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Wudaokou parking improvement: multi sectoral joint remediation delicacy non motor vehicle parking area next to the city.

2018-07-23 14:35 beijing evening news TF003

The newspaper news (reporter Li Yi) in the 7 month of 3 published in "heart block!" the electric car parked takeaway reported on the sidewalk together, said North of Wudaokou shopping center on both sides of the road there are electric cars parked in the bike lane takeaway get together phenomenon. After the report was published, the streets of Xueyuan Road relevant departments first time interviewed nearby businesses and delivery companies responsible person, in the strengthening of the parking management at the same time, the illegal road vehicles were dragging and punishment.

It is understood, according to the leading group of Haidian District traffic work on "work plan" of Wudaokou regional governance Haidian District parking requirements, the streets of Xueyuan Road for the residents of Wudaokou surrounding traffic congestion problems strongly take a number of measures to implement the rectification. After a lot of early work, the street office requirements of corporate social responsibility, rectification; on the other hand, in the Wudaokou area to install parking ban signs, also issued notice, suggesting that all kinds of vehicle parking ban, and offenders will be dragged up. The day before, on the basis of previous interviews and inform on the street urban management department joint Qinghe traffic brigade, police station, law enforcement team, propaganda department, area security team, traffic wardens and other relevant departments to conduct joint law enforcement, the area of Wudaokou takeaway illegally parked vehicles for dragging vehicle cleaning, and paste for illegal parking parking violation penalty notice.

Xueyuan Road Street Traffic Safety Committee Wang and told reporters that the next step, the streets will further explore the establishment of long-term mechanism, combined with the relevant functional departments of the Wudaokou region continued to illegally parked vehicles to carry out remediation. "The arrangement of 3 to 4 patrol on the road on both sides, if found Luantingluanfang, camera will be timely feedback to the streets, law enforcement personnel will be as soon as possible to the scene. Delicacy in the west of the city, we also specially set up a non motor vehicle parking area of about 500 square meters, the parking area can effectively meet the parking needs of nearby takeaway."

In addition, according to the report published in July 16th "shared bicycle parked by the sidewalk entrance" reflect the Qinghua Road West subway station C port parked the bike sharing, Xueyuan Road Street Urban Management Division for the first time the organization of ofo, v-mobile, blue 3 bike sharing operation company responsible person to discuss solutions, sharing bicycle company every car cleaning and send maintenance, keeping the pavement clean and smooth. According to reports, this morning, Xueyuan Road street urban management team, urban management department and Qinghe traffic brigade cleared parked in Qinghua Road West shared bicycle more than 300 vehicles.

(original title: multi sectoral joint remediation of illegally parked delicacy non motor vehicle parking area next to the city.

Wudaokou parking improved)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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