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Changping District Liang Zhuang West and a street intersection with old furniture on the side of the road home"

2018-07-23 14:37 beijing evening news TF003

Live in Changping District dragon Yueyuan Yan recently to the newspaper, the E port to the West from the Huoying subway station with a street there is a lot of discarded furniture, there is no clear situation piled up for a long time.

Time: July 21, 2018 17
Location: Changping District Liang Zhuang West and with a nearby street intersection

At the Huoying subway station E port on the south side, there is a treaty three or four meters wide, east-west road, along the road to the west of walking one hundred or two hundred meters, is the same as Mr. Yan mentioned Street rail and subway line 13 parallel. In the vicinity of Liang Zhuang Street and West Street intersection with a north-south, the reporter saw a lot of the old furniture. The intersection on the eastern side of the garbage piled along the side of the road a few meters, old sofa, mattress, broken rotten wood, dirty clothes, old cupboard...... Particularly conspicuous in contrast to both sides of the road and the grass under the trees. In this pile of waste furniture West 20 meters in the grass, there is also a only basket case of the cabinets and a few pieces of wood. A jog in the road residents from this piece of junk by slowly ran.

Mr. Yan told reporters, because of the path from the north side of the Dragon Yueyuan district just across the street, near several community tenants a lot, the mobility is large, some from nearby communities would not rent the old furniture out here. "Probably because nobody was collecting old furniture, the road and near the residential area, some people moved out on a single map threw furniture here. This road, street, small cars. However, many nearby residents the same habits as we stroll after dinner here. For a long time, every time go from here, can see the pile of garbage, could not know who to turn to."

Comment: The waste furniture discarded in the street, really affect the environment is beautiful, but also bring inconvenience to pedestrians. In order to let everyone have a more clean and pleasant living environment, to enhance the consciousness of the residents, the relevant departments should promptly clean up, and put forward effective measures. Reporter Li Yiwen.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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