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Ancient fans preferred women football? After the Tang and Song Dynasties, Cuju became one of the female vocational skills.

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The world cup is a competitive arena for the stars, but it is also a carnival for the fans. Football is a sport that people love to see since the birth of China. In the Han Dynasty, there was a professional soccer field "Ju Cheng". When the ancients looked at Cuju, they also played music to cheer up, drum drums, fans even had the "play ball" Song: "play ball, I love you all the same, I love you have weight to know that high knowledge is low, knowledge is light, knowledge is heavy as human will." But unlike modern men's soccer fans, the ancient women's football is more popular with fans.

Author: Ni Fangliu

In the scene of the football match in Xuanzong music map painted by the court painter in the Ming Dynasty, the emperor Xuande watched the competition in the stands.

Who are the ancient fans?

Lu You in the Southern Song Dynasty: "look at thousands of people on the side of the Cuju"

Cuju is one of the most popular sports and performance projects in ancient times. Tang Liu Yuxi's "twenty happy days and the deep spring" are written by fans at that time. Wide banquet song and dance scattered, book number sunset oblique. " In the Southern Song Dynasty, Lu You's poem "touching in late spring" is also known as: "when a teenager rode into Xianyang, the Uighur seemed to be a light butterfly. There are thousands of people watching in the field of Cuju. In the poem, "ten thousand people look" shows that there are many fans in ancient times.

As early as the Han Dynasty, there was a professional football field called "Ju Cheng". The Three Kingdoms Wei He Yan Fu of Jing Fu Dian refers to the appearance of Ju Cheng in the past: "the West has left, right, and even". 26 to Chen, the palace wing is equivalent. "Left, right and flat" is the standard of palace architecture. "Q" is the step, and "Ping" is the ramp, which shows that the court at that time has the facilities equivalent to the reviewing stand. The Three Kingdoms Wei Bianlan's Ode to the palace of Xuchang is more specific: "set up an imperial throne in the city of Ju, watching the wonders of wood." This throne is the most expensive seat on the football field today.

The ancient ball games were further developed in the Tang and Song dynasties. Cuju was loved and welcomed by all walks of life. Not only did the street people love to watch the ball, but also the emperors came to the stadium to watch the games from time to time. Tang Wenzong is a football fan. According to the old Tang Dynasty Wen Zong Ben Ji, Da he and the four year of February, "fortunately, the diligent government, the floor view, and the Cuju". In the autumn of nine and July, Tang Wenzong filled the dragon head pool into a football field and filled the dragon head pool into a football field.

In the Northern Song Dynasty, kicking and watching were more like Royale. According to "Song Shi Li Zhi fourteen", "the prince of life", when the ceremony was held, "and hundred plays, Cuju, cockfighting," Song Huizong Zhao Zhao was one of the super emperors fans in Chinese history. He often played football in person before he ascended the throne, and organized a "Royal football team" for the purpose of watching the ball in the palace and rewarding guests.

Song Mengyuan's old dream of Tokyo recorded the nine volume of "the king of the royal family in the slaughtered house". It was recorded that once Song Huizong held a birthday banquet at the gathering hall, and when the "sixth imperial wine" was held, the football team appeared in the "ball building" performance. Song Hui Zong was seated in the palace by the princes and his officers and staff members: "all the officials sat down and sat down, the slaughter, the prohibition, the prince, the imperial clan, the observation, and the great Liao, Korea, and Xia state made the deputy, sitting on the temple. Zhu Qing, a hundred officials, people in all countries make the two corridors. Below the military academy, after the mountain tower. " According to this text, Ji Ying hall does not lose modern professional stadium, and has VIP seats. The low class audience can only sit behind the ball.

As for ordinary fans in ancient times, watching the ball can not be as elegant as the nobility, but it is also a popular activity. Song Zhaoshi, the ball is a popular recreational activity. It is regarded as "Ya le". The nerd who does not watch the ball is even laughed at. Sima Guang's poem "retro Spring Festival" is called "East state city silk screen red ball", "North State" Qiong Lou sings "Shi Zhou". In the study of smiles, the eyes are forced to look at the flies. I hope that students do not stay in the study all day and read books, but also have time to look at the ball.

A collection of "big drum Cuju" stone is collected in the Han Dynasty portrait of Nanyang, Henan, with two players on the left side winding drum Cuju and three music accompaniment on the right side.

Why do ancient fans play drums and play music?

Tang Wei Ying Wu: "remote hearing of drum music, Cuju military music"

In ancient times, watching the ball also paid attention to the atmosphere, and the official Cuju activities would be accompanied by drum music, which is called "the book of rites Yue Ji". In the first place of the Yuan zaju drama, "a show of wind and Wang Huan hundred flowers Pavilion", I mentioned a Cuju performance in the outskirts of spring. I saw the sweet horse, the Wang Sun, the Cuju swing, the orchestral drum music... " You can imagine how excited, enthusiastic and applauded the fans at that time. The "Cuju diagram" in the Yuan Dynasty block printed "Shi Lin Guang Ji" also confirmed that Cuju was indispensable to music, and the scenes were outdoors. Three people were playing kicking, and three men and two women played music.

There are many scenes of Cuju drums in the Han Dynasty stone. There are big drum in common scenes. Cuju is called "big drum Cuju", that is to say, one side of the Cuju can beat the drum on the side while the foot is on the drum. On the stone of a Cuju found in Nanyang, Henan, you can see the stage screen, accompanied by music at the back. Until the Tang and Song Dynasties, Cuju was equipped with drum music, and the poetry of the Tang Dynasty, Wei Ying Wu, wrote the poem "the North Building after cold food".

In the Yuan Dynasty, the "Cuju picture" in the block printed "Shi Lin Guang Ji" was accompanied by three artistes on the left side.

Palace Cuju performance is also indispensable to music. There are 5 poems written by Wang Jian in the Tang Dynasty, including the palace Cuju activity. One of them said: "the inner man sang well, and the emperor's sheath came back to Yu Lou. To fight against difficulties, the first thing to do is not to play the ball. In the Tang Dynasty, Cuju was singing the most popular music at that time, the music from the western regions. Cuju in Song Dynasty paid more attention to music and scale. According to "Song Shi Li Zhi twenty-two", "Jin Guo Rong Zhao Shi Yi" is a banquet for the messenger of the Golden State: "there are three hundred people who use musicians, seventy people in the hundred plays, thirty-two people in the ball formation, thirty-two people standing on the goal, forty people in the drum." In such a warm atmosphere, the players on the field and the audience on the sidelines will get up.

Why? In the Song Dynasty, the song "round society" was sung on the side of the court, which was to add atmosphere and cheer to the stadium. "Round society" is the professional Cuju organization Qiyun group. "Round society language", one of them sings: "when we meet in leisure time, we have leisure to call the children to hide the truth, and to drink the roughs and sore fingers. Ming Dynasty fans also have their own songs. Ming "the complete works of Feng Menglong, chanting the Department" recorded a song "play ball" sung by the fans at that time: "I love you, and I love you. People say that if you go rolling, they are all imaginary. The only thing on this tip is that they teach you to love to kill you. By lending the ball to love, people are filled with feelings, and songs are full of feelings.

In the Ming Dynasty, the women's Cuju scene (part) of Duin's "lady in the picture" is now collected in the Shanghai Museum.

Why do ancient fans like to watch "women's football"?

Yuan Yang Weizhen: "the idea of unlocking the door and binding the color is like blocking, calling 33 calls 55".

Different from modern men's football, ancient fans are more obsessed with women's football. Yuan Yang Weizhen's "Ju Ju song to Liu Shufang" said: "Ju Ju to restore the throne, the beautiful woman as a good spring......" The idea of getting rid of doors and binding colors is like blocking, calling 33 calls 55. A women's Cuju, people gathered in groups to form a "look like a blockage" of the scene.

Soccer is kicked out of the feet of men, like the swing, and has become a woman's entertainment. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, Cuju was one of the most popular activities in women's spring day. In the collection of the the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing, there was a Song Dynasty "Cuju pottery pillow". The pattern above was a scene of a woman's Cuju. She carried her hands with her hands, pulled up her front legs, and kicking the ball with her right foot, which was very vivid. In the collection of Hebei Museum, a woman's Cuju pattern appeared on a gold pillow, which shows that women's Cuju is not rare.

Women's Cuju's antagonism is slightly weaker, but they are more particular about skills and art. They are mainly "exhibition matches" with no loose kick, and one person can play. Two people call kicking "kicking" and three kicks kick off "Officialdom". Yuan Lvcheng's "Cuju and iron cliff" describes the scene of women's kicking: "the color of the young girl in the south is new, the embroidered wheel before Baihua Lou, and the red stockings do not move the dust." Don't move the dust. A breeze comes, a dance skirt. Hibiscus Xiaobi, Xiao Feng, Jin Ding step Ding Ding Dong, embroidered shirt narrow narrow red. Cross oblique red, dew jade wrist. Purple purple cotton, fragrant sweet sweat. " The kicking women are also "putting on a delicate posture" and "showing a jade wrist". Tang Kangpian's "drama record" in the "Pan general loss of beads" section has described the scene of the "women's football" scene in the north of the Sheng Ye square, Beijing: three women aged seventeen and eight, dressed in rags and clogging, standing on the side of the road under the tree, which is worth the juvenile Cuju in the army. Therefore, "the audience is more and more unique."

Because fans like to watch women's football, after the Tang and Song Dynasties, Xi Ju Ju and Xi Qin chess and calligraphy became one of the professional skills of female geisha. In ancient women's football, women's Footwork was most famous in the Yuan Dynasty entertainment circle. Guan Hanqing, the female school captain, sang: "to invite old friends, thank the pavilion, and to relieve the sadness, only the Cuju is the most romantic. The exercises must be gentle and gentle, and they must be smooth. Pin Tien long cut the eye, carrying a gun to turn the Phoenix to shake its head. One left and one right, fold the Uighur wins the swim.

It is worth noting that in order to attract fans and increase their appreciation, ancient men and women played the same game. A bronze mirror of Cuju pattern collected by National Museum of China is the scene of playing soccer with men on the back.

Original title: How did ancient fans cheer?


Source: Beijing Evening News

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