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Beijing golden cicada North Lane flyover high level of the lower floors smell, smell the source, difficult to clean up difficult to do?

2018-07-31 11:57. beijing evening news TF2018

The continuous hot weather in Beijing has led many citizens to seek help from the municipal emergency rescue service center 12345. Some old residential buildings with their own courtyards have a parabolic situation. The rubbish thrown into the courtyard is not only hard to clean up, but also long enough to retards the sour taste of the sick people. High altitude parabolic is a commonplace problem, but it is difficult to trace and difficult to clean up, so that this situation can exist for a long time. In addition to condemnation, what else can you do better? You can also call the hotline by calling this column.

Golden cicada North Li

Case 1

The golden cicada Bei Li has just cleared up and the garbage is full again.

It was only a month since the last clean-up. The garbage left by the occupants upstairs had accumulated a lot in the courtyard, causing a headache to the residents on the first floor of building 13. Ms. Du said that in front of her living room and kitchen windows, there was a courtyard filled with garbage. More garbage would fall off accidentally, and then it would be sultry and the windows would not dare open.

"No, no, it's too bad." In July, just after the continuous rain, Ms. Du, who was in her late sixty years, had to step on the thin steel plate and turn over a tall guardrail to the courtyard outside her house to clean up the rubbish. It's hard to climb into the patio because of the old age.

Climb up the steel plate at the top of the basement, hold the railings beside the burglar window, rub on the fence near the patio, turn over the guardrail, and enter the courtyard. After a short break, the work of cleaning up the garbage began. The garbage thrown into the courtyard was too difficult for a person to clean up. In desperation, Mrs. Du had to pick up the takeaway boxes, melon and fruit peel and so on.

"Apart from stacking rubbish in this courtyard, the resident's air conditioning plug-in machine is also here. When the weather is hot, there will be plenty of air conditioning water in addition to garbage, which will be smelling faster with garbage. Ms. Du told reporters that the trip had been cleaned up for less than half an hour, and then climbed out of the patio.

Just after such a laborious clean-up, yesterday afternoon, there was quite a lot of rubbish in the courtyard outside the window. "The Qing did not throw quickly, the house was hot, afraid of entering the stink, the window did not dare to open." Ms. Du complained to reporters that she had just cleaned up the garbage in the courtyard, and again formed a long "garbage belt", leftovers, garbage and all kinds of pericarp. Miss Du recalls that she was in the living room the other day, and a takeaway box fell from the sky and crashed into the patio. The vegetable soup splashed in the box and sprayed onto her home window, which was like someone knocking on the window.

Reporters noted that the problem reflected by Ms. Du has also been attached importance to by the territorial streets. The urban construction section of the street will clean up the garbage in the courtyard every quarter. Before the building, it also posted notices against high altitude parabolic objects. "What is the best way to stop uncivilized behavior from the source?"

Tianqiao North Lane

Case two

Filled with kitchen waste in the Tianli bridge.

"You said this patio, I just cleaned up in the morning, and there is garbage again?" In Tianqiao North Lane property, the staff heard the reflection of residents, but also helpless. Residents in unit 4, unit 9, reflect that people always throw rubbish in the courtyard of the unit gate, especially kitchen waste is the most difficult for people to accept.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter walked along the 4 building with multiple units. Each door has a similar structure. There is a patio outside the first floor window. There are more or less garbage in each courtyard. Among them, the garbage in the 9 unit is the largest.

"Leftover food is also thrown down, do not think about others." Residents said that a bag of kitchen waste came down from the upper floor and fell onto the concrete floor of the patio. The bag broke down and the rest of the food was laid out. The sour smell came along the corridor, until someone cleaned up and broke the bag and got away. The residual soup and oil were hard to clean up.

"Is it really not that consciousness?" Some residents have pointed out some details to reporters. In the courtyard, there are many parabolic objects in the sky, while the parabolic objects in front of the building are few. In the courtyard of building 4, the 7 unit patio is the cleanest because the patio is not completely sealed, it is also a small gate for entering and leaving the building. "What does this mean? It's clear that you know it's wrong. You still want to throw people behind you."

Yesterday, the reporter also checked the situation with the residential property. According to the problems reflected by the residents, the property staff said, the garbage in the 9 unit courtyard of building 4 has just been cleaned up. Now, the structure of the residential building is not particularly convenient for the next one. Now the property will take an irregular cleaning method.

Difficult one: traceability difficulty

Compared with ordinary parabolic objects, the parabolic objects in the courtyard can hardly be traced back to the source. The same problem with ordinary parabolic problems is that installing cameras on the ground floor, in addition to the cost, requires residents to agree. After these two passes, the installation of cameras in the patio may not be possible. A residential property staff said frankly that the light in the courtyard was too big, the sky was white, the floor was black, and nothing could be seen.

"Cameras may not solve the problem." Lift up the camera, yesterday, Tianqiao North Li property staff also talked about, the residential building's exterior walls are new painted, who's high altitude parabolic, along the wall is a black child, no camera can also be traced back, "door-to-door inquiries, people say, the old man's brain confused, not intentional, what can the property do?"

Difficulty two: cleaning up

Compared with ordinary parabolic objects above the sky, many cleaning staff worry about the high altitude parabolic cleaning of the courtyard. It takes 40 minutes or even more than one hour to clean up at one time. During this time, it is hard to ensure that there is no new "airdrop" on the floor.

In many high rise parabolic courtyards, the reporter noted that there are two kinds of patio structures, one is facing the corridor, the other is a window facing many households, the latter is more difficult to clean up, because no one wants to clean up the garbage in the courtyard.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jing Yiming Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF2018

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