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Haidian District Lian Po, YANGFANGDIAN Street courtyard garbage difficult when a foul for many years is the boss?

2018-08-01 11:05 beijing evening news TF0328

Due to design reasons, some high-rise residential courtyards are surrounded by plugging, want to put inside the rubbish out is not easy. Yesterday, "we hear" column reports the day and night in the floor of the courtyard was thrown into a large number of residents living garbage. Than the average height of parabolic, such uncivilized behavior is more hidden, reports also caused a lot of public sympathy.

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The courtyard was garbage fire

Wine bottles, plastic bags, broken pots, sanitary products...... Live in a layer of Mr. Wu sat dinner in his dining room, watching these things in front of the window drop from the clouds. Whether it is to eat a full, see the garbage, Mr. Wu has not eat, heart block.

Haidian District Lin Po Road No. 10 Building No. 12 hospital 102, is more than twenty years living in the home of Mr. wu. As the early design reasons, outside his home kitchen, bathroom, living room and balcony windows, connected to the building of the courtyard. "In less than 20 days, the garbage can be piled 1 meters high." Mr. Wu has a one metre high balcony door, opened the door, the scene is staggering. From here you can see the bottom of the courtyard, a dozen square meters of the courtyard, like a landfill without classification, the wet garbage is full of sewers, bursts of rancid smell.

Mr. Wu said, this scene lasted for five or six years, until a piece of paper shell wrapped stool he was unbearable, drop from the clouds, the emergency rescue service hotline 12345 Beijing city call. Mr. Wu's old mother is 80 years old this year, at first, courtyard of the garbage problem is not serious, the old mother for cleaning, with garbage problems intensified, the old man is incapable of action.

Last year the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, the courtyard of the garbage also had a fire, at that time, the four window adjacent to the courtyard of the Wu family all burn fried, straight into the house channeling flames. When the year, our family until February 2-emergence, besieged on all sides, the property will mend the window, add a layer of fire prevention board, and promised to hire cleaning regular cleaning."

Every time to clean up the garbage, Mr. Wu is very contradictory, not clean up is not enough, but whenever a clean-up, all the rubbish will be carried out from his house, now in retrospect the process of cleaning every time, all straight people should diaphragm.

Put the garbage problem way Jipan

According to the No. ten hospital community residents committee of Haidian District YANGFANGDIAN Street Wu Village Road, the district a total of 4 towers of 24 storeys, a staircase eight households, each floor has a patio, but No. 12 courtyard health problem is the most serious. Speaking of reasons, because the 12 building a layer of more households, garbage is difficult, and the other floor for storage and office space, may at any time to clean up.

How to solve the problem of the Wu family, community residents have no less brains, come up with six schemes. The first program is 844000, it can completely solve the problem, but the feasibility; secondly, layer by layer filter is installed, even if someone littering, also can only be thrown into the home to the window. But according to the understanding of the residential neighborhood, two-thirds of which belongs to the lessee, mobility, responsibility is not strong, once to throw garbage, cleaning more difficult.

Thirdly, the installation of monitoring probes, according to preliminary investigation and consideration of neighborhood, elevation than light, each layer of 6 need to install 2 probe. The district currently there are 32 camera, the host has to work at full capacity, if the increase of probe, but also increase a new host. In addition, in the absence of a clear law enforcement case, even if the camera caught the current, there is no mandatory measures.

"The fourth program is the patio windows sealed, the budget of about 880 thousand yuan." The staff said, this program is also facing money and who is out, sealed windows was opened again and other practical problems. The fifth program is starting from the neighborhood function, distribution of cultural convention, ensure that households signing do not throw garbage. However, the staff also expressed concern, "after 2003, the garbage channel in the whole building all sealed street, often issued notices posted by layer, urging people to put garbage in the trash box below the specified, but with little success."

It is understood that the 12 building belong to public rental housing, as housing, a final set of scheme is the feasibility of neighborhood, whether households will replacement, replacement of Building No. 12 layer relates to a public space. In this regard, the neighborhood also sought the views of the other side of the housing property, said very embarrassed.

Can I set up a special organization, the establishment of a special fund, by "boosting" Dongfeng, focus on remediation patio garbage problems, improve residents' happiness and gain a sense of." Director of the neighborhood said, patio garbage is malignant tumor, serious low people's happiness index, neighborhood planning at the same time, also called for social institutions to actively offer suggestions, if necessary, the introduction of third party service, but he believes that these need a leading mechanism and by neighborhood force palliatives.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qu Jingwei

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