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Beijing Wu Sheng East District East of rain water intrusion before the pedestrian ankle or leg

2018-07-27 11:51 beijing evening news TF008

In July, Beijing after several rain "baptism" became cool, most people enjoy the summer rare cool, but at the same time, some Beijiexiaoxiang are faced with the problems of rain water.

Time: July 19, 2018 15 location: Wu Sheng Dong District East Gate

7 in the afternoon of 19 March 3, a short rainfall makes Wu Sheng East Lane District outside the east gate of the road has become a flood plain. At this time the area outside the water on the road was over the foot, although rainfall has ended, but the water is still in the road along the entrance area constantly into the low-lying courtyard. From the moment the rain began, residents of Tian uncle in boots came to the floor, while observing the situation of water, while anxiously call all calls. More than five o'clock in the afternoon, the long-awaited drainage workers finally came to the scene, but the drainage well and blocking covers just above the parked vehicle, but under the workers had to open the side of the communication well, will be a large number of water swept into the. Although the water outside the hospital has been ease, but Mr. Tian sad face is not completely stretch, after all, just a matter of expediency drainage method so that water, unable to eradicate the problem, will have a certain impact on the periphery of the communication and network.

As the water receded, pedestrians and vehicles returned to normal. However, such a calm didn't last too long, half past six in the evening and a rain again. Although the rain lasted only 1 to thirteen minutes, but the patency of the road once again into a world of waters. The vehicles drive slowly risk a flameout, pedestrian open fast splash splash to the side and welt slowly forward will lead to complaints and disputes. Reporters at the scene saw the formation of rain water on the road outside the hospital with stretching more than 20 meters, because both sides of the road or sidewalk is not a vehicle parked, go to where pedestrians can only mind, teeth, tread water close to the roadside along the way. Wu Sheng East Lane District is located in the east section of the deepest water, water is now the "siege" of the state, to the residents of the community had to go through the central road in the deepest water in the last few steps on the road, not to wade the water leg into the hospital.

Reporters learned from the hospital residents of the mouth, the East Gate Road in front of the water and the intrusion into areas within the situation has existed for many years, the most serious intrusion into the area of the rain will even completely submerged in the hospital. Because the surrounding drainage pipeline is not smooth, every rainy season water depth, the problem of traffic is always plagued the residents in the east Wu sheng. When water comes, and no good way to residents in addition to wade travel and drainage units to the streets and district for outside help. Although each rain drainage workers promptly came to the scene, but it is difficult to fundamentally solve once and water intrusion problems. As long as the drainage master removed, this way soon will be full of water. In the end of the interview, the reporter the occasion, Mr. Tian he frowned, "now the streets are also responsible for master estimated drainage work, estimation of water just until tomorrow morning, and whether young or old to work out to buy food for his walk, presumably the road will not go."

Comments: compared to the loop road, the back alleys of the drainage system relative to aging, roadside parked vehicles are easy to drain cover. Many factors added together, the water problem has become a headache. Although the back alleys of the traffic flow, are far from the main road, and roads compared, but these Beijiexiaoxiang mostly close to the entrance, is the only way which must be passed residents'travel, therefore also need care and management.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu text and photo

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