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Mining, power generation, air purification plants have the magical effect of the future

2018-07-15 10:32 beijing evening news TF2018

Our life cannot do without plants, plants of all life on earth to provide energy and food sources, silently protect and beautify the human living environment. Have you heard of mining, do sugar, do the battery...... plants? We walked into the wonderful world of plants, see how scientists make plants become more magical!

Author: Wang Xi

The plant turned miner"

You know, in the future, the plant can replace the hard labor of the workers in the mine, mining for human.

How do the plants mining? Originally, the roots of the plants can be absorbed into the body of the underground mineral, and then deposited in the body. For example, many plants, including maize, were found in the leaves can accumulate gold and other metal minerals.

Of course, now the plants on the absorption and accumulation of mineral ability is very weak, but the underlying many minerals buried deep, the existing plant root is not up to the formation of mineral deposits. However, scientists can be transformed to plant roots, let more developed and extended to the deeper and wider range; at the same time to strengthen the absorption capacity of plant roots on minerals, and let the plant can tolerate high concentrations of mineral constituents absorbed into the body, it is easy for humans to separate and extract.

So, as long as the mineral area planted "mining plant", can Everfount removal of useful minerals from the plant leaves, branches, and people no longer have to dig dangerous mine, or harmful to the mineral extraction solution.

In addition, the "mining plant" can not only be used for mining, can also be used from heavy metal contaminated land, to absorb the harmful metal elements used by people to "treasure" to!

The rapid transformation of energy

Coal and oil are ancient trees and plankton are buried underground, after millions of years of geological changes to. To be able to use the energy plants, need too long time. Scientists are trying to make plants can be quickly converted to energy.

For example, scientists through the physiological process of photosynthesis and carbohydrate synthesis in plant transformation of plants, to more effectively carry out photosynthesis, faster accumulation of sugar, cellulose and other ingredients. However, in addition to burning wood cellulose which is difficult to use, so the scientists also focus on how to deal with cellulose. They changed the microstructure of cellulose, cellulose can be made more quickly for the enzymatic degradation of small molecular sugar. As a result, the plant can provide more cheap sugar, ethanol fermentation and ethanol is a good energy source.

At the same time, scientists can make plants do not need too long time to produce the "oil". Oil is a lot of different length of carbon chain alkanes, mixture composition and other carbon containing compounds. Many plants can be similar to the synthesis of fatty acid esters. Because of the characteristics of diesel and these fatty acid esters are very close, so it is called "bio diesel". In can produce bio diesel plants, with the strongest capacity of tiny algae, according to estimates, per hectare water algae, can get more than 16 thousand liters of biodiesel.

You can imagine the future only energy plants in the barren land, or keep on producing in the artificial pool of microalgae, can originally cannot use the land into "coal", "oil". At the same time, reduce the use of fossil fuels, but also can make our environment cleaner.

Battery power plant

The plant can directly provide the most easy to use energy of electricity? The answer is yes.

The first step of photosynthesis, is the conversion of solar energy into electricity. The use of plant pigments and photosynthetic proteins, the light energy is transferred to water, so water is decomposed into oxygen and protons, and electrons. In general, the protons and electrons are used for the synthesis of sugar and carbon dioxide together, but the scientists can reform, these protons and electrons to form hydrogen released, so that the plants would be transformed into an efficient decomposition of water, oxygen and hydrogen can be produced by combustion or fuel cell into electric energy. Further more, can also be produced by electronic plant together, to form a "plant cell" for human use.

A more efficient air purification

Environmental pollution is a problem of concern to everyone, but the plant is the natural "air purifier", which you should know. However, the purification efficiency of the plant in the future will be higher.

The plant itself can reduce the dust content in the air, absorb harmful gases and so on. In the future, the scientists engineered plants to better advantage. For example, the leaves grow more fine hair, in addition to large dust filter in the air, can directly reduce the PM2.5 particles in the air; plant stomatal activity and other physiological function change, can more effectively absorb factories, automobile exhaust of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases, and translate them for plant nourishment. Knowledge is power feeds


(original title: the future should have these magical plants)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF2018

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