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Guangwai Street Red Ju Nan Jie district combustible rubbish cleared capacity 1.5 tons truck vehicle three

2018-08-06 11:30 beijing evening news TF2018

In July 3rd, the newspaper reported Xicheng wide street outside the red in the street 5 residential building space in front of a large pile of combustible garbage. Yesterday afternoon, reporters once again came to the scene, see No. 5 open space in front of the building has not seen debris, had spread to the green belt has been cleared of debris and garbage.

Full of garbage clearing restored photo: Zhang Ao

Street Urban Management Department official told reporters, most of the time, his former two piles mixed with mineral water bottles, cardboard boxes, small appliances, clothes hanger, dustpan debris from the 5 unit door has been piled up 4 units in the door, the middle can only accommodate one person through a full accounting of the area of more than 40 square meters, up four meter wide road squeezed into two meters: the distance from the pile of debris less than three metres is the top of the gas pipeline, once encountered fire is particularly dangerous."

The article editions, street urban management division, the joint law enforcement team, in July 4th took action: "before and after the total removal of four times, the capacity of 1.5 tons truck with three cars, finally put the garbage cleared away." The relevant person in charge told reporters that the makers of these garbage is a 5 unit of the old neighborhood: "the old man selling scrap subsidies home, lasted for two or three years and has not been resolved, now we take at any time at any time to clean up the means to ensure residents living environment and property safety." The inspectors said Li Si.

According to reports, in order to prevent the point garbage phenomenon repeated, street management team will take several times a week of inspections, the rubbish at least once the frequency of floor space in front of the environmental guarantee. Reporters saw in the inspections at the same time, the staff of the community on the space sprayed disinfectant: "especially in summer, strict control of waste disposal, to prevent the spread of diseases and landscaping are very necessary." Relevant responsible person said.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang Ao

Editor: TF2018

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