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Experts in the World Cup "poor students" have different ways of watching the ball.

2018-07-04 09:48 beijing evening news TF010

Zero point, the world cup 1/8 finals Sweden and Switzerland war's smoke has just dispersed, small stone shut up on TV, lying on the sofa bed, calm down a bit of state of mind.

Next, he faced two multiple-choice questions.

At 2 in the morning, there is also a 1/8 final. Columbia versus England. Do you want to watch or not? "Look, it must be seen that this is a collision between two different styles of football in South America and England."

So, two hours from zero to 2, do I still sleep? "I'm afraid I can't sleep. I'm not excited. I'm not sleepy. I'm really sleepy."

This is the nineteenth World Cup match day for a 35 year old "destitute student". Since the beginning of the match, he has seen almost every night, though not every game, but the total view has nearly 40 matches. World Cup four years, stay up every night panda eye, how do "poor students" find balance between watching, sleeping and working?

Poor type 1: stay up late at night and make up during the day.

Xiao Shi, 35 years old, freelance profession

"Football is almost my only hobby." Watching the ball, kicking the ball and organizing amateur teams, in addition to earning enough to support their families, the time of the stone is almost all related to football.

"I usually watch the league matches, the Super League, the Premier League, the Asian champions and the Champions League. All look at it. Every two years, just like festivals, the European Cup and the world cup must be seen. " Before the world cup, Xiaoshi first held a family meeting with his wife and daughter, and offered to give the comfortable master bedroom to his wife and daughter. After "negotiation", Xiaoshi raised the budget of summer tourism as a "price" and changed the space for watching alone. "All know that I want to watch the ball, that is to show an attitude, heh heh, these are family harmony tips."

From the start of the group match, the world cup usually takes place at 20, 23 and 2 next day in Beijing time. After entering the knockout stage, it will be adjusted to 22 points and 2 points the next day. "3 or 4 games a night, I will not look at it, I will see most of it."

The net time of a match is more than 90 minutes, and the gross time is 2 hours, so the interval between group matches is 1 hours and knockout is 2 hours. "The hardest part is the interval. I can't sleep and wake up and feel sleepy. It's not like that at the age of twenty. It's hard to stay up late after thirty years of age. "

The group competition has just started. Xiaoshi has tried to make up for the game intermittently, but he can clearly keep his eyes closed. His mind is always thinking about the competition. "The scene that just ended, the wonderful picture is always wandering in the brain. Next time, I wake up from time to time. I'll look at my cell phone and set the alarm clock. I'll check the starting list for the next match, and I'll feel a little hungry later. Just like that, the next game will start soon.

"Later, I simply did not sleep, open the computer, play games, wait for the next kick-off."

Until 4 in the morning, after the end of all competitions, Xiao Shi began to make up. Sleep until 8, take care of your work, finish your lunch, and make up for second sleep. "Basically, the rules will not be particularly difficult. Of course, this is not comparable to the quality of sleeping all night. But after all, it's a month.

2 types of destitute types: a ball, a wine, a sleepless night.

Davy 37 year old private enterprise owner

Dawei's circle of friends has the content of the world cup every morning, but he can not answer the question of which game is finished.

Dawei, who runs his own company and has a successful career, was once a good athlete in his studies. He was famous for his fast speed and fine skills. In middle age, the body is full, and kicking is not very effective. It is often seen that the world cup can not be missed.

Watching a ball is a personal act; watching a ball becomes a social activity.

"Before the ball friends, business friends, whether they usually can not watch the ball, to the world cup always want to join in the fun, everyone is about to watch the ball together. Together, we can't help drinking two mouths.

Having a ball and wine is a good opportunity for a middle-aged man such as Dawei to give up pressure and release himself temporarily. However, during the 7 days of the world cup, Davy had at least 4 nights to do this, which made him a little overburdened. "One is that we can't really see a few games, and the other is too tired."

In order not to interfere with family rest, Dawei always dragged his exhausted body back home after 6 o'clock in the morning. "Go home and get trained first. After the wife's training, send the children to school, so I can fall down and sleep for a while."

I can't sleep for five or six hours until noon. In the afternoon, Dawei should be busy again. "Sometimes, I feel that watching a world cup with a single heart can really enjoy the fun of football."

Poverty type 3: fine selection ensures sleep.

Aaron, 26, a white-collar company

Unlike Xiaoshi and Dawei, Aron is a typical "nine to five" office worker, so he can't watch the ball all night.

"After the world cup came out, I started planning, generally choosing my best interest or the best match of the day." For example, at 2 a.m. on June 16th, the Spanish and Portuguese Iberian Derby; and, at 2 a.m. on June 22nd, the strong dialogue between Argentina and Croatia.

Aaron printed his own match plan and put it on the refrigerator door. He adjusted his schedule according to the match time. With the elimination of competitions, more and more games are concentrated at 2 a.m., and the strategy of AlON is to divide sleep into two parts.

"Knockout" is a famous Bureau and can not be missed. So, I plan to sleep for four or five hours, until 2, after reading, and then make up two or three hours. This ensures six to eight hours of sleep a day, without affecting the work. "

Sleep doctor recommends: moderate to stay up late for complete sleep.

"I want to see the world cup as well."

I heard that the Beijing evening news reporter came to interview the topic of World Cup and sleep. Zhan Shuqin came straight to the point, first showing his identity of "pseudo fans": "when I wanted to be in 1990, the world cup, I also watched the ball, Argentina to Cameroon, hey! Cameroon has won the defending champion Argentina, too!

Zhan Shuqin, director of Neurology at Xuanwu hospital, director and Deputy Secretary General of China sleep research society, said: "sleep is a multidisciplinary problem. Occasionally breaking a sleep pattern, the body can be repaired. However, if we continue to break down, we may have disorder of sleep rhythm, which will bring rhythm changes of the whole body system, and blood pressure, endocrine, respiration, blood sugar and so on will all be affected.

The world cup stays up late to affect sleep, which is similar to playing games, night shift, night life and other reasons. "Some fans want to go to bed and wake up to watch the ball. Some, with a little anxious personality, you let him set an alarm clock, and he can't sleep. He always thinks about when the alarm clock will ring. Zhan Shuqin said that if he had anxiety personality, his sleep adjustment ability would be poor.

"Staying up late is actually a sleep deprivation. Your body will react with stress. If you sleep deprived for a long time and your adjustment ability is poor, the immune system may go wrong."

The deep sleep in the first cycle of sleep is longer every night, and the fast eye movement sleep period (dream sleep) is shorter. With the prolongation of sleep time, the rapid eye movement sleep period gradually lengthened, and the deep sleep period shortened. There are usually 4 to 5 cycles of sleep every night, and a complete sleep cycle usually lasts 90 to 110 minutes. Zhan Shuqin suggested that we should try to be more complete.

"The world cup is four years, it is a rare festival for the fans, so it is also normal to stay up late to watch the ball. I think it's better to choose a few good shows and not to stay up all night. When staying up, do not eat big fish or drink too much. In addition, coordinate the relationship between good looks, sleep and work. If you have conditions, you'd better take advantage of this time and take a vacation to relax yourself.



Source: Beijing evening news Sun Yi

Editor: TF010

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