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The the Imperial Palace in Taipei held "where is the Penglai mountains tut Exhibition" "Wonderland" misty "hidden but beautiful spot"

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Recently, the the Imperial Palace in Taipei held a special exhibition: "where is the Penglai mountains of Thoth exhibition". The exhibition featured dozens of pieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the mountains as the theme of the painting, "misty fairyland", "hidden but beautiful spot" and "spiritual herbs - Fairy immortal" three display unit.

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The Ming Dynasty Wen Boren's "fanghu map" (local)

For Chinese traditional landscape painting, embodies the Buddhist elements more common, but the embodiment of Taoism is rare. This exhibition displayed the paintings, with extraordinary changes in the fairyland, is hidden in the mountains of the blessed spot in folklore, there are Kunlun, Penglai, square pot, Yingzhou wonderland. These paintings, creating a unique atmosphere of Xian Qi, which is ethereal "summer, bring a cool" Xian qi". In addition there are many mountains and Wonderland tells the story of the painting people for having heard it many times "immortal" story, in a quiet mood, showing a sense of glamour.

Religion is the most common in the history of ancient art theme, both in China and abroad is so. But we see Chinese ancient works of art, works of Buddhism seems much more special, and Chinese native religion "Taoism" of the works is not so common. In fact, Taoist art and the number, but most did not look like the Buddhist Taoist art as a clear theme, to obscure the majority, Beijing the Imperial Palace of the Trinidad jiangshantu "is a Taoist painting, but apparently it is a landscape, only experts can recognize the theme of taoism.

From July 1st to September 25th, the the Imperial Palace in Taipei held a special exhibition of calligraphy and painting "where is the Penglai mountain system shows the chart" exhibition, collection of Taoist theme landscape painting, in the same period as well as "good" and "pseudo" Xinglin chunnuan two special exhibitions, there are many Taoist paintings debut, let people to know Taoism in the works of art characteristics.

Is the purpose of Buddhism Buddha, Taoism is immortal. The Taoist ideas, immortal ever-young many advantages, can, can the clouds, even jiquanshengtian. Have the Cui Zizhong Exhibition on the "cloud chicken dog map", the painting is the Taoist school to teach Zu Jing Ming Xu Xun legend, when he was 136 years old, the jade emperor made him immortal, awarded him the "Kyushu are Xian Taishi Gaoming post, then Ambassador Xu Xun with his disciples, together with the family the chicken dog heaven.

This picture is, if you don't know the story, don't imagine this is a fairy tale, because the screen can only see a pedestrian walking on the road. The hero's clothes on mercury containing cinnabar (mercury, Taoist love Lian Xiandan) and ride on a cow, the ancient Chinese is clearly the theme of Taoism, but in modern people's opinion is too vague.

Not everyone can practice to 136 years old, how does that do? Taoism believes that there is a clearance shortcut is to go to the mountains. Chinese believe in fairy mountains since ancient times, the sea is there will be mountains. "Historical records" records, folk legends, sea mountains far at the clouds, to after instead of in the water, do not reach, and to reach the people will get Huang Jinbaoyu and ever-young medicine. According to historical records, from the Warring States period, Qi Yan and other countries will continue to find the sea mountains sent a team, is the pinnacle of Qin sent Fu Xu with thousands of young boys and girls into the sea, looking for Penglai, Fang Zhang (also known as fanghu), ying'tai three big mountains. ? "Qin Shihuang Shih", "Qi Xu and other words in the book, the sea mount, called Penglai, abbot, yingzhou". The Taipei the Imperial Palace exhibition, exhibition of the Ming Dynasty Wen Boren (1502-1575) of the "side pot map", the painting is the ancient sea mountains in the eyes of the figure, the mountains are on the sea, the middle clouds, palace overlap.

But, in fact, the "sea mountains" nobody can go, then from the northern and Southern Dynasties, the monks gradually will map the real mountains and rivers "Akira", "said, so some scenically beautiful place" in Wonderland authenticity. The monks can go to the mountain caves open practice, caiyaoliandan. They believe that if there is a humble words, can even fly fairy.

Pass to the five generation of Dong Yuan "the hole" Tianshan Tang

The painting looks and some scenically beautiful place, the landscape painting is not much difference, the exhibition on display at the the Imperial Palace in Taipei for five generations of masterpieces of Dong Yuan's "the hole" Tianshan tang. It is the best for Chinese Cave (time: July 1st - August 13th). This picture is 1.83 meters high, painted on a mountain towering mountains, white clouds, mountain mountain to create a little alum head, Dong Yuan and pimacun long and short points and then apply nongmo dye, forceful and luxuriant. Close below the left is right is the palace building, waterfall and pedestrian bridge. Draw no money, only the "Cave Hill hall" words, do not know who the problem.

In the early Qing Dynasty Wang Duo wrote inscriptions: "God and spirit, Gu Xiu channeling into (Xuan), this figure is Dong Yuan, Yuan", the figure given for Dong Yuan, but the style of painting, it's certainly not later than the Northern Song Dynasty, so is the authentic Dong yuan. Taipei the Imperial Palace experts found the painting style and the early Yuan famous Gao Kegong "Yun Wang Xiu Ling" close, indicating that they are the works of yuan dynasty. Taoism is very flourishing, such as giant or there is a demand, but I also think it cannot be excluded from the painting in the late Song Dynasty may.

"The hole" Tianshan Tang did not look like a religious painting, because it is not what is the difference between general and landscape painting, but if you look carefully, will find the clouds there are several caves, that is the cultivation of the caves. How is she? The cave was dark, but the cave looks very bright, that is the essence of the sun and the moon together in the performance of them. By contrast with the Ming Dynasty "famous map", can determine the picture on the mountain in Shandong Maoshan, Maoshan building is a Taoist temple, the lower left corner of the bridge called fairy bridge. A sleeve cage hold hand man on the bridge, is the Northern Song Dynasty was king master Liu Hunkang (1036-1108). Also painted on the corner there is a small printing "pure Taoist Palace", should be the name of the picture is visible background of taoism. Although the information on the map, but very obscure, after experts carefully research can be found.

Taoism believes that there are ten cave, the world fairyland thirty-six and seventy-two place, what will happen in the cave in? A special exhibition in the Southern Song Dynasty biography "sketch" Sanxian Yan Wengui granted to the answer, a religious people saw the painting, in the hole mansion met two immortals, transferred to cultivation of the law, and also became a fairy.

Can'tmeet Xian how to do? It's going to eat medicine. There is a song by Li Tang as the "old fan map" Xianyan this exhibition, it depicted a man in the mountains of herbs scene. According to Taoist ideas, take medicine if properly, if not ever-young, live two hundred or three hundred years is possible. If the medicine is also not taken to do? In addition to the daily practice is only a refining elixir. "Dan" refers to cinnabar, it is a kind of mineral pigment containing mercury. But in Taoism, mercury can dodge the meridians, firing cinnabar and several other minerals in the fire, and even have the opportunity to make a drug to become immortal, because of cinnabar red, and called it "dan".

This "special exhibition" Xinglin chunnuan upload to the Ming Qiu Ying's "jade" to show the hole burning on the ancient Taoist alchemy scene. According to ancient Daoism, immortality with the "turn" ratings, a total of nine rpm, a turn taking elixir, three years after the immortal, nine turn elixir, Xian three days after taking. Even death under three days, irrigation can be resurrected. We know today, mercury and other minerals are toxic, tolerance of the human body is very low, if taken improperly, it might be "immortal", from the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the emperor had died and was taking medicine. But on the other hand, the ancient Taoist alchemy has led to advances in chemical technology, one of the four major Chinese invention of gunpowder is a Taoist contribution to human.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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