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Fengtai District, Wei Yuan to peak in the building on the power and light to electricity needs overall area

2018-07-24 10:44 beijing evening news TF0328

Fengtai District, a park 4 building a house, 20 storey building a staircase eight households, at least 160 households. "One day to worry, sureness of the blackout." Some tenants Ms. Yan said reluctantly, because of lack of capacity, since June 23rd, the whole building outage times, more than ten times, two times or even more than 24 hours, encounter sauna days, air conditioning, water heater, fan a are impossible, tenants suffer. Some elderly people because of the blackout, a summer move to live hotel. In order to solve the electricity problem, emergency service center phone call the city of 12345 non residents were reflected.

Third days into the No. 4 continuous power over 24 hours at night, residents took to the streets of shade, in stark contrast with the street building. Photo by Qu Jingwei

The status quo: one of the peak electricity on the power building.

"June 23rd and 24th has stopped three times, 27, 6:30 in the afternoon, the 28 day at 9:22 in the evening, the 29 day at 9:44 in the evening, at 9:23 in the evening of July 4th...... On July 19th at 7:30 in the evening." Ms. Yan recorded the time of the blackout on micro-blog home. "Watching TV blackout even wash bath, half power, head on top of a pile of foam, more deceptive!" Ms. Yan is very helpless, she is more anxious than the neighbor lived ten floors. "The home of the elderly have asthma need oxygen, last year because of a power outage for homes, this summer simply move into a hotel." 80 year old Zhang uncle talking about old neighbor when a deep sigh.

Residents said that the beginning of 1997, residential use of electricity, has been 21 years. "Before is August 7 to power outages, this year June began. The power and the higher frequency, longer duration, at least 35 hours, two times more than 24 hours." Ms. Yan said, the building property for frequent power outages, take measures to go downstairs to the distribution room re closing, also posted a notice requiring tenants to reduce the use of high-power electrical appliances.

Uncle Zhang lived two floors of an old electrician, he told reporters that since June 27th, the property also has some way, the two main power supply line in the building, one is for residential electricity, the other one is for the use of the pump, the elevator in the building, the main line peak for residents unbearable the trip was negative, but the lift pump and used as usual. This property will be one to seven layers of residential electricity received a lift and pump on the line.

"The fact that all electricity should first enter the total gate after subdivision, rather than the early separation of two lines, this may be one reason why cell voltage is not enough." Uncle Zhang said, since ninety time, air conditioning, water heater installed in the building of the residents is too small, so little electricity, and now these are the standard household electrical appliances, electricity up, can not be on the circuit capacity, a large electricity load, power building.

Progress: power line reconstruction is about to begin

For the residents, the reporter has to first property and the Lugou Bridge Street offices were reflected. In the coordination of street office director Wu under the management of the district property, relates to the power supply bureau and other related personnel attended, held a coordination meeting to clear the area of administrative relationship.

It is understood that since January 1st this year, part of the Beijing City real estate group the first construction company property real estate development company took over from the hands of a building 4. In 2004 a real estate development company has organized the park district electricity transformation, but No. 4 for residents against it. At present, building 4, a form of the renovation project has been the construction of the first China property company superior department of real estate group to the supply company application filing, providing electricity plan, if approved, by the real estate group or China Construction transformation.

7 month 19 day, residents receive the property held a coordination meeting notice, now, take the relevant procedures are using electric transformation.

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And light to electricity needs overall area

Data figure: Kong Fangang photo

And in the light of Building 1 district also faced with shortage problem. Resident Li Shuai said, residential use of temporary electricity for more than ten years, the transformer approved voltage is 500 kilowatts, the heat load voltage has reached 900 kilowatts.

Li Shuai is in charge of the small business committee, the District Building 1 16 340 layer 2 building and households with a transformer, after 2006 years, 1 No. 2 increased, building children's stores, supermarkets, hotels for the crop of another crop of advertisements, elevator advertising as one falls, another rises. Plus, household appliances gradually increased, peak area of power has not used. "And later added a 500 kW transformer, before the bad."

"We here once electricity is 5 hair 1, than the municipal electricity for more than a few cents, said at the time including maintenance costs." Li Shuai said, although the residential commercial housing estate, but electricity has been providing oil pump factory power department, the property company collecting electricity.

At present, the Lugou Bridge Street office for residential use of temporary electrical problems held a coordination meeting at the beginning of July, is responsible for the oil pump factory area power supply has been moved to Tianjin Wuqing district office residential electricity issue to the Construction Committee and the housing authority for help. Office director Wu said, the streets will always stand in the side to solve the problem and promote residents.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qu Jingwei

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