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Desheng Street Street No. 24 Building No. 3 hospital household balcony leaking problem "heart disease"

2018-07-26 12:01 beijing evening news TF0328

In July 12th, "we in the night listening" column reported Xicheng District Desheng Street Street No. 24 Hospital No. 3 Building 3 unit balcony top tenants Mr. Niu long leaks ". The article after the problem is resolved quickly.

With map data. Photo by Chen Shengyu

Yesterday afternoon, in repairing the construction site, residential property owner Zhang told reporters, 10 years ago, Huangsi Street No. 24 Building No. 3 hospital of "ping changed slope, but in recent years, plastic tile slopes appear aging fault, cause rainwater into the original rain pipe. This year, 6 months, two times over the property to repair the leak, but the effect is not obvious, "this property directly replaced the slope tiles, re laying waterproof layer, to completely solve the problem of households." In the reporter's testimony, Mr. Niu's leaking points are completely repair. Then you can sleep well.

The property is responsible for Mr. Zhang said that the current season is not over, the old district building experience leaks and water seepage. When the owners can contact the property, the property will go through the resurfacing of waterproof layer, paste repairing plastic tile, laying plastic cloth and other ways to protect the normal residential owners.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang Ao

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