial Palace in Beijing. Interestingly, Forster designed inside the new terminal building roof plan, also uses a similar tone. The level fluctuation shown by the color gradient produced clouds general shock effect, it seems that people living in the palace. They also serve the Capital International Airport to take a name -- "the people's palace". In order to reflect the characteristics of China, specifically chose Chinese red as support cylindrical color, elegant, concise, reasonable proportion, extraordinary style. "My airport is a palace, but it is the people's palace." Forster said.

4 years later in February 29, 2008, when he was Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan to start the Capital International Airport Terminal 3 is enabled button. This was the world's largest, known as the "miracle in the history of architecture" single terminal building will be officially put into use. From above, the Capital International Airport Terminal 3 is like a flying dragon, is full of a dynamic, far view can be seen as "dragon bead", "dragon", "dragon", "dragon", "dragon" five parts.

Once again teamed up to focus on Sustainable Human Settlements

At the Beijing Capital International Airport T3 terminal was completed 10 years later in July 24, 2018, jointly organized by the "Forster and partner of architectural design firm" and the Tsinghua University Art Museum "sustainable human settlements sharing the future" the official opening of the exhibition. This is one of the largest exhibition of the firm for 50 years. At the opening ceremony, design director Spencer de Grey passionately said, "any country in the world, can be in 4 years, was completed from the first sketch to complete, the world's largest airport."

The Capital International Airport is clearly that his most memorable. Beijing International Airport Terminal 3 project total construction area of about 986 thousand square meters, equivalent to 170 football pitches. The entire project is only in three years and nine months, and a similar project Heathrow took nearly 20 years to complete. The project reflects the "Chinese speed", Gray has some words of praise: "this is the key to the future development of our city and civilization. Chinese took the initiative on this issue, and this irresolute and hesitant in the rest of the world is similar to the key issues of bureaucracy and delayed contrast."

Hongkong HSBC source: Xinhua News Agency

The depth of cooperation China prospect future promising city

Gray witnessed since 1980s in Chinese sustainable development, witnessed China in city architecture and design a bold attempt and innovation of courage. Beijing is on the Tsinghua this exhibition, he said: "we have built more and more projects in China, projects underway. We choose some of them along with other projects around the world, shows the overall design method of sustainable practice, which is the focus of this exhibition."

In 1979, the firm opened an office in Hongkong, the first HSBC headquarters project in Hongkong services in Asia (see left), the project has become the representative of one of the company, is also firm in 1980s the first high-rise office building. 40 years later, the building still has a firm with a design philosophy to this day: for example, committed to continuous innovation; people-oriented; flexibility as a means of change; adhere to the sustainability of the faith.

After this, the number of firms in the project Chinese increasing. In China nearly 40 years, but also China rapid development of forty years of reform and opening up forty years, only Forster and partner of architectural design firm in Chinese a project. As a global office building, city design, its work is "high-tech, ecology and local culture combined with the known and won international reputation. The most representative in the China: Beijing Capital International Airport terminal three, Hong Kong International Airport passenger terminal, HSBC headquarters in Hongkong, Shanghai Chinese Jiushi building...... In recent years in the representative projects are: the world's largest Cultural Arts Center - Hongkong West Kowloon Cultural District, Shanghai the Bund financial center, CITIC Bank headquarters in Hangzhou, the Museum of art, Shenzhen Datong, Shanghai Bay trail Wantong center etc..

"Chinese is currently the world's most exciting place of Hongkong, HSBC is the first step, let us take in Europe at that time, all the construction materials required are imported from Europe and the United states. After 20 years, the world's largest and most advanced capital international airport was born in Beijing, and it is completely "China manufacturing"."

Gray said that the key to connect two regional structure of Srus is in the overall planning of the project, 150 meters long, 30 meters wide and 20 to the bridge, but also China manufacturing "". After the bridge is completed, will be ready, by sea, from Qinhuangdao shipped directly to Sweden and Stockholm, this is a feat of engineering.

"As the city China continue to hitherto unknown speed and scale expansion and transformation, we are Hangzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen city to develop the overall planning, which provides the best opportunity to introduce a new model for high density, mixed use community for us."

For example, only in Wuhan this city, "Forster and partner of architectural design firm" has launched a number of projects in 2013, open the overall planning of the project in 2014, the Wuhan Liberation Park; Yuexiu international financial exchange project; in 2015, Neptune began Pan Jia Dun CBD city design; in 2016, the overall planning Wuhan Sanyang road city...... "Develop a sustainable overall planning for the transformation of the city, the public space, green corridor, corner and alleys of a high proportion of the historic city to create a new neighborhood, these are consistent with the familiar pattern of the surrounding streets."

Beijing has been China, this market enthusiasm inspired. Many are turning China in challenging projects, Gray said excitedly: "Chinese is currently the world's most exciting place!"

(original title: from the east of the Olympic delegation)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF2018

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