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Response: pingxifu Village Road Renovation garbage station will re location

2018-08-01 11:30 beijing evening news TF003

The newspaper news (reporter Li Yi) newspaper on July 9th, published "the road why bumpy piles of garbage? "One article, this paper reflects pingxifu Village Road Street garbage piles and potholed roads. The day before, pingxifu village has a 700 meters long, 6 meters wide road renovation, and demolition of illegal construction in the future January on both sides of the road, relocation construction garbage station.

In published reports, Beiqijia town government for the first time contact pingxifu village and Town Road Station held a special meeting to the planning of the road and garbage station. Soon, the town highway station started renovating the Qing Road North to the north to the bus station 700 meters of road, the original road brick broken cleaning, re shop roadbed, spraying asphalt, road from potholes to flat, in a period of five days. Pingxifu village Party branch secretary told reporters, according to both sides of the road private ride out of the total 500 square meters of illegally built shed, the village collective has told the villagers from door to door and give two weeks, so that the villagers from demolition, if not removed from within the specified time, the village collective as the main body of the demolition of illegally built. In addition, the village will also by the Beiqijia town planning office approval, to refuse location, a new closed garbage station, and will be assigned to 24 hour management.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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