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Beijing West grinding plant Street Lane three long residential space into a "private vegetable" of public resources, how to use?

2018-08-06 11:52 beijing evening news TF008

The day before, nine years old is reflected in the West Dongcheng District grinding plant long lane three South Street along the ground there secretly vegetables, residents feel long-term occupation of space is a kind of vegetables, the occupation of public resources, if we can plant flowers and plants, we appreciate the good.

Time: 18:30 on July 31, 2018 location: three East Long Lane

Reporter visits found that in long lane 3 north from fresh fish street go north to 100 meters distance, you can see the gate on the eastern side of the walls, from the gate to enter, is the old man said space. North area is over the near earth like appearance, and look into the land of the south, is a row of a pergola, vine winding, roughly sixty or seventy meters long, twenty meters wide, the land is a vegetable. "What is this?" The reporter asked a man came in from the fields, "a kind of melon." When asked about this piece of land ownership, the man said his not only shook his head, then do not want to say any more.

"I just feel this piece of land by serving some kind of waste of land resources, land use can't get better." Provide clues old words with some regret, "I see the change of the Qianmen area, West Street to see changes in grinding plant, three river water has become green landscape from the past decrepit, I really happy. Can you see the long lane three here in three in the North River and West grinding plant street, the relatively closed space in vegetables, if more flowers and plants here, setting the dear pavilions, terraces and open halls." The old man do not want to become private vegetable, and should serve the majority of residents, planted flowers and plants.


The old man living in the alley to see the surrounding environment, use Daxinyanli hope home land resources are better. The use of the relevant departments to further verify this land, more listening to residents' feedback, to create a more living environment for old people.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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