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After the collapse of Taiwan banana collapse pineapple 300 Growers: Laiqing northward down

2018-07-05 18:08 North late new visual integrated TF010

After the banana prices collapse, the administrative agency responsible person Lai Qingde had "boiled bananas" a joke.

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According to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the day before the price of banana industry collapse, south central area purchase price fell to 5 yuan per kilogram (NT, the same below), poor varieties is only 1 yuan per kilogram, banana farmers lose everything, all over Taiwan launched rescue farm action. Do the banana exports of Hong Yun products development company chairman Guo Yuquan pointed out that Taiwan in the Japanese market proportion was up to 80% to 90%. But later Japanese believe that Philippines is very suitable and cheaper to import, so now Philippines banana, Taiwan banana in the Japanese market accounted for less than 1%.

According to Taiwan's ETTV cloud coverage, farmers have to face the North's protests, Cai Yingwen 4 in the Democratic Progressive Party "MIFF" to officials asked, "you told me that the next one will be what kind of fruit?" She complained that the DPP administration office has more than 2 years, why the "bottomdwelling" registration acquisition system to next year on the road?

This year Shimachi Airi production, but the price is dropping. Although Taiwan's Council of agriculture subsidies have been put forward to save the production price, but still difficult to calm anger. Farmers call 300 North, shouted "incompetent" government "," farmer innocent ", Laiqing stepped down and other slogans, marched from the legislature to the administrative institutions hit pineapple protest.

Cai Yingwen afternoon to attend the Democratic Progressive Party, according to the participants reported today, Cai Yingwen did some angry, talked about the pineapple price, she said: "I tell you the next one will be what kind of fruit?" The "Green Committee" by common consent said, "pitaya!" Although Cai Yingwen tone is normal, but the expression is to let the audience feel her anger, "but there is no loud angry"; Cai Yingwen also joked, "I can't speak too loudly, lest they said I was angry".


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Cai Yingwen, gratified with the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council leaders met skeptical of its proposal:

Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang 27, "Cai Yingwen said to meet with Chinese leaders to make a response. He said, she made such a proposal how many real ingredients inside, on both sides of the public and media are skeptical.

Held on the same day Taiwan Affairs regular press conference, Ma Xiaoguang made the remarks when answering reporters' questions.

He also asked the SEF Secretary recently by Cai Yingwen Yao people as the core staff. Mac said that this arrangement can strengthen external communication and coordination and bridge role. Agree with it?

Ma Xiaoguang said: "the Taiwan insider changes, we do not comment. Speaking of the "most people will communicate", he should know what is the cross-strait communication NPC and CPPCC password."



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