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Andingmen Qian Fu Xiang water is Nanlidong roof water residents suggested to solve Nongzhan unified maintenance

2018-07-25 12:04 beijing evening news TF0328

The night before yesterday morning, Beijing and a rain. Compared with the previous rainfall in the city, although the rain is not so fierce, but the rain for a long time, and the water leaking problem remains a headache. Recently, the city of non emergency service center 12345 received a lot of people call, we reflect the surface water, the house leaks. Yesterday, the reporter visited the rain column to reflect the situation, to see whether these problems are properly solved.

Andingmen Qian Fu Xiang

Location: Qian Fu Xiang Hutong

The rain lane into mud

Dongcheng District Qian Fu Xiang alley on the north side, is a three-tier old buildings, there are rows of the cottage area in front of the building, the toilet under the residents to go out, must wear the past from the cottage area road. Because the low-lying, a rainy day, the road is full of water. A few days before the rain, road water seriously, the deepest place to the ankle.

Yesterday, the reporters came to the thousand Fu Xiang, the situation here is a lot better in several sections of the low-lying land, you can see some of the puddle. However, residents travel, in order to bypass the puddle, or spent a lot of effort.

Live in Tongzilou residents said that rainy day everyone will reduce unnecessary to go out, but there is no toilet in the building, on the toilet, you also have to go to the alley to the public toilet. "The last time the toilet is on one foot, one leg of the mud back, really uncomfortable." There are people mentioned before, Tongzilou there is a small cottage tower, past every water occurs, you can walk past the tower, now these high piled up debris, no feet, Wade is unavoidable. "This year too much rain, water over the ankle, pad travel way also in work."

Solution: increase a drain

The reporter learned from the Andingmen street, Qian Fu Xiang No. 11 to No. 17 is the public housing, to the housing under the jurisdiction, now is the name of the capital group Andingmen Property Management Company Limited, the reporter contacted the first time director Hou Xinming, according to Hou director introduction, residents reflect the initial water problem is in July 17th when the storm at that time, the most serious water place is located in building 17, the staff on-site investigation, emergency drainage facilities increased in the road below, a 200 mm diameter corrugated pipe to basically solve the water problems of building 17. In the subsequent investigation, the staff found that currently exist where the water is located in building 9, the reason is that the pervious brick ground after rolling for electric bicycles and tricycles, has not so reliable, repair personnel going through the piecewise solution, gradually increase the drainage facilities, to solve the water problem.

Hou Xinming said, in order to solve the path of water problems, she also plans to add a few rain grate, but need to be connected and municipal pipelines, on a sunny day, it's likely to happen under the anti taste. Now, she and her colleagues are exploring the feasible scheme, such as the rain grate set as far as possible from the municipal pipeline point, or adding a lid in the rain grate, when it rains, it will open. In the face of water problems, Andingmen Street office also say, rain water is the old city especially is a common problem in the alley, street, community will also increase the intensity of rainfall in flood control and inspection, found the problem the first time, to avoid the rain water impact on residents.

There are a few cracks Hu balcony tiles, rain water seepage into the house.

Venue: Exhibition Nanlidong Building No. 2

The roof into the reservoir

Yesterday morning rush, who lives in Chaoyang District exhibition Nanlidong Building 2, 5 door top Tian, neighbor uncle Hu stayed downstairs, living in a neighbor Wu sister came out to help, there is one umbrella, someone lighting, someone with a chisel, three people braved the rain together, from the roof to the ground the bottom drilling drainage pipe. Originally, the building drainage is not smooth, the residential building roof has become a "reservoir", we cut pipe also upset.

"The first chisel down, water squirting out, are still full of visible." Three residents simply pipeline chisel off, at the moment with the water rushing, gravel soil doping on the inside are pouring out. The water flow for half an hour before it stopped, and before that, the product of the water or on the roof or wall along the layers of infiltration into the residents home.

"Morning, was rushing rain awakened, the northeast corner of the barrel below the ceiling came the sound of water dripping, I thought bad, hurry up, enough water." The five layer in the early memories of Uncle Hu sighed situation. Yesterday, the reporters came to the Hu family, although the rain has stopped, the uncle Hu home on the north wall have been appearing in the traces, the ceiling gypsum line has been cut in half, curtain box was cut through the curtains and walls is still wet, placed just below the plastic bucket is half a bucket of water.

"If you look at the bedroom, balcony." Uncle Hu with a reporter went to another room. The reporter saw, there are five or six cracks in balcony tile, Hu said, as long as the rain, the rain will from the gap to the inside, serious when the ground water for nearly a centimeter. The reporter noted that there are several large cracks in the outside walls Hu big balcony, some have a massive fall off. When the drain plug, the direct water overflow, the whole building is like a waterfall cave, water crackling on the convex balcony wall hit."

Mr. Tian lived in Hu uncle upstairs, half a year ago, he invested 8000 yuan to do waterproof roof area, a few days can be missed, maintenance workers should lead to other areas of the top Water Leakage. "I can't pay to their entire roof waterproof." Mr. Tian said, he felt that it was only for unified planning.

Suggestion: whether unified maintenance

In an interview with reporters found that in the East Building 2, No. 1 East on the north side of the building seems to be much more new two floor, also built in 1982. "In front of the building because the property unit single wall reinforcement and roof reconstruction done last year." Residents Wu sister said, East Building 2, a total of 6 units, 6 units belonging to the property, the property unit complex let the old building renovation project difficult.

Wudajie for reporters breakdown of the six property units: the Ministry of agriculture and plant protection station, animal and plant quarantine, pesticide test, agricultural exhibition hall and agriculture planning and design institute. Exhibition in the South Community Comprehensive Management Committee Liu Liancheng told reporters that a couple of years ago, led by the neighborhood, the property unit together, but the final outcome of the discussion is not to the neighborhood feedback. "Maybe there needs to be a unit led investment amount and units should verify the property right, in order to solve the problem for the old people." Liu Liancheng said, single handedly will not reach their neighborhood.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jing Qu, Yiming Jingwei (photo)

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