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Fangzhuang times "LIFE" shopping center in front of the sidewalk into the parking lot"

2018-08-01 11:28 beijing evening news TF003

Now, for people to choose the way of travel has been very rich, but in the public to travel closer to home shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, one of the bike is still the mainstream way to travel. However, some of the new large shopping malls because no single set of non motor vehicle parking area, so that consumers and catering staff had to ride a long time to occupy the sidewalk outside the mall or non motorized vehicles parked vehicles.

Time: 17:30 on July 31, 2018

Location: Fangzhuang times "LIFE" shopping center in front of the sidewalk

In Fangzhuang the "LIFE era" shopping center on the north side of the square outside, with a width of three meters of sidewalk. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw here, the sidewalk and non motorized vehicles are full of all kinds of non motor vehicles, including private bicycles and electric vehicles accounted for the majority. Want to pass from the pedestrian road, only in the "cracks" in the left and right teng. According to rough estimates, in front of the mall which is about one hundred meters long sidewalk parked forty or fifty bicycles and electric vehicles, and non motorized vehicles on the side also parked more than ten vehicles delivery vehicles, several delivery staff sitting in the car waiting for orders.

Approaching evening meal, near the mall from the non motor vehicle up more gradually, both anterograde or retrograde, just a minute there are seven cars from the. Pedestrians walk in the non motor vehicle lane to side or stand aside in the narrow road on the walls, and other vehicles and then go through just a few hundred meters of the road down tend to pause for three or four times.

"This place is Guiyou building in the past, before the building square can store the bicycle, but after two years of transformation, then it can only go to parking on the pavement outside." Nearby residents told reporters, "now walking in the street, behind a variety of electric vehicles, bicycle to and fro, even the rampage, would be dangerous."

Comment: Now many large shopping malls built are no longer separate non motor vehicle parking area, people put the car parked on the sidewalk, to form a "parking lot", led to the confusion surrounding traffic order. The supermarket shopping malls, if you can set up a parking lot, not only bring convenience to customers, also let the surrounding order more orderly.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu text and photo

Editor: TF003

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