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Beijing North Garden Road residential telephone line just installed is cut "behind the" non property

2018-08-08 11:14 beijing evening news TF011

North Garden Road No. 6 hospital is located in Chaoyang District East Fifth Ring, district residents are mostly from the old man in the Yongan area residents. For the elderly, one thing after the move will do, is for the mobile service for landline. However, in the 7 at the beginning of the month, they reported the phone, the new phone just for the day, the telephone line was cut off. Unicom after repair, telephone line was again cut. Failure of communication cable is obviously illegal, but also indirectly led to the elderly and to contact the outside world "lifeline" interrupt. Who is behind the scenes?

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About 6 residents: the telephone line was cut three times

North Garden Road No. 6 Building No. 3 hospital owners Mr. Gao, is one of the owners of the first cell phone newspaper. In July 3rd this year, Mr. Gao and several owners in Beijing Unicom business hall, Dingfuzhuang transfer service, the old phone number moved to a new home to continue to use. After paying more than 1000 yuan installation costs, Unicom master put well the next day. The old people are very happy, hurriedly to old friends to call, invite them to a new home.

However, this phone just for the day, the next morning, the children of the elderly is found, the old plane appeared blind sound, the old man hurried to Unicom repair, chefs to check, the newly installed 6 households have been cut off the telephone line.

Mr. Gao said it reminded him of a thing, July 3rd, master home phone, it was residential property security in the door, then the owner came forward, just received the home chef. More owners to reporters confirmed that a property security put a relentless at the scene: "I give you home landline who cut!"

Unicom, property owners and quickly reported to the police, but residents said that the police did not find the suspect, because there is no evidence that the security is also put relentless will soon be put out, and transferred to other areas of work. After coordination, China Unicom in 3 days of the 6 owners of fixed telephone lines, but also behind out again.

3 building owners Ms. Lee told reporters that the line repaired after three days, there are two owners of telephone lines were cut, and then a few days later, another was cut. "The owner of the reaction is immediately alarm, but police said the small internal problem, let us to negotiate."

The status quo: more than 10 households reported installed after the phone no one dare.

Cut the line one after another, let Unicom master is very depressed, that the owners of property companies are increasingly important. The property side said, after China Unicom Company personnel into the area, you must go to the district reported. Soon, the master and the property consultation Unicom told the owners: "the property requirements of Unicom to pay 70 yuan per household entry fee." But the price, both sides did not tanlong. If this is true, the reporter to verify Unicom Company and property, both sides denied.

After all, there is still a conflict of interests. But as the owner, we only care about what time can be installed on the phone." The reporter understands, repeatedly appear in the area of shear line incident, because the accident has not been determined, Unicom master can only wait for the company to further notice, to answer the phone for the owners. At present, there are still more than ten households have to pay the fee, but did not install the phone owners waiting for.

According to the reporter, North Garden Road No. 6 of two residential buildings, the mobile phone signal is very poor, so the owners generally need to install landline. "My father is 85 years old this year, do not use the intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone for them is a mirror, could not see the screen, if one day he fell ill at home, our children do not know, you say we can not urgent?" Is not installed on the fixed telephone, the owners are worried.

Property: deny and line cutting behavior

Yesterday afternoon, the West Australian residential property company property manager Ms. Xu told reporters in a telephone interview, she stressed that one thing has nothing to do with the property of shear line, after the incident, the property is also the police for the first time, and reported to the relevant departments, with the investigation, hoping to find out the results. "This thing makes me very upset, we also consultations in coordination."

Manager Xu said, not the property let Unicom into the area, is the original residential construction, China Unicom without fiber. "If we need to approach China Unicom, hands welcome." Manager Xu stressed that the property is a service industry, and the owner is one family, for business owners will do. As to whether there is competition between the interests of telecommunications operators, "she said there is no evidence that can't speak".

Last night, the relevant person in charge told reporters in Beijing Unicom, China Unicom is actively coordinating relevant companies and property units, hoping to solve the communication problems of residents. According to the reporter, currently the first reported telephone owners have been able to communicate normally, but the remaining owners can successfully use landline, Beijing evening news will continue to pay attention to.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Xiao

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