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Huairou light valley area by leaking annual repair wallpaper full rain blisters open

2018-07-24 12:00 beijing evening news TF003

The newspaper news (reporter Li Huanyu) last night and this morning the rain, let live with soft fabric valley area of Mr. Wei to have a headache, the rain outside the house, in the rain, and this situation from the beginning of Mr. Wei buy in there. "The annual leakage, annual maintenance." Mr. Wei said he hoped the leaking problem at home can be resolved as soon as possible.

Under the window with the cement wall
Rainwater flowing cabinet

3 years ago, Mr. Wei bought a suite in the light valley East Building 17. Mr. Wei home floor, room a moisture blowing, some walls have grown black mildew. Ordinarily the leaking should be the top, but I live in a house leakage layer." Mr. Wei home leaking three, one in the kitchen, one located on the balcony, there is one in the bedroom. Reporters noted that Mr. Wei house has wooden floor balcony wall cracking, the plaster has fallen off, exposing the inside of the black cement, and the kitchen cabinet wood also appeared in the case of cracking.

Mr. Wei saw both he shot the video to reporters, it is his home a few days ago when the rain leaks. The reporter saw, rushing outside under a heavy rain, and rain along the balcony at the top of the window, ticking into the room, the window below the wall has been washed only gray cement wall. Mr. Wei in the kitchen cabinet, rain down, drop to the ground water box. "Just moved into a new home, I am looking for someone to do the hardcover, a bubble is ruined by rain." Mr. Wei said pointing to the bare walls, the original home is the wallpaper, the move in the first year of leaking, stick wallpaper glue water to soak, all off. Leaks can not solve the problem, I have no way to re decoration."

Mr. Wei said, in addition to his home district, there are two hundred or three hundred households have different situation of Water Leakage. Each point and Water Leakage are not the same, the kitchen flue, the balcony and bedroom windows are leaking, and not just the top leakage, almost every household has a case of leaking. In addition to the house leaks, leaking underground garage area is also very serious, a neighbor with a wood and brick pad, you can wade through the water to drive, and the deepest water was 10 cm.

The reporter linked to the light valley residential property, Mr. Wei to reflect the situation, the property that light valley district is a new district, in nearly six years, and the owners reflect the case of leaking has continued for 4 years. Light valley area is divided into East and West, leaking because of problems with the property residential developers reflect. The West has been the warranty period, while the Eastern is also faster than the warranty period. "Such a large leak, our property after all is not a professional service organization, we also find out from other professional companies from repair, but with little success." Property staff said that at present they are actively trying to contact professionals, see if you can find the leaking reason, fundamentally solve the problem.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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