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Verma and Jingdong jointly launched 8.8 Shopping Festival kuangsong 1200 million coupon

2018-07-19 16:25 beijing evening news TF003

12 million coupons, thousands of ultra cheap goods, net red explosion of IPO market...... Recently, WAL-MART and Jingdong jointly launched 8.8 large-scale online shopping Carnival festival. From now until August 15th, consumers in the WAL-MART store with the sweeping and purchase procedures to complete the payment, or by Jingdong APP built-in AR scan function to sweep any WAL-MART LOGO Jingdong, LOGO may enter the event page to get coupons.

Coca-Cola, Yili, Danone and other businesses on the super brand will bring super awesome price goods, more starting new products, such as Coca-Cola fiber + in the mainland market for the first time at China. During the event, WAL-MART will launch 1000 models of ultra cheap goods, net goods red Jingdong will also pilot landing WAL-MART offline stores.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen


Editor: TF003

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