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Beijing North Bridge, high-rise garbage cicada low layer to smell the odor, difficult traceability difficult to clear?

2018-07-31 11:57 beijing evening news TF2018

Beijing sustained hot weather, so many people to the city non emergency service center for help 12345. Some of the old residential buildings with patio, there is a high altitude parabolic case, was thrown into the courtyard of garbage not only difficult to clean up, a long time, but also a disgusting smell sour retting, lower household unbearable. The height of parabolic is a problem difficult to trace a commonplace talk of an old scholar, however, difficult to clean up, let this long-term existence. In addition to blame, you have what better way, you can also call the hotline column support weapon.

Cicada North

A case

North cicada just cleaned up the garbage and full

The last time to clean up just a month later, the upstairs tenants readily throw the rubbish in the courtyard, and accumulated a lot of, let the cicada North Building 13, a household is really a headache. Ms. Du said, her living room and the kitchen window is the garbage heap on the patio, more waste will not regularly fall, then the window is not open to the sultry.

"Don't get ah, too smelly." Continuous rainfall in July after nearly sixty years Naidu, had to step on the thin steel plate, a high fence, came to the house in the courtyard, clean up the garbage. The old cripple, just climb into the courtyard already difficult.

Climb of the basement top plate, on the side of the anti-theft window railing, a little bit to raise the rim rub over the fence, is into the courtyard, the sweating. In a moment of rest after the clean-up work begins, under the patio was thrown in the garbage clean-up of one person alone is too difficult, helpless, Ms. Du had from many of the garbage pick up takeout box, fruit peel easily and quickly throw.

"In addition to the patio garbage, residents of the home air conditioner unit is here. Hot weather here, in addition to garbage will be accumulated a lot of air conditioning water, with a smelly garbage retting, faster." Ms. Du told reporters that this trip to clean down at half an hour, out from the courtyard to climb, already tired out of breath.

Just after such a laborious clean-up soon, yesterday afternoon, the window of the courtyard, there are a lot of garbage. "Clearly did not throw fast, hot room, afraid to go to the smell, or not open windows." Ms. complained to reporters, she just pick up soon, the courtyard of the garbage again, forming a long "garbage", leftovers, garbage and all kinds of fruit. Naidu recalled a few days ago, she was in the living room, a takeaway box hit into the courtyard, drop from the clouds, in the soup splashing, spraying to her window, that sound like someone knocking on the window like.

Reporters noted that Ms. reflect problems, also got the attention of territorial street, street urban construction department every quarter to clean up a courtyard in front of the building garbage, also put up no sign of high-altitude parabolic, Naidu also climbed his Gesanchaiwu patio, can also refuse to finish up. "What is the good way to stop the uncivilized behavior from the source?"

North Bridge

Case two

The courtyard was flyover north of kitchen waste

"The courtyard you said, my morning just cleared, and garbage?" In the bridge north property, staff heard the residents reflect, is helpless. The 9 unit residential building 4, reflect the unit door courtyard, there will always be people who throw rubbish, especially the kitchen waste is the most difficult to accept.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter walked along the No. 4 multiple unit doors, each door structure similar to that of a layer of the corridor outside the window, there is a courtyard, each courtyard, or some of the rubbish, of which 9 units of garbage courtyard is the most, with a wall, a big bag of kitchen garbage exudes a faint smell.

"Leftovers are thrown down, do not think about others." Residents say, a bag of kitchen garbage down from upstairs, out in the courtyard on the concrete, the bag fell off, with the remains of a meal, a sour taste along the corridor came in, wait for someone to clean up, broke the bag away, residual soup, oil is difficult to clean up.

"It is not the consciousness?" Some residents refer to some details to reporters on the patio parabolic aerial, in front of the building height of parabolic was less, all the patio 4 building, 7 unit courtyard is clean, because the patio is not completely sealed, it is also a small import and building homes. "What this shows that when the heart knows not, people still want to throw it back."

Yesterday, reporters and checked for residential property, residents reflect problems, the property staff said, unit 9, building 4, the courtyard of the garbage, just cleared, now the structure of residential buildings, a patio is not particularly convenient, now the property will take regular cleaning, cleaning staff found more garbage courtyard, will promptly clean up.

One difficulty: hard to trace

Compared with the general parabolic aerial, the courtyard of high-altitude parabolic more difficult to trace the source, and the general high parabolic problem is the same, the installation of the camera in the downstairs, in addition to the cost, also need to agree with the residents. After the two pass, the courtyard also may not be able to achieve the installation of the camera, a residential property staff said, tried, the courtyard light is too large, the sky white floor, a dark, could see nothing.

The camera may not be able to solve the problem." Bring the camera, yesterday, flyover property staff also said that the wall of the residential building is newly painted, whose altitude parabolic, along the wall is a sub black, no camera can be traced back to the door, "asked, they said, the old man muddle headed home, not intentionally, do property also?"

Difficult 2: difficult to clean up

Compared to the average height of parabolic patio cleaning high-altitude parabolic also made a lot of cleaning staff worried. More than a clean up time at 40 minutes or even an hour, in this period of time, it is difficult to guarantee the upstairs without a new "drop" down, get a little vegetable oil, how about a bottle of wine?

In many existing high-altitude parabolic in the courtyard, the reporter noted that the courtyard structure is divided into two kinds, one is to the corridor, a window to households, the latter is more difficult to clean, because you don't want to in the courtyard of the garbage out from their own.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: King Chen Shengyu Yiming

Editor: TF2018

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