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The veterans protection law has been set up: supporting employment and entrepreneurship, designing a glorious brand for military families.

2018-08-01 11:13. beijing evening news TF2018

In July 31st, Sun Shaocheng, Minister of Veterans Affairs, said at the news conference of the State Council, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs is sorting out all the policies and regulations related to the veterans since the founding of new China, and began to draft the law on the protection of ex servicemen and the opinions on strengthening the work of retired soldiers in the new era. More than twenty thousand people visited nearly 3 months.

Source: Xinhua News Agency: Pan Xu

More than twenty thousand visits were made in 3 months.

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs is a newly formed Department to deepen the reform of Party and state organs, and was formally established in April 16th. Sun Shaocheng said that over the past 3 months, the Department of Veterans Affairs has established an organization and promoted its business. In the meantime, it has implemented the current tasks and plans for long-term development.

Sun Shaocheng said that the Department of Veterans Affairs has jointly issued 4 policies, including the resettlement quality of veterans, the support of employment and entrepreneurship, the suspension of the honorable card and the raising of pension allowance standards. The 12 departments have issued the annual resettlement plan through consultation with the army, and put all more than 120 central enterprises into the ranks of the annual retired soldiers resettlement plan. In conjunction with the Ministry of finance, they have increased the subsidy standard for key preferential treatment recipients, and the average bid rate has been 10%. The second day of the listing has begun to receive visits, and the working class has been received, and nearly twenty thousand people have been received.

Resettlement of 120 thousand soldiers this year

"Although the Department of Veterans Affairs is newly established, we are carrying the task. We must complete the task that year. For example, we need to ensure that more than 80 thousand military cadres and nearly 40 thousand retired soldiers have been arranged this year. There are more than 2 thousand demobilized cadres, more than 7 thousand military cadres, and a number of disabled and disabled people. We have to receive and resettlement." Sun Shaocheng said.

Sun Shaocheng said that every year there are about 400000 self-employed military cadres and self employed retired soldiers, they also need employment, although the government does not help arrange specific jobs, but through some preferential policies to support their employment and entrepreneurship.

"There are still some special difficulties in the life of some ex servicemen and the special care recipients. Therefore, we are now studying and giving some special privileges after enjoying the preferential treatment of citizens, so as to solve the worries of some retired veterans, especially those who are laid off and retired." Sun Shaocheng said.

All the participating families hang the glory card.

Qian Feng, Vice Minister of Veterans Affairs, revealed at the press conference that the Ministry of Veterans Affairs will first institutionalize the design of the glory card of the army, and expand the scope of suspension.

Qian Feng said that it was mainly for the families of the conscripts and the honorable families to hang the glory cards. The next step is that the families of the family members are all hanging objects. In the form of norms, a brand of "glorious house" will be unified and designed and supervised by the Veterans Affairs Department.

Fang Yongxiang, assistant director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and vice minister of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, answered the reporter's question about the placement of ex servicemen. The Ministry of Veterans Affairs recently launched the "opinions on Further Strengthening the employment placement work of retired soldiers arranged by the government", which began in August 1st.

According to Fang Yongxiang introduction, opinions strengthen the implementation of rigid indicators, clear the retired soldiers from the government, resettlement to organs, institutions and state-owned enterprises, the proportion of not less than 80%, clear state-owned enterprises to take out the total number of annual recruitment of 5% to resettle the retired soldiers in line with the government's work conditions; improve the level of co-ordination of resettlement, county arrangements for heavy tasks by the city's overall resources for resettlement, the provisions of the opinion, the municipal level is still difficult, the provincial level to co-ordinate resources, implementation of resettlement.

In response to reporters' questions about the work of letters and visits to veterans, Fang Yongxiang said that the second day of the establishment of the Department of Veterans Affairs was launched. The next step will be to further improve the work of letters and visits from 4 aspects: first, speed up the opening of online petition system, let the ex servicemen run errands, and let the information run; two, strengthen supervision and inspection, strengthen supervision on letters and visits, including the implementation of relevant policies; three, combing the opinions and suggestions comprehensively, put good and constructive into the policies and legislation; four, improve rules, procedures and specific methods, and improve the effectiveness of handling according to law and petition according to law. Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF2018

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