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The second Jingdong X Robot Challenge to war 2 million bonus global recruiting team

2018-06-26 15:15 network TF010

In June 26th, the Jingdong JRC2018 X Robot Challenge launch ceremony held in Beijing, sponsored by the Jingdong of the second session of the global Robot Challenge officially kicked off. As the first national level industry robot contest and Jingdong group to create iconic star events, the Jingdong will be technical difficulties wisdom logistics application into tournament title, invite domestic and foreign well-known university research and development team, with high technical strength of the entrepreneurial team to actively participate in, at the same time into universities, the industry's top experts, participate in team selection and follow the guidance, to create a global influence of Robot Challenge and intelligent logistics industry's top event.

6 month 26 days, JRC2018 Jingdong X Robot Challenge launching ceremony held in beijing.

The tournament total prize money amounted to 200 million, in addition to the event rewards, Jingdong will also provide project incubator fund, employment Easy Access and a series of follow-up resources, promote the building of talent mining integration platform platform, technology platform, power industry, competition outstanding projects promotion. The high technology center of Ministry of science and technology researchers, Chinese robot summit chairman Liu Jinchang, the Jingdong CTO group Zhang Chen, vice president of Jingdong, group X division president Xiao Jun, vice president of Jingdong, the group logistics planning and development department, Fu Bing, vice president of Jingdong, AI platform group and head of research and innovation team from week boeving robot the more than 400 people attended the ceremony.

The total prize money of 2 million, staff recruitment, mentoring system setting, comprehensive upgrade

JRC2018 Jingdong X robot challenge with "IF X" as the theme, the unknown challenges represent both teams to participate in the first robotics competition faced by the industry, also on behalf of Jingdong to promote innovation of unbounded artificial intelligence applications in the scene more intelligent logistics. In 50 thousand the first ten city to participate in the competition, based in nearly 200 outstanding works, whether it is the tournament team recruitment, system setting, bonus scale or mentoring, project incubation, follow-up support compared to the last had a comprehensive upgrade.

The competition for domestic and foreign well-known university research and development team, with high technical strength of the entrepreneurial team recruitment, first introduced the overseas university team participation, higher starting point, more international tournament prize; more lucrative, the total prize money of 2 million yuan, of which the first prize of 500 thousand yuan; the tournament by Jingdong JRC2018 X Robot Challenge website ( to registration is divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in three stages, PK games and game events set both to the practice and application of robot in intelligent logistics business strengthening in the scene, at the same time enhance the game interesting.

The contest also introduced the top experts in the assessment, experts from home and abroad, in the field of intelligent robots, intelligent logistics industry will participate in team selection and tracking guidance. As the winning team award, the Jingdong will also provide project incubator fund, employment Easy Access and a series of follow-up resources, promote the competition of excellent project application.

Jingdong X Robot Challenge intelligent logistics scenario design competition based on the actual needs of the project, compared with the same global competition the biggest difference is that the Jingdong X robot challenge is not only the competition between teams of robots, the Jingdong pay more attention to technology innovation real application scenarios, pay more attention to the commercial feasibility of intelligent robot in the field of warehousing and logistics. Let outstanding works is not produced by the stop in the contest winners, but towards commercialization, create greater value. Jingdong through this contest to build intelligent logistics robot technology exchange platform and platform for personnel selection, selection of outstanding works, the product can be commercialized, promote the sustainable development of smart logistics technology continuously and its application to the actual business in the scene.

To promote the contest to become the best platform for leading wisdom logistics technology innovation

With the continuous innovation of science and technology and large-scale applications, represented by Jingdong's technology driven Internet leader is accelerating the layout, make better application in the logistics aspects of the scene. At present in the logistics field of science and technology, the Jingdong of intelligent machines are playing more and more important role, whether it is no warehouse receipt, storage, picking, packing or unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other logistics sectors, more and more unmanned technology and intelligent robots are intelligent upgrade to the traditional logistics means to promote operational efficiency warehousing, distribution efficiency, significantly improve the efficiency of.

The Jingdong's future technology layout is focused on four aspects: business scenarios and strong coupling, sustainable investment, globalization of technology talent strategy, fully open empowerment. The launch of the contest Jingdong group CTO Zhang Chen said, the Jingdong is committed to attracting the world's top talent to join, and provide the innovative technology and the idea of landing platform, JRC2018 Jingdong X robot challenge is an important way of Jina logistics technology innovation and talent to participate in, "we will reserve personnel and technical reserves through the contest's top the robot of globalization, competition has become the best platform to promote the hatching of wisdom to lead the logistics technology innovation."

The first Jingdong X robot challenge, team robot is goods sorting.

The 2018 Robot Challenge Jingdong, Jingdong will bring together a variety of intelligent robot related professional team in Colleges and universities and entrepreneurial team, cultivate and tap more talents, help teams technology incubator. Into the future, intelligent robot innovation ability will be more widely used in the logistics industry, driving forward logistics wisdom.

To create a broad space for the application of intelligent robot, drive "Chinese made shine in the world

Jingdong said prior to the convening of the 2018 JD CUBE conference, there are tens of thousands of all kinds of intelligent robot society to provide services will promote the future Jingdong quickly become robot production, R & D, the application scale of the world's top five wisdom innovative enterprises. "China robot development is at a critical point of the outbreak, with foreign Jingdong Fu business scene continue cultivating and innovation of science and technology, the future robots will have more extensive application space." Vice president of Jingdong, group X division president Xiao Jun said.

Xiao Jun said, by creating a global influence Robot Challenge game, Jingdong will actively guide and promote the development of robot technology, application ability, promote China's logistics industry shift from labor-intensive to technology innovation, innovation, modern intelligent technology and try to create a broad application space for intelligent robots. Drive the logistics industry, the retail industry and the whole social efficiency.

The innovation of science and technology has penetrated into business development, changes in the logistics and every person in all aspects of life. As a global leader in intelligent logistics innovation, organized by the robot challenge, Jingdong again build up personnel training, the top platform business incubators, industry integration, promote the deepening of intelligent logistics layout and intelligent robot for application of artificial intelligence technology, leading the upgrade in more logistics scenarios and innovation subversion, "China made shine on the world stage. Meng

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