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Beijing Dashanlan Street ave lane 15 hospital water has been drained daily inspections will continue until June 15 9

2018-07-19 18:04 beijing evening news TF008

This Tuesday, "we hear" column reports the day and night in Xicheng District Dashanlan Street ave lane 15, Institute of water due to heavy rainfall led to the residents living inconvenience. Yesterday afternoon, reporters once again came to the hospital on the 15 ave lane, see the hospital corridor except a little water stains, no water.

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Community Secretary Wang Qi told reporters, see the evening news, the community housing department, every morning at 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. three times to the hospital inspection, not currently found in large area of water. "In addition to the daily fixed three inspections, for here we are focusing on low-lying homes, 24 hours a day, once the water transfer pump to the yard, residents can rest assured."

Residents said the deer, Wan Fu Xiang No. 15 hospital is a typical hospital in low-lying homes, average height lower than the road nearly 50 cm, the lowest in the central place up to 70 cm, when heavy rain, water over the foot is often the case. Considering the actual situation in the hospital, three years ago, the housing sector in the yard with 5 cranes, drainage grate is usually said, at the same time from the hospital door, inward installation of 20 meters, 160 cm in diameter of the drainage pipeline. The Housing Department official Ma Zhiwei told reporters that these facilities ensure hospital in the top half of the water flow, the second part because residents from the building and other facilities, resulting in the narrow channel, with a small amount of water, but in the rain after half an hour, the water can be drained.

The reporter saw, hanging in front of the hospital well, almost no water, in the courtyard next to the stacked 20 waterproof bag. Ma Zhiwei said that the only area more than 200 square meters can be reckoned as the water, the cottage hospital in the rain has short water is inevitable, once the occurrence of water pump, in addition to deploy, will provide emergency sandbags to residents.

Wang Qi told reporters, now at the height of summer, heavy rainfall may come at any time, the water situation of neighborhood and community will continue to focus on the ave lane 15 Institute and a number of cottage hospital. At the same time, three times daily fixed inspections will continue until 15 August 9. "We have been doing the work of the residents, we hope to be able to make such a low-lying homes renovation of the near future, completely solve the problem of rain water."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Ao

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