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Daxing Xihongmen Hongsheng home half two piled up a mountain of garbage stench Xunde cool summer's window

2018-08-06 11:25 beijing evening news TF2018

Recently, Daxing District Xihongmen Hongsheng home 12, building 13, residents are very difficult, because the area where the garbage has been nearly a month not cleared. Hot summer weather, they did not dare open the window stench Xunde residents refuse. Yesterday, the garbage has been emergency removal, but this half year appeared two times.

Photo: Chen Shengyu

MS home Hongsheng No. 13 homes, these days she had been afraid to open the window ventilation, can only rely on air conditioning cooling cooling. So why she is afraid to open the window, outside the building adjacent to the east of the village entrance of garbage no cleaning, pungent odor Xunde dizziness. Miss Su said, some time ago to Beijing after the rain soaked, high temperature, garbage after exposure, more pungent smell, smell. Residents not only did not dare open the window ventilation, even walking in the district to cover the nose. "Really can not stand, lives have been seriously affected."

Reporters on the scene saw the 12 and 13 floor of the garbage and two building line distance less than ten meters, and is the only way which must be passed in residential buildings and the cell door. On the wall, the garbage piled up has formed a 5 meters long, one meter high number of garbage mountain, the garbage has been flooded out of sight. Even the sanitation workers to clean up after the emergency, the odor produced by the garbage also has not scattered, and the breeding of mosquitoes is numerous.

Residents reflect, no garbage removal situation within half a year there have been two times. "At the end of last year also had a pile of garbage, more than this, but it is winter, unlike the Xunde headache." An old residents told reporters that the fundamental reason of garbage blocking the door or property charges. "The original property fees paid by the property unit, now the property unit property fee to call the person, but to pay the costs of the property is less and less." At the entrance of the bulletin board, the reporter saw the unpaid property charges list of tenants. After the reporter statistics found that the two buildings have a total of 192 households, only 79 households pay a year property fee, less than half of the number of residents. The old tenants said, "garbage removal Master said, the first half of the freight has run out, the second half of the money, garbage naturally nobody."

For Hongsheng home problems, the reporter consulted the property expert Chen Fengshan. Chen Fengshan analysis, to solve this problem, need to change the concept of residents and property. "The original property fees paid by property units, not what communication and contact the property and tenants, residents did not pay property charges habits. Now the situation has changed, for residents to pay property charges, to develop the habit of; on the other hand, the property should also establish interactive relationships with the residents, to achieve the purpose of communication and understanding. The only way to smooth operation area."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF2018

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