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Beijing Chaoyang Yan Jing Dong Li, a night off the 35 residents of "hot" Rage

2018-08-01 11:43 beijing evening news TF001

The newspaper news these days every night at least a broken 35 times since June, every few days will appear at night power, the volt power is more frequent." Live in Chaoyang District in the Jingdong extension many owners reflect recent residential night power-off frequency increased, so this sweltering sauna days is extremely sad.

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Last night, the reporter came to live in Yan Jing Dong Li, the 6 floor of the Yang family, 8:20 in the evening, "a loud thump" after the house was dark, this is Ms. Yang home 3 days to appear the 9 time off. "Now, so some time off, I have become accustomed to." Ms. Yang reluctantly smiled: "property there will be someone to help push the gate, about 10 minutes to call, but now such a hot day, a night off several times is really annoying." Ms. Yang said. He took a piece of ice cream from the fridge, open to have some ice cream forming, "which was bought yesterday back in the fridge, you see that the freeze on can not see it."

Yan Jing Dong Li, No. 6 and No. 7 building a total of more than 600 residents, the reporter visited some residents found that the area of the summer peak power is a common problem. "This is the last century in 90s of the old building, started building electricity, but has not changed the residential electricity, the overload is tripping off, this situation has been for many years." An old household told reporters, every summer, especially in the evening and weekend, will not dare to open appliance, fear and frequent trip, "we have to reflect the residential power distribution room, power distribution room is said to have made the biggest capacity, but because of too much electricity, still can not solve the problem." Reporter to the residential property and the streets to inquire about the situation, the staff members said the district government has been in the lead in electric power company, power supply units with streets and rehabilitation, is still in progress.

Yesterday, Ms. Qian lived in Chuiyangliu north also reflect the residential power outages at night. "Monday night, when more than 8, suddenly here 7 buildings on the power. At night these days very hot, the hot and dry power of adults and children do not say, live here, some of the old man, eighty or ninety years old, usually relying on oxygen machine, it was dangerous electricity." Ms. Qian said, here is the last century in 50s of the old house, the past summer day off seven or eight times is commonplace, last year made compatibilizer after some improvement in the situation, but occasionally a sudden power outage or people not bottom of heart. "Good Monday night power company to timely repair, stopped a hour to call. But residents are still not at ease, always worried about what time electricity stopped again. We also response to the relevant departments, hoping to ease some improvement over the summer."


For the recent part of the old district internal line failure caused the power situation, the city management committee to remind: the old district should promptly check the internal power facilities, discovering problems in advance, to solve the problems. The Beijing Electric Power Corporation also said that the company has more than 150 generation cars across 19 regions in sixteen areas, to facilitate the emergence of emergency power supply area fault. The power company received repair will actively cooperate with the party, property or possessions with synergy to carry out repair, solve as soon as possible.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Ye Xiaoyan Li Yiwen

Editor: TF001

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