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Fruit into Taiwan this summer the most popular topic among these politics explain what?

2018-07-14 18:16 beijing evening news TF008

This summer, what is Taiwan's most popular topic? Fruits! Cai Yingwen is the first Internet selling lychee, then Lai Qingde invented boiled bananas dipped in soy sauce, then south to Taipei pineapple growers fell one place. The ruling will open, Cai Yingwen angrily asked: "you told me the next (sell) will be what kind of fruit?" Unexpectedly, under various official Qi Shuashua replied: "pitaya"!

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It is a mature and a slow-moving, sit and watch the fruit rot in the ground. Cai Yingwen said not to worry is false, because farmers vote seeing to rot, but what is really good weather this year, Taiwan fruit harvest, but domestic demand is limited, the agricultural sector has no acquisition plan, and export channels. As for the mainland market, the DPP also is a "single" Jin, couldn't bear to face to help.

Little about Taiwan fruit, but the economy and politics, the Democratic Progressive Party become a mortal malady.

Fruit is the name card of Taiwan

"It is pineapple pineapple cakes do ah." "There is good?" "I want to eat the fruit of Taiwan." Taiwan fruit, become a big temptation of mainland tourists. After 2008 years of Taiwan of mainland tourists, each big market of fresh cut fruits and fruit box attractions are always in layers around the accents around the mainland tourists. Guava, wax apple, mango, papaya, pineapple, Gautama, crystal clear, Taiwan become riotous with colour, signature products.

Before the Japanese mainland tourists, visitors and tourists from Europe and the United States and Taiwan fruit lovers, Taiwan "the fruit kingdom" I had written in the text of the various travel guide. Taiwan has many delicious fruits? A myth can explain: "delicious called pineapple, generally called pineapple." In fact, the pineapple is pineapple, is the translation of Taiwan. Taiwan is indeed better than the pineapple pineapple, pineapple diamond not only skin thin flesh is crisp, sweet and sour, but not into the flesh of the "eye", cut up a lot easier. A diamond ate pineapple mainland tourists said: "I used to eat pineapple is fake?" Taiwan, a variety of fruits are famous varieties, atemoya, wax apple, mango, KINGBOX nest guava, these varieties is higher than the price of similar fruit, but as tourists, rather eat fresh peach a taste of Taiwan fruit is the most beautiful experience.

Taiwan there are a lot of delicious fruit derived, sweets, dishes, ice cream, especially all kinds of fruit ice had formed a kind of culture. Taiwan famous painter Li Meishu created the painting "ice shop", writer Sanmao wrote: "the summer, had to open a shop, ice, red bean, mung bean, grass jelly, jelly, pudding, almond, pineapple, papaya, Suan Meitang Boudin...... Give it a mixed sale." "Distant ice shop" a book called "a bite of ice is clear in mind, Taiwan taste." Therefore, Taipei Yongkang Street ice cream shop, even the cold winter season, are full of foreign tourists to eat mango ice.

Science and technology is the fruit of play

Pineapple, banana, litchi, mango and other common fruit market in Taiwan really taste better. The reason is not simply due to the climate, agricultural science and technology is the play. Taiwan has a complete system of agricultural scientific research and excellent agricultural scientific research personnel, the main varieties of fruit of excellence, also study for transformation of The students surpass the teacher. varieties.

I have a table full of fresh taste in the northeast of Kaohsiung city fruit producing six turtle, Black Pearl wax apple crisp and juicy, sweet fragrance; Jinghuang mango lubricating delicate aroma fragrance, refreshing sweet nest; guava, breath. Kaohsiung city farmers' Association Mr. Xiao Hanjun said proudly: "wax apple, guava, is not Taiwan native fruit, is our introduction, but I'm sure they also delicious than the country of origin. We have breeding, planting, management and advanced technology, the original acidity and sweetness, small fruit becomes large."

Mr. Shaw said is true, the ability of scientific research fruit in Taiwan really bad. For example, banana, was first introduced from the mainland, but now Taiwan reserves around the world more than 200 kinds of banana seed, on this basis, can continue to produce new varieties of wind resistance, pest control, taste better. Taiwan science and technology personnel also successfully adjust fruit period, such as atemoya, convenience for scientific research achievements will be adjusted to the period from summer to avoid the winter, due to high temperature cracking and inconvenient storage on the tree.

Taiwanese agricultural science and technology strength has its special historical reasons. During the period of Japanese colonial rule, Taiwanese children to study, can only apply for agricultural and medical, agriculture was the best Taiwanese talent, learn farming agricultural so far in the country is a proud thing. At that time, Japan's colonial policy is "Taiwan agriculture, industry of Japan", in order to plunder, increase the development and investment of agriculture in Taiwan. After the Japanese surrender, and after several decades of development, now Taiwan agriculture has basically realize modernization, in variety improvement, food processing and other aspects of the international leading level.

A rotten fruit

Taiwan fruit had no worries about the market, Japan is the largest buyers on the Japanese market near 9 banana from Taiwan. But never made the market in recent years, the Japanese market has quietly changed, change to Taiwan now accounts for only 1 of a banana. Philippines banana, Ecuador banana South America gradually enter the Japanese market, breaking the monopoly of Taiwan. Philippines banana cultivation technology and modified to catch up from behind, to enhance the taste, close to the Taiwan banana. Ecuador banana resistant storage, to sell a good friend. The most important thing is, when the formation of the regional trade organization, as the Taiwan area can not enter without authorization, not with other countries signed a free trade agreement, to break the barriers. When the Philippines banana from 2.7% to 8.5% preferential tariffs, Peru banana to 5.5% tariff in Japan, but also a 20% increase in Taiwan banana, Taiwan banana is out.

In this process, the Department of agriculture and trade departments in Taiwan did not respond promptly to find more way for fruit growers to blind blind, live happily. Good fruit yield, plus similar fruit growing too much, price is not picking the wages, but to any fruit in the orchard. Some fruit rotten one, prices are rising again, fruit second years of reproduction. It happened some low fruit production prices, farmers plant crops and second years, may rot in the ground.

Taiwan storm rain, fruit production was not stable; orchards are privately run into production plan; high yield when domestic demand is limited, sluggish exports; production prices soaring, demand. This cycle is not broken, the fate of fruit is not good.

The fruits of Taiwan politics

The fruit in Taiwan is more rough, especially this year decline. 80 kilograms of bananas only for a lunch, this farm is how to live? Banana farmers watched the hard planted banana rot in the ground, "the mountain monkeys eat fat." Pineapple purchase price per kilogram of NT $10 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 kg in top pitaya NT $200 this year, only 20 yuan nt. No matter what kind of farmers in Taiwan this year have to lose everything, no help.

This summer, fruit frequently on the Taiwan media headlines, the most popular is the fruit farmers took to Taipei, in the "Executive Yuan" in front of the door fell one place. This scene makes the Taiwan authorities officials were scared, not because of the bitter bitter, but the fruit of the votes, which leaders had to pass this test, otherwise you have to "slip on a banana peel". From Li Denghui, Taiwan, the leaders of each extraordinary move through the test of fruit. Li Denghui invented the funds to buy bananas to eat bananas to army barracks, finally punishments Xiaobing; Chen Shuibian mobilization officials and authorities at all levels to buy bananas, allegedly a prison for the completion of tasks that prisoners must eat a banana a day; Ma Ying-Jeou period of cross-strait friendship good, big shot land procurement excess Taiwan fruit; now Cai Yingwen, seeing the farmers did not do anything in anger rising, seeing the farmers anger burned to the "Taiwan independence", called the "Taiwan independence", let them lose the hand.

Although no official cross-strait communication, the mainland can not start the emergency procurement, but the mainland or help. In Taitung County Huang Jianting to the mainland market for Wuxi, Xiamen, Taitung bought a pineapple, and hit a 6 month Taiwan highest price record export pineapple.

This summer, the DPP has a banana skin slipped and even slide down, internal injury is not small. As representatives of the Grassroots Democratic Progressive party interests, fruit politics failed.


Source: Beijing evening news Taiwan correspondent sparklets

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